Raging over TV2: - They killed me!

the 56-year-old Anders Leth-Nissen did with the same impression on the 'X Factor'-judges, because he took to the studio in Aarhus, with its characteristic roc

Raging over TV2: - They killed me!

the 56-year-old Anders Leth-Nissen did with the same impression on the 'X Factor'-judges, because he took to the studio in Aarhus, with its characteristic roc

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 January 2020 Friday 22:00
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Raging over TV2: - They killed me!

the 56-year-old Anders Leth-Nissen did with the same impression on the 'X Factor'-judges, because he took to the studio in Aarhus, with its characteristic rockstar hair and his self-assured attitude in the second audition, which was broadcast on TV2 on Friday night.

Even had he as also an expectation to impress the judges with his singing voice, but his audition went far from it, as he had planned.

His interpretation of the hit single 'Feel' by Robbie Williams was far from being purely check with the judges.

- You go full retard. And I love that, but I do not think you are insanely good at singing, said, Oh Land honestly, after Anders Leth-Nissen had sung.

- It is too bad that you don't bother to spend the five minutes it takes a day, just to get it fixed (his singing voice, ed.), Thomas said Culture is certainly addressed to 'the X Factor'-the participant.

After his audition got Anders Leth-Nissen the support of his good friend. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV 2

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The comment did not fall in good soil at Anders Leth-Nissen or his good friend, who stood out front and watched the audition.

He plays five hours a day, said her friend surprised from the back room.

- You are both perfomer and your own audience. You are confirming yourself that it is fat, and it gets you might not so much want to be a part of, said famous and best-selling.

Easier shocked replied Anders Leth-Nissen.

- It was not the plan. I am of course sorry to hear, he said.

- It is me or you in this program. So therefore I have only one option and that is to say no. The charm is not enough here, said Culture.

Anders Leth-Nissen was nonetheless a yes from Oh Land, who thought that he had the 'X Factor', while also a famous and best-selling said no thanks.

Culture, Oh the Long and famous and best-selling got himself a good laugh by Anders-Leth Nissen. Photo: Mogens Flindt

As Anders Leth-Nissen had left the 'X Factor'-the study he did not hide that he was angry and disappointed with the process.

- Five minutes more a day? I practice several hours a day. I've made recordings where it sounds really good, so that I can't sing - keep your mouth shut, it is far-fetched and scary. It is too much to say that I can't sing, he said angrily.

En Ekstra Bladet prisoners Anders Leth-Nissen ahead of Friday's program, he did not hide that he was far from satisfied with how his audition process.

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- I think I sing quite well. So their comments surprised me very much, and I think it was a very violent opinion, Culture came with, he says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

- I was mega disappointed and sad, for I had thought that it was something better than the criticism that came. When we arrived at the 'X Factor', I was chosen as a kind of selected. I was filmed and followed throughout the day, and it gave the a little more hope, and when I get to know that I can't sing, I'm good enough sorry. I thought: 'Was it really so wrong'? For I do not think it sounded so bad.

According to Anders Leth-Nissen, there was also an error from the production side, which had an impact on his performance.

- Lydforholdene was really bad. I say quite quickly that I can't hear the track, I have to play, after I have sung 'Feel' how it is like to slip into something new. It disappoints me afterwards, that I could not get the law to stop and start all over again. It is as if I do not get the opportunity to be heard. It is a little hard. It is the basis to be able to do it properly, and I could not, and I think it has had an influence on my performance. If lydforholdene not in order, it is certainly difficult.

Anders Leth-Nissen stresses, however, that it is difficult for him to conclude anything about his own performance, before he has seen it on tv, which he first gets the opportunity tonight.

- I can better see if it was really so bad, when I have seen it on tv, he says, and continues:

- But I would like to stress that I have full respect for the judges. They are competent, and therefore, I respect their assessment.

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Though his 'X Factor'audition is far from went according to plan, the experience is not scared him away from the music. Ago Anders Leth-Nissen produced the song 'Mother Earth Talks' in cooperation with the well-known producer Chief 1.

- I hankede up in myself, and then it's on. But I am in the process of writing my own music to get to grips with the disappointment. I need to show myself that I can sing. For the can I good. I go game much up in it. I love to sing and act, and therefore was, of course, I also disappointed that I went no further.

- But you are not burned on the judges?

- They chose to sort the me from, and how it is. I was very very surprised. But maybe I had the nearsightedness, he says, and continues:

- I will remember it as a mixed bag. I think it was strange that the with the TV2 built me up and then killed me. It is strange that they choose me out. For why should I appear so much, if they do not want to use me? I must have been interesting to see in one way or another, he says with a laugh.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from the production company Blu, but it has at the time of writing not been possible.

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