Raging over the TV2 Is completely gone?

Last year secured the TV 2 on the rights to show both Series A and La Liga. The rest of 2019, it was one match per round, while they have the rights to all the

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
09 February 2020 Sunday 09:00
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Raging over the TV2 Is completely gone?

Last year secured the TV 2 on the rights to show both Series A and La Liga. The rest of 2019, it was one match per round, while they have the rights to all the matches.

Several Danish FC Barcelona and Real Madrid fans rejoiced over, that they could again see their favorite team on tv.

Sunday will be Real Madrid's match against Osasuna shown on the new sports channel TV 2 Sport X pm. 16.

in the evening to play FC Barcelona at. 21.00 out against Real Betis. The struggle comes not on the TV2 Sport X. Here appears danskeropgøret and the Milan derby between Inter and Milan, where there is the possible participation of Christian Eriksen, on the one hand, and Simon Kjær, as well as Zlatan Ibrahimović, on the other.

On the channel TV2 Sport will appear a year between Skanderbog and GOG's men in handball. A battle that GOG won 33-29 in last Thursday. The fight overlap a half an hour with the Barcelona match, and subsequently shows a basketball match from NBA.

The Barcelona battle for the second weekend in a row not displayed on the tv, have got several of the club's Danish fans to be good craze over the tv station's choice.

The Danish fansite Fcbarcelona.dk has written about it on their Facebook page, and it has got users to write over 100 comments.

Among the many comments is bl.a. these from sure the fans:
Jens Kaastrup Kilsgaard writes: 'TV2 Sport and TV2, is completely gone?'

Doris Lauersen writes: 'Damn bad......TV2'

Rikke Lund Juul writes: 'It is simply not good enough.'

Nick Blake writes: 'REPUBLICATION OF the handball match!! ???'

Christian Borup writes: 'It is ridiculous'

Danish Barça-fans raging over that they can not see their team in action on a tv channel. Photo: Ander Gillenea/Ritzau Scanpix

At the TV2 sounds the explanation that the rights to football is not bought into, that they will appear on the channel TV2 Sport.

- If you need to be sure to have access to the whole La Liga and Serie A, then you have to have Play-package, because there are so many coincidence, says TV2's kanalchef, Kristian Hyldgaard, to Ekstra Bladet.

- We have not bought the La Liga rights to TV2 Sport. We bought them for TV2 Sport X, but of course we can move around in it, but it is not our intention, because it is also a business for us.

So I want you to show the Barcelona match on TV2 Sport. It's just because you want the viewers on TV2 Play?

- Yes, exactly. Our football rights are purchased to boost the TV2 Play package.

- there Had not been Inter-Milan in the evening, we had shown Barcelona. On the way, it has high priority.

- We just can't avoid the coincidence, and when there is coincidence, then you will need to have Play-sportspakken, you can see it all. It is a matching of expectations basically. We're not going to move the football on TV2 Sport, because it is not purchased.

Comes In to show even more matches only at the Danish TV2 Play in the future?

- I think that this is the level. It's just unfortunate when two big games colliding together, says Kristian Hyldgaard.

1. march is also a coincidence between the storkampe in La Liga and Serie A.

El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be played at the same time as Inter against Juventus. Here it is the Spanish showdown, which will be given priority on the TV 2 Sport X.

below you can see Barcelona knocked out of Copa del Rey - in Extra Magazine++ you can get exclusive access to the Spanish cup.

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