Only on Ekstra Bladet: Danish hope in skæbnekamp

Kampprogrammet has not been merciful towards the bears from the north of Aarhus. Eight away matches in a row has not been an easy way to shoot the new decade st

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
29 January 2020 Wednesday 09:00
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Only on Ekstra Bladet: Danish hope in skæbnekamp

Kampprogrammet has not been merciful towards the bears from the north of Aarhus. Eight away matches in a row has not been an easy way to shoot the new decade started on, and it has resulted in both ups and downs. The latter is not Wednesday, in which the knife can be felt on the throat of the Hill Bears.

With two games to go in the second group stage of the FIBA Europe Cup, basketsportens næstsværeste european tournament, it applies namely for survival in Europe and the chances of potentially to pick up her first international trophy for the danes.

the Fight will be the first home game in 2020 in Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, and the baskethungrende hjemmepublikum has of course torn all the tickets away ahead of the crucial showdown against belgian Spirou Charleroi.

The reverse meeting in Belgium back in december ended 78-82, but it's far from a home win, aarhusianerne just take for granted.

It may end up in a quiet sigh of a european exit for the city of Aarhus-the club, who, unlike the belgians have everything to play for. But it is not necessarily an advantage, believes assistant coach Anders Summer.

- Because they do not have something at stake in the tournament more as such, they can play more freely than we can, since we have everything on the game. We should remember this. They will clearly prefer to finish the tournament with a bang than with a sigh – and they must of course not be allowed to do so, he says in a press release from the club.

Only a victory can be used in the fight that is ahead of a tough home match against the group number two, the Portuguese Benfica, who took the scottish parliament a defeat at 90-79 in the fall. With two wins, including a victory by more than 11 points against Benfica, can Bakken Bears ensure advancement to the quarter-finals. And so can an appointed coach of the club's best european result, a semi-final in the same tournament, suddenly glimpsed on the horizon.

The tight fixtures, made extra tight by the many time-consuming trips to the udebaner, is Summer's greatest concern right now. It has gone over in addition to the prep time prior for the fateful battle.

- The big challenge right now is that we are so busy and because of kampplanen we have not very much time for preparation. But the time we have, we use of course to prepare ourselves as thoroughly as we can, said Summer.

- We see the video and talk with the players about what we see, both about the opponent's players individually and the team in general. And so we see some more video, continue Summer, however, also states that they should first and foremost be focused on their own game.

Danish basketfans will hope that the team's american profiles among all Ryan Evans and assistkongen Nimrod Hillard IV frames the day. Not unimpressive 152 points, it has been the two meter high small forward Evans. Danish Adama Darboe and the senegalese turret in the forward position Michel, as mr diouf underlined at 208 cm will hope to be able to put in the scene.

at the same time fear the new players in the belgians ' squad, including a certain mr. Kenneth 'Speedy' Smith.

- the two come up with makes their team much more complete. Speedy Smith is a very skilled guard and a dangerous scorer like Beane. Khalid Boukichou is also something of an addition with its 2,06 meters and 120 kilos – he is really hard to move around with, so to him shall we also be anything after

Bayreuth is number one in the group, where the Bakken Bears so hope to be able to sneak up on at least a second place finish.

the Match starts 18:30 and can as mentioned be followed on

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