Paradise-babe in wake-up call: Think you

If one follows the Danish realitystjerner on social media, will sooner or later encounter terms like 'filler', 'brazilian butt lift' and 'silicone'. It

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 January 2020 Friday 06:00
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Paradise-babe in wake-up call: Think you

If one follows the Danish realitystjerner on social media, will sooner or later encounter terms like 'filler', 'brazilian butt lift' and 'silicone'.

It is teeming with beauty treatments and interventions in realityland, and now comes the 'Paradise Hotel'-current Anna Seneca with a call. She has even made tits, lip and jaw and encourages its - and others ' followers to take the critical glasses on. It happens on Instagram, where she among other things writes:

'I am not doing lookups on the filler in order to encourage girls/women to have made anything. I'm doing it to show my followers that what they see on Instagram, more often than not is without a filter', writes the 24-year-old realitydeltager and continues:

'I would then like to focus on, that what people see as ideals, most often is unnatural. I advocate that one should do what feels right for yourself. Are you against surgery, so let the hell be with to get something done? It, however, open to it, then look at it with curious and critical eyes'.

Danish well-known - 7. jan. 2020 - pm. 20:00 the Wreck as the first: - Fucking embarrassing!

For Extra Magazine she explains her position.

- today, it is equally normal to made an intervention, as it is to be tattooed or get made nails. It is too bad that people look down on it, for there is no one who calls someone to something. People have to keep up with the times, says Anna Seneca.

She denies that she even has met criticism on the basis of its interference, but is like to know that she has made them. She encourages people to take the critical glasses on.

People should not look at Instagram and think, that it is natural. People must be knowing that the people look like, because they have been made something. It is nothing wrong, the people must do to their bodies, which they will. But you just don't believe that people are born as it appears on Instagram. It is also important for me to point out that you don't need to get anything done, says Anna Seneca.

Danish well-known - 7. jan. 2020 - pm. 17:16 Reality babe in embarrassing gaffe on tv: - It makes no sense

As a new realitydeltager it will in the coming weeks teem with new and mostly young followers. She acknowledge that you as the influencer or publicly known person has a responsibility.

- At least partially. But I do not think that all the responsibility must lie with us. People that are critical to Instagram, for there is no one who is so perfect as it seems, when there is a filter on. All on Instagram chasing the it perfect, but we must also remember to tell why we look, as we do, she says.

Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

What has it given you to carry out the intervention?

- I feel that I can now rest more in myself. My radiance has received a boost, after I have made tits especially. I am a small a with large thighs, hence, it gives me a good symmetry, and it does that I rest more in myself. People should do what they feel is right. It works for me, may not work for others, she says.

Danish well-known - 2. jan. 2020 - pm. 19:45 the Girlfriend of the narkodømt: - It is absolutely fine

If people want to get the changes on their bodies, then invites her to think very well about before they do it.

- where the movie breaks for me, it is when the vouchers for the operations, and how some things come forward. Or competitions where you can win a full-body operation. It becomes something juks, for it is something you should consider for a long time, and when there is a competition, where you a week later to find a winner, then it becomes frivolous and unthinking, she rolls fast.

Anna Seneca and the rest of the 'Paradise Hotel'-participants can be followed from Tuesday to Thursday at streamingkanalerne Viaplay and Viafree.

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