Remember the legendary skandalekamp wrong – can you find the error?

It is one of the most famous matches, the Danish A-national team has participated in. Maybe ever. 3-3-drama, which was to 0-3-blamagen against Sweden in the Par

Remember the legendary skandalekamp wrong – can you find the error?

It is one of the most famous matches, the Danish A-national team has participated in. Maybe ever. 3-3-drama, which was to 0-3-blamagen against Sweden in the Par

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
05 November 2019 Tuesday 03:00
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Remember the legendary skandalekamp wrong – can you find the error?

It is one of the most famous matches, the Danish A-national team has participated in. Maybe ever. 3-3-drama, which was to 0-3-blamagen against Sweden in the Park in 2007.

The incredible and outrageous tale of a Danish national team that the first 25 minutes were steamrollered by a strong opponent, who scored three goals. About a resolute team coach, who made a replacement and got reversed the exchange rate, so 0-3 became 3-3 – with good opportunities for Danish victory at the end.

And of course the most famous: Mavepusteren from Christian Poulsen and baneløberens the madness, there was Herbert Fandel to stop the fight before time.

Nicklas Bendtner remember it. Clearly. He begins the showdown on the bench but will be sent into action after the break. He scores not, however, play a significant role in comebacket.

however, It is the break that has made an impression. Here tells Bendtner on Morten Olsen's performance and the writing of his book 'Both Sides':

- In the break, it is a bit like looking at the water, which being put over on the stove. Morten Olsen put quietly out, quite controlled. Perhaps he has promised himself not flipping out. But as he speaks the warm, raises he voice and the fencer with the arms.

eventually he shouts at us. We can it here. We are the best team and go out and prove it. We owe it to our supporters to fight to the last drop of blood. It reminds me of everything that Steve Bruce is usually mastered, writes Bendtner with reference to his boss at Birmingham City.

the Memory plays, however, he failed a trick here. For such was not. You can find the error? Otherwise, you can read yourself to the under images.

Daniel Jensen, Thomas Sorensen, Daniel Agger, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Michael good reasons, Christian Poulsen, Martin Jorgensen, Dennis Rommedahl, Lars Jacobsen, Jan Kristiansen and Thomas Kahlenberg ready for the noise against the swedes. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Marcus Allbäck cheering along with thousands of the countrymen of one of the three shock-scores the first 25 minutes from the swedes ' side. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Daniel Agger with an important reduction of 35 minutes in the purge. Photo: Lars Krabbe/Ritzau Scanpix

The most shameful thing moment in Danish football history: A baneløber assaulting Herbert Fandel, stopped by the Danish players and is since the cause of that Denmark loses the match 3-0. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Four Danish players are taken out of the line by Thomas Sorensen, when Herbert Fandel has been mugged. Photo: Lars Krabbe/Ritzau Scanpix

Herbert Fandel afblæser the purge. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

And here is the man with the sporting responsibility of Denmark along the way in the affair: Peter Bonde. Photo: Lars Poulsen

There is probably no doubt that there was talk with big letters in the dressing room. For good enough had Daniel Agger reduced already before the break for 1-3, but Sweden had been clearly the best team. So there was a challenge to.

however, It may not have been Morten Olsen, who delivered it. For he was not there at all.

of Course he was not in it, one is tempted to say. For a good two months earlier he was stiktosset, when Denmark played against the later champion at the Bernabéu in Madrid. So furious at referee Massimo Busacca and the Spanish welcome buyers signboard led calling he was, that he was expelled shortly before the time of the Danish 2-1 defeat.

Morten Olsen raged in Madrid

It meant quarantine for the match against Sweden, and therefore it was Peter Bonde, who was sporting responsible during the fight in the Park.

Morten Olsen sat on the stage, the fabled evening in Copenhagen. He might not be in the dressing room – and there was not. It confirms Peter Bonde opposite Ekstra Bladet here button 12 and a half years later.

- No, he wasn't. It was me who had the responsibility in the particular battle, says Peter Bonde and adds, that it would have been against the rules, if Morten Olsen had been there.

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with the book's author, Rune Skyum-Nielsen, who provides the following response:

- It sounds as if there in theory can be swapped around at the events in the locker room on two matches or on the Bonde and Olsen. Nicklas remember at least one incendiary speech, and he remembers it as highly inspiring.

- But this is of course also more than 12 years back in time, so less svipsere or confusions (in a generally impressive memory) is probably difficult to exclude altogether – even if we have fact-checked thoroughly and several times, he writes in a text and adds that 'of course, we intend to correct any error in a possible next edition of the book'.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Other errors in Bendtner-book

In the 'Both Sides' tells Nicklas Bendtner, during the WORLD cup 2010 in south Africa must meet Cameroon 'in Pretorias eftermiddagshede, so we are almost backwards in advance'. Now it was actually winter in south Africa at the time, and hot, it was certainly not during the match, which was played in the afternoon, but at. 20:30 local time. Nicklas Bendtner was also playing in long sleeves.

Along with Jon Dahl Tomasson and Poul 'Tist' Jensen the most scoring Danish landsholdshistorie. 52 times scored 'Tisten' in red and white. In the 'Both Sides' is called, however, he Poul 'Tist' Jensen, who he has been for Poul Sembawang.

The Swedish striker Markus Rosenberg is called in the book for Marcus Rosenberg.

Nicklas Bendtner writes that Morten Olsen gave the players allowed to drink ’a proper game of beer’ after a victory over Finland in november 2011. It was not after a win over Finland, but after a victory over Sweden in the Park.

learn more about a handful of the There's five biggest scandals here.

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