Painful: - It's damn empty

He has played a Taxi-Mike in the tv series 'Taxi', the flustered hotelportier Jørgen Mortensen in 'Italian for beginners' and uncle Erik in 'My sister's c

Painful: - It's damn empty

He has played a Taxi-Mike in the tv series 'Taxi', the flustered hotelportier Jørgen Mortensen in 'Italian for beginners' and uncle Erik in 'My sister's c

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 November 2019 Friday 05:00
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Painful: - It's damn empty

He has played a Taxi-Mike in the tv series 'Taxi', the flustered hotelportier Jørgen Mortensen in 'Italian for beginners' and uncle Erik in 'My sister's children'.

But Peter Gantzler was its main role, as he 20 years ago became father to a daughter, Rosa.

Right now he filmaktuel in the new Danish comedy-drama film 'Ninna'.

Here he plays the character Morten, who is a neighbour to the main character, Ninna, which ends in a major crisis, as her 18-year-old son announces that he is moving out.

the Separation between the child and the parents can Peter Gantzler even relate to. Two years ago moved his own daughter, whom he has with actress and singer Xenia Lach-Nielsen, namely from home.

- There is damn empty. We have, after all, only her. Her room stood and rungede in many months. It was supposed that I should move into the room, but I couldn't figure it out. It was just there. How is it, when one has devoted her life to for 18 years, suddenly is gone, " says the actor.

That the daughter has moved, has not only left an empty room in the home in Frederiksberg, but also a mental gap with the actor.

- What has happened now, is that I no longer rosa's main man. I'm also not Xenias main man. I'm not anyone's main man. It is very special.

- If I am not ill, violent or drunken, so is it like 'he is only'. But it is also how it should be, adds the 61-year-old actor.

Even lost Peter Gantzler his father as a 13-year-old and his mother when he was 26 years old. Before gone a number of years, where he had worried about his mother, who was frail.

- Now I myself had a mother who had it as well, since I had moved away from home. I used the enormous number of forces – also after that I had moved from home – to orient me towards her. She has it good?

- When I some days could not get hold of her, so I thought: 'Is she dead?'. And it should not, he says.

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Therefore, I am also the actor that he is no longer the most important thing in his daughter's life, although the finding and acceptance has not been easy.

- It has been painful. Now there has come an acceptance of it, but it is like all other things, you find out in life: It is how it is.

- I'm gonna get after it. The most important thing is that she has it good. I think it is a ones, that children are not sitting on the thighs of their parents, but have their own lives, he says.

Peter Gantzler is among other things known from the 'Taxi'. Photo: Jens Dyke/Ritzau Scanpix

Peter Gantzler was 40 years old when he and his wife, Xenia Lach-Nielsen, became the parents of Rosa, and he considers the forældreskabet as the most important thing that has happened in his life.

Xenia Lach-Nielsen has, like her husband worked as an actor with changing work schedules in many years, and it has, according to Peter Gantzler contributed to the fact that today he has a unique relationship with his daughter.

- I'm in the happy situation, that my wife plays much theater, so from the Rosa was very small, I had all of the evenings spent with her. So I have changed, rummaged, read, cuddled and rocked, and what the hell to do, alone.

- It really has meant anything in the long run, compared to how effortless close we are, he says.

Peter Gantzler has repeatedly told his daughter that she must ask him about everything. For according to the actor, she can not find to think or do anything, as her father not even have thought or done.

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Yet he well knows that there are limitations to what his daughter will ask him about, and the information that goes the other way.

- I also know that she is not in love with too many questions about everything, what she is doing. She is still in a process where she must find out what she wants to.

- If I ask a little more private, I know very well that I should not ask for more. But it is never awkward. And probably it is, as I'm happiest for, says Peter Gantzler, who most recently worked with his daughter on the tv series 'Rita'.

Here he plays with in the upcoming season, while his daughter is working as a runner on the production.

Although Peter Gantzler is no longer the most important person in her daughter's life, so it does not change in his priorities.

- I'm pisseligeglad with anything other than her. If the phone rings now, and she needed me, so I would just say: 'Thank you for now, and hi-hi' and go my way. Is how it is. It is her, as it applies, he says.

'Ninna' can be seen in the cinema now.

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