Performed: Event-the king will not pay

It is not only the customers, who feel cheated by Peter Bindner to his many events. The Danish musicians Dorthe Gerlach and Michael Hartmann played for the ev

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
25 December 2019 Wednesday 23:00
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Performed: Event-the king will not pay

It is not only the customers, who feel cheated by Peter Bindner to his many events.

The Danish musicians Dorthe Gerlach and Michael Hartmann played for the event 'A Romantic Evening in the Botanical Gardens in 2019', but they have never received payment for their work.

- We troppede up and played the concert, as we always do. So, I've just not got any hire afterwards.

- It is quite unusual. Now I have been in the music industry for almost 20 years, and it is done well enough is extremely rare. And I've never tried this model, says Dorthe Gerlach.

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The two musicians also have the band Hush together. Photo: Little Tornado
No recognition
Peter Bindner initially attempted to explain away the lack of hiring.

- There were all sorts of explanations with the fact that his accountant was on vacation, and so was his accountant ill. So was it sent to the collection agency and went all the way through the system and in the bailiff's court, but after inkassosagen said Bindner, that he 'did not recognise the claim'.

- The formulation holds, he knows - that he does not recognize my claim.

- What is his basis for saying it?

- He claims it is only now that he has made an oral agreement on a different price.

But since there is a signed contract with the original price, and I have been in the Botanical Garden to play my concert, so we don't make any sense, says Dorthe Gerlach.

No comments

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Peter Bindner. He has, however, currently no comments on the matter.

The matter, I can't comment on that, because it is a specific case, running.

- Okay, so it is because it is an ongoing case?

- I have just replied you, I can not answer you on more.

- S y you will not say anything about why they haven't gotten their money yet?

- I have just the answer for you.

Peter Bindner, however, ought to be able to afford to pay the artists to play for the event, for there was sold huge numbers of tickets.

- It is not, after all, because no money in the kitty for the evening. It was generally a very udskældt event. I even got many messages on social media from some of my fans, who were frustrated that it was closed, so many people in the Botanic Garden, says Dorthe Gerlach.

the Concept for the evening was that there had been several small scenes, so the audience could walk around a whole evening and hear a variety of short concerts.

Read reviews from the event in the Botanical Garden, so it is clear to see that Dorothy Gerlachs fans are not alone about the bad experience.

Many customers are telling about long queues, too many people and too few drinks.

- the Whole concept was that they could reach around and listen to several concerts, but the people could not, because they could not get neither forward or back. Carts with drinks also could not get past, says Dorthe Gerlach.

the Case is passed to the civil law, where Dorthe Gerlach have been affiliated with a lawyer from the connected to take this matter forward.

- Right now it is about to get called up, I have also seen the christmas lunch cases that have been. So it's about to get called out on, that there are also things happen in our industry, which I certainly haven't got my money, she says.

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Neither Dorthe Gerlach or Danish Artists ' association is considering to let the matter go into oblivion.

- We run the case all the way. It could also be that the man was tired and said 'not now bother we not spend more effort or money on it', but I just think that it is insanely strict.

- Artistforbundet and the lawyer seems the same, so it's fine. We agree that it should just run all the way. He should at least not be allowed to cheat herself out of it, she says.

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Peter Bindner has still not paid hyren, even though the concert was played in the summer. Photo: Mogens Flindt
New heading
Peter Bindner has apparently not let the many bad reviews knock him out, for he is already in full swing with selling tickets for next year's event in the Botanical Garden.

Here costs the cheapest ticket is 500 dollars, while a 'diamond'ticket costs 1500 kroner. 'Gold'-the tickets to 1000 dollars the piece is already sold out.

- He is in the full swing of selling tickets for next year's event, and I have collegues who need to play. It is also little, therefore, I stand before now, because it is important for me to warn others, who will be playing there, that you do not necessarily get his hire for it, says Dorthe Gerlach.

With regard to the money fear she, that there is still the long-term outlook.

- Now it's soon christmas, so it could be fine, if he managed to send the money before then.

- do you Think he does it?

- I definitely have my doubts, she says.

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