Raging over the X Factor: - So fake!

the 20-year-old Aria Hill blew the judges over backwards, when she first made its entry to this year's 'X Factor'-auditions. The same thing happened, when

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 09:00
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Raging over the X Factor: - So fake!

the 20-year-old Aria Hill blew the judges over backwards, when she first made its entry to this year's 'X Factor'-auditions.

The same thing happened, when she in Friday's edition of the program took the culture yard in Elsinore to the infamous 'Five Chair Challenge', where it was up to Thomas Culture to choose five of his soloists under the age of 23 to go to the bootcamps.

Here was the judges also excited for her performance.

- Crazy, what a start to the evening. Aria, you are one of them, I have found it difficult to get out of your head. There is a surplus and grace over you. You are playing with the timing, there may not be anything to the raffle, he said famous and best-selling.

- You sing like an angel, and I love the way you have styled yourself. Pure artistic I really think that could happen some fat here. Definitely a star, it sounded far from Oh Land.

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Aria Hill is far from happy with how the 'Five Chair Challenge' course. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

the Culture itself was more tough in the least:

- You flee a still from your toner. You are not on them. You hurry around. Am I missing something ro. But there are enormously many things to work with, you have a fine sound, lots of core, in fact, in your sound. You should certainly have a place, Aria, sounded it from the Culture, which therefore gave her a chair.

But then there was the battle of the chairs, had changed his tune, and Aria Hill was the wreckage forward for one of the other participants. She, therefore, had to see his 'X Factor'dreams being crushed, even if she is from the start of the three judges was touted as one of the big favorites. It fell not on good ground with the audience, which sent the big buh-cry in the Quality of the direction.

Aria Hills performance went well - but according to the Culture not good enough to be seated in a chair and go to the bootcamps. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

For Extra Magazine tells Aria that she was very surprised that she went no further.

- I think, actually, that I did really well during my performance. Better than I had thought. For I have never sung on a stage before, so it was a little cross, " she says, and continues:

- I was thinking not so much right in the situation, when I blurted out. I would not cry or be angry, so I just said thank you and slipped. But afterwards, I was angry about it, because I felt that it was the right decision, because I had coped with it really well, and there was a good atmosphere to 'Five Chair Challenge'.

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Although the Aria Hills 'X Factor'dream immediately was turned off during the 'Five Chair Challenge', she was contacted by the production shortly after. Famous and best-selling would like to have her in a group.

But the offer selected Aria Hill something surprising to thank no to.

- Who went for only two days, and then called production and asked if I would with in a group. But I said no. I would not. I lost my job as an au-pair while I was in the 'X Factor', so I had to focus on finding me a job, and I had lost the desire to 'X Factor', she says.

Culture ended up sending Aria home. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

According to the Aria Hill was the 'X Factor' in fact, far from it, as she had hoped.

- It is not at all as it looks on tv. In fact, I do not think that people are treated well in 'the X Factor'. We are a part of their program, and they do not think in our emotions. For them we are just participants and not people, "she says, and continues:

- When they called and asked if I would not with again, pressed the on and said that I should not say' no ' because it was 'once in a life time'. They were indifferent to the situation I was in.

- In what situations have you felt that you were not treated properly?

- I got several nasty comments. Culture, for example, had several comments about my Danish pronunciation, which was cut out. I think it was rude. For I have only been in Denmark for six or seven months at the time, says Aria, who came to Denmark from London about a year ago, and elaborates:

- Oh Land asked me how I learned Danish so fast. I explain that I work with children, and that it was through my girlfriend also. So said the Culture something with, I just came to Denmark to steal your men, and he corrected my pronunciation. Then laughed and I said that maybe I should just steal famous and best-selling. I made fun with it, for I would not be rude.

- Also in the 'Five Chair' comment he way, I say 'London'. It becomes a little bit irritated. It was hard not to say anything in the situation, I would not be rude, so I kept just the mouth, she adds.

Aria Hill was nervous before she took to the studio during the 'Five Chair Challenge'. Photo: Lasse Lagoni

- Have you regretted that you were with in the 'X Factor'?

- I have no regrets. I am happy for the opportunity, and for the many people I have met through 'the X Factor'. On the way, it was a wonderful experience, " she says, and continues:

- But the 'X Factor' is false. The experience with singing was good also with the other. I still talk with several of the others, and several of them have become my good friends.

For Extra Magazine tells Dorte Borregaard, there is underholdningsredaktør on TV2, that the production is doing its utmost to take care of 'X Factor'contestants:

- I know, that the production always does their best to give all the participants a very good experience to be with, and that is why I am of course really frustrated to hear that the Aria does not feel well-treated," she says, and continues:

- Thomas Culture is known to say things very directly, and it can be a big mouthful for someone, but I am convinced that no evil has been in any of his comments. Fortunately, I notice also, that Aria describes the ’X Factor’ as a good experience – and we have been very pleased to have her with.

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