Reality babe in embarrassing gaffe on tv: - It makes no sense

There were large grin on his lips at this year's 'Paradise Hotel'-participants, as Tuesday was dazzled up for the first parceremoni. Here was the 18-year-o

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 January 2020 Tuesday 15:00
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Reality babe in embarrassing gaffe on tv: - It makes no sense

There were large grin on his lips at this year's 'Paradise Hotel'-participants, as Tuesday was dazzled up for the first parceremoni.

Here was the 18-year-old contestant Sarah Dohn, forming the pairs with the Türker, asked whether Türker is her type, and here she came on deep water.

- Sarah, is Türker your type?, asked the host Rikke Gøransson.

And from here it goes wrong for mary Dohn.

- a Little. I'm not so much to the foreign. But he is certainly a type, I would go after if he were not from abroad, " she says, and can hear well, that the comment probably was not quite judicious.

Sarah Dohn come on glatis in tonight's episode of 'Paradise Hotel'. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

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Her announcement get the other participants to break down laughing, while the host Rikke Gøransson has a hard time figuring out what she needs to do by itself. She looks so surprised and wondering at Sarah.

- When I hear Sarah say that she is not to foreigners, so I know 100 percent what she believes. But instead of being a little out on a siding so she thinks, that she takes it all the way in addition to the rebate also says Türker with a grin to the camera.

I simply don't know how I should interpret, says Rikke Gøransson on with a laugh in response to Sarah Dohns comment.

- It is not because I am racist, but I am just usually not for foreigners, says Sarah Dohn in the program, while she obviously can't keep the laugh back.

Sarah Dohn on the red carpet for the premiere of 'Paradise Hotel'. Photo: Linda Johansen

- It is so fun to see Sarah run in addition to the rebate. But she is fun, so it is also fucking great, says Türker, that takes the whole episode with a smile.

- It was not at all how I should say it. I would have said that he did not immediately is the type I would go for, but he is really sweet and such a thing, says a frustrated Sarah Dohn subsequent to the camera.

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For Extra Magazine tells Sarah Dohn, that she is sorry by the way, she came to speak on at the moment. She tells that it was due to nervøsistet.

- What I say comes out of my mouth of pure nervousness. Rikke asks Türker is my type. It is not he, but I will not hurt him. So I'm trying to say, that he is not my type in a nice manner, but I clocked in, because I was very nervous. There came the thing out, I'm not just pondering, and it came mega wrong, I'll said that I am to white people or anything, " she says, and stresses that it is not at all how she has it.

- It is not at all like that. I have been with people who are from abroad. But it was because I would not hurt him, but it went completely wrong.

Sarah and Türker during the unfortunate episode. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

According to Sarah Dohn, she is afraid of what reactions she will get in the wake of the unfortunate comment, when 'Paradise Hotel' has been sent.

- I'm a little nervous about it. I hope not, that people think I have something against people from other countries. It is not at all it. I hope not, people misunderstand it, and I hope that people can put themselves into, that it is a pressure situation, I'm standing in, and that is why I say it. They should not think that this is how I have it.

- Are you embarrassed that you have come to say such?

- I'm not ashamed of it. I say it for a reason, but it makes no sense. I am pleased, however, that the other guests took it so nicely. They seemed also that it was fun, and Türker took it really nicely. But there will always be some who will get hurt in the ass. I just hope that people know that it was not my intention.

Luckily they could laugh about it afterwards. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

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