Pressure Activities in the tremendously cup drama

HOLSTEBRO (Ekstra Bladet): It was nerves it all! Odense Handball won a dramatic semi-final of Copenhagen Handball after extra time. 22-22 in the ordinary match

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
29 December 2019 Sunday 00:00
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Pressure Activities in the tremendously cup drama

HOLSTEBRO (Ekstra Bladet): It was nerves it all! Odense Handball won a dramatic semi-final of Copenhagen Handball after extra time. 22-22 in the ordinary match ended in funen win at 26-25 and access to pokalfinalen Sunday afternoon.

It is totally grotesque and an even greater conundrum. How can you lead comfortably with 18-13 and be in complete control – and then throw the victory in a deluge of errors, bad terminations and balls out over the sideline.

Well yes... I suppose That is exactly why it can be done!

Odense led 19-16, but scored so not in a quite neighborhood. Mie Højlunds equalizing at 20-20 with four minutes before time gave the air to the orange aspirations, but it should be a stacked period. Copenhagen went in front 22-20 and trip in the finals looked to be paved, but then koksede Billion Rej and Co. also, and Nycke Groot could equalize at 22-22 six seconds before the time.

the Copenhagen effort towards the empty goal on the last end in the ordinary time missed also quality, speed and height...

The two kvindskaber had words out in two times five minutes of extra time, before the Jan Activities and Co. could breathe a little easier.

Mie Højlund took the responsibility and scored the important goal at the end of the regular match and also brought in a kamikaze-breakthrough Odense at 23-22 in extra-time, where Nycke Groot could hammer the inhabitants of funen in front 24-22 after the first five minutes.

And indeed, Stine Jørgensen, who certainly not had one of its best days in the office, could rise up and score to 25-22. Her third scoring on 11 attempts! Nycke Groot harvested a penalty and scored himself from seven metres to 26-24 with a minute and a half back.

Mie Højlund was shown with 30 seconds again, and Mia Rej could on penalties reduce to 26-25. But despite helbanepres and nervous indianerhåndbold com Copenhagen never closer, and Nycke Groot could experienced draw a free-throw and let the time run of the clock at the end.

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Photo: HENNING BAGGER/Ritzau Scanpix

Pokalskabet is still creaking empty and the home of the nullermænd and broken dreams. Jan Activities is in his fourth season in the forefront of the fiercely ambitious Odense, Handball, but the orangeblusede remain without titles.

Closest to were the inhabitants of funen in 2018, but the team with the many Danish players lost DM gold to Copenhagen and a half years later pokalfinalen to Nykøbing Falster.

Now they have enough once chance to get filled something in the closet, when Odense Handball beat the Sunday afternoon meetings TTH Holstebro or Herning-Ikast in the final.

It was a semi-final, having not stood out violently from international action at the WORLD cup in Japan, when it comes to technical errors. There was sin in dramatically on both teams, however, can excuse themselves with the fact that the players only have been assembled for a few trainings in klubregi.

Both teams are leading provider for various national teams and not least the Netherlands, who, as you know, surprised and won WORLD cup gold in Kumamoto and the surrounding area.

Raceways alternated before the break, but Odense punched a hole and went from 11-10 to 14-10 at the break. The judges accepted the last scoring, after studying the tv monitor, so it must be good enough – but it looked and sounded undeniably as Nathalie Hagmans take dropped a few fractions of a second too late.

the inhabitants of funen increased to plus five in the second half, but the lead was quickly shoe up on the numerous errors and missed input to Kathrine Heindahl. The aggressive locals got sealed defensive and went from 13-18 at 19-19 after 44 minutes, and Jan Activities have had calmer periods in life.

He was pressured, and he continued. The sponsors would like to soon see some silverware being lifted towards the ceiling and into the closet.

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