Put the world star on space: Came on time!

A ‘no bullshit’-type. It is probably the characteristic that most often is given by Mads Pedersen. A guy who says things as they are, and do what needs to be do

Put the world star on space: Came on time!

A ‘no bullshit’-type. It is probably the characteristic that most often is given by Mads Pedersen. A guy who says things as they are, and do what needs to be do

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 17:00
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Put the world star on space: Came on time!

A ‘no bullshit’-type. It is probably the characteristic that most often is given by Mads Pedersen. A guy who says things as they are, and do what needs to be done. No beating around the bush. No smart managementvendinger, if the meaning is blowing in the wind.

No rationalizations, no excuses, no detours. Just down the road. No ‘bullshit’ here.

It secured for him in september the world championship of road cycling in Yorkshire, England after a helvedesridt at six and a half hour in an extremely storm which required the shortening of the route due to floods.

the Biting cold, pouring rain, ruskende blown. Exactly what Pedersen had dreamed of, and exactly what most of the others had feared. ‘I just hope that it pisses down all day. Well, I think, to really just pisses down,’ said Pedersen with a laugh the day before.

It did, and Pedersen fulfilled his dream. He yanked storfavoritterne up, ran in the sprint from the Italian Trentin and gave the Danish cycling fans an experience they will never forget. With his world championship peak he Extra the Magazine's list of the 100 largest Danish sports performance in 2019.

- Fine! It is always nice that there are some at home who think it is cool when it goes well with us out in the world, says Mads Pedersen to Ekstra Bladet.

- it makes It even bigger for someone like me to make a good result, when I feel that those at home follow and feel that they themselves are a part of it.

Saturday, drove Mads Pedersen 100 km conducted in partnership with Michael Mørkøv in the Ballerup Super Arena. The couple was number two after Niki Terpstra and Iljo Keisse. Photo: Jan Summer.

He celebrated the birthday at a training camp in Sicily in december. 24 years old, he was. In three seasons, he has been running on World Tour level for the american Trek-Segafredo-crew, where he with a second place finish in the monument Flanders Around in 2018, confirmed his talent. Also for themselves.

Already, as a youngster, he was a resolute, undaunted gut, which is not suppressed his contempt for bullshit and like to put words in his ambitions. When he was 16, he declared that he would win juniorernes Paris-Roubaix the following year. He kept his word. The same year, he was number two at the juniorernes the WORLD cup.

I have learned from home, that it is o.k. to believe in themselves, and that it is o.k. to set the bar high once in a while, says Mads Pedersen, who in Sicily let his new teammate, superstar Vincenzo Nibali, know that he is not a model for anything.

Mads Pedersen was Sunday named for the Year Cyclist in Denmark, when he stood in a tournament in Odense, denmark. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen/Ritzau Scanpix

One morning let Nibali his new teammates stand and go in front of the hotel in a half an hour before he found it timely to join them, so the team could get started with today's tasks.

- We stood ten men, and waited on him in 30 minutes off at quarter of six in the morning. It's damn just do not in order, and he got it so also to know, says Mads Pedersen.

- Since we made fun with it, but now he well knows that I was pissed off about it, says Pedersen.

- With the WORLD cup-the jersey you have probably also gained greater authority?

- It is not the jersey that means something. I had said to him no matter what shirt I had on. Something that I do not bother to find me in, says Pedersen.

I just can say that I haven't changed it, at least by myself and the way I am. I have not used the world cup to get more attention or get more people to listen to me.

- I say things as they are. I did it before, I do after, and I will do this always, says Mads Pedersen.

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All will have a bite: - You quickly get new friends

All will have a bite of himself. It was also true at the nytårsstævnet in Ballerup Super Arena Saturday night. Photo: Jan Summer.

Mads Pedersen has only run three races in the WORLD cup the jersey, but the pressure from the media and the fans, he has marked every day since the triumph in Yorkshire.

- Some times, one will inevitably be perceived as an idiot, because, unfortunately, I have not five-ten minutes to all who ask for it, and sometimes there is just not the right time to write an autograph from the number 150, says Mads Pedersen, who can barely see an end to the range of people who will have a slice of his success.

- You quickly get a lot of new friends, don't you? Many of them just want a the best, I think, but you just need to constantly remember who was also there in the bad times.

- It is those that are the most important, says Mads Pedersen, who with assistance from the team's pr staff with hard hand sorts in the many offers in order to ensure that he gets peace and quiet to focus on running strong on the bike.

- I'm not trained enough and prepared myself properly, so I'm just not strong enough, he says.

- I am the world champion, but I am also made of flesh and blood, and I have simply not the time to make everyone happy.

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Respect for håndboldherrerne

Mads Pedersen shoots first over the line in Harrogate after more than six hours in the saddle in a foul storm at the WORLD cup in Yorkshire in september. Photo: BEN STANSALL / AFP / Ritzau Scanpix

Mads Pedersen is proud of the acclaim he receives as the world champion in the road race, but he ranks a second Danish championship as a bigger achievement:

- Should I even point on the grandest achievement in 2019, so it is håndboldherrerne, who won the WORLD cup. They are damn good, and they play always on a high and stable level, says Mads Pedersen.

- The I have made in 2019, is the more such a performance, where the topper on the day, while håndboldherrerne over many years has been verdensklasseatleter.

- I'm still on the way up in my career, and I have not reached my career peak yet. If I believed that, so I might as well stop here and now.

Only now begins the really hard work, he says. It is now, he must prove that he belongs among the best.

- All riders will win, and when they have won, they will win again. Why be satisfied with one good result, when there is an opportunity to make a more?

- of course It is great to win the WORLD cup, but I am not satisfied. I will achieve more than that, says Mads Pedersen.

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Puts pressure on himself

Mads Pedersen is embraced in Thorvald Ellegaard Arena in Odense, when he on Sunday is named this Year's Champion of the Danish Cycling Union. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen/Ritzau Scanpix

the Classics in Belgium and northern France are once again Mads Pedersen's major goal in the spring, but he count himself among the favorites, even though he drove from all in Yorkshire.

- the WORLD cup-the shirt makes me not a favorite. I have divorced me out of a few apartments and have made a good score, says Mads Pedersen.

- Now, I must show that I can wear the shirt and sit there every time we are running the race.

- Are you nervous?

- No, I am not. I am first-class, and I do my absolute best when it goes loose, then I can't expect more of myself.

- There will be a pressure from the outside, but believe me: The heaviest pressure I put on myself. Is there one that will want to make results with the sweater on, and show that he is jersey worthy, then it damn me.

- Meet I my own expectations, so no one will be disappointed, says Mads Pedersen.

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