Raced in village: ex-girlfriend convicted of manslaughter on the Natascha

'Who's going first through the Lellinge?' It said a 21-year-old driver of a Peugeot 206 in a telefonsnak with a friend in a driving behind the car around a

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
11 February 2020 Tuesday 10:00
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Raced in village: ex-girlfriend convicted of manslaughter on the Natascha

'Who's going first through the Lellinge?'

It said a 21-year-old driver of a Peugeot 206 in a telefonsnak with a friend in a driving behind the car around a few minutes before he with the high speed and skidded into a traffic island within byskiltet to the small village to the west of Køge. It was just past midnight on the night of 10. march 2019.

the speed limit is 50 km/h., there where the accident happened.

In the front seat beside sat his ex-girlfriend Natascha Arrild. She was flung out of the car, and the 17-year-old social and health care students ' brain damage was so extensive that she later died.

It cost the young man a sentence of three months 'unconditional and one-year suspended prison sentence and three years' disqualification from driving. He was this afternoon found guilty of grossly reckless driving and negligent homicide in aggravating extent in the Court in Roskilde and to have had a little cocaine on them.

Retssalens tilhørerpladser was stopfyldt with family and friends, especially to the deceased teenage girl. They saw a tense and mumbling man testify.

Absolutely essential for the judgment was especially the testimony of two companions in the vehicle followed after the now convicted man's car on Ringstedvej.

The now convicted 21-year hf-students seemed tense and gave a hesitant and mumbling explanation under the criminal case about negligence manddrabi the Court in Roskilde. Private

The two witnesses explained that there was an agreement with the now convicted to race through the Lellinge. One comrade felt that the ulykkesbilen ran with the 'over 120 km/h.', as the vehicle skidded.

because of the complexity and the car's collision with two trees have bilinspektøren not been able to provide a measurement of the speed of the car.

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In the next seconds sawed the car only a 15-20 centimeter thick vejtræ over and rev then another tree up by the roots, before it smashed the vehicle rolled and landed inside a field.

the driver of the Car was also thrown out of the cabin. He lost briefly consciousness but escaped with fractures on the back, in the chest and in the neck. Trauma that plagues him significantly longer.

a Record year for traffic deaths

205 persons lost last years of life in traffic accidents in Denmark, shows the Directorate preliminary statistics.In the 2014 to 2018 the average annual number of fatalities 183.Last year there was in particular a relatively large number of killed in passenger car and motorcycle and moped compared with the past. In the first three quarters lost 24 motorcyclists life, and 11 people on mopeds were killed in traffic, which in both cases is the highest number since 2009.However, relatively few fatalities in the age group of 18 to 24 in 2019. In the first three quarters lost 13 people in traffic accidents in the age group. It is historic to get.About half of the fatalities in 2019 was eneulykker or frontalkollisioner. Compared with the previous year, there were unusually many eneulykker fatal.The number of fatalities rose over most the country compared to the 2018. However, not in the Region of Midtjylland. In the Region of southern denmark and in Region Zealand was the number of deaths was the highest since 2014.The penalty for the deaths in traffic goes up to eight years in prison. But the chief public prosecutor of the review last year of the sentences since 2016, shows that vanvidsbilister is released with sentences of from one year and four months in prison to three years behind bars for the deaths.

Source: Directorate ulykkesstatistik (these are estimates - a final financial statement for last year will be ready in may 2020)

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In the court explained to the young man, to Natascha Arrild and he had been in a relationship for up to one and a half years until christmas last year, and that they were about to find together again when the accident happened.

Why he suggested the fatal chase through the Lellinge, he could not motivate. None of the young people were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the mood had not been poor, or the 'up and running', as they are after a nice chat in Vemmedrup decided to run to McDonald's in the World.

So far came they never.

Police prosecutor Magnus Mølholm mind in its procedure that the defendants put 'an adrenaline-rush by a race higher than his ekskærestes security'. It was domsmandsretten agree. President Jacob Groth-Christensen noted especially knowing that the race was already agreed to and took place in a densely populated area.

The conditional part of the sentence is with two years of probation.

The now-convicted man from the Display was fired as mekanikerlærling after dødsulykken. He is now halfway through a hf-education.

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Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the parents of the fatalities Natascha:

Anya and Jes Arrilds ties are strengthened after their 17-year-old daughter's senseless death in a violent traffic accident in 2019 - their highest wish is to get the offender, the hatred and anger out of mind

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