On obsession: - He will beat them up

Gudmundur Gudmundsson will always have a special place in the Danish handball, after the icelandic coach of four years ago led landsholdsherrerne forward to OLY

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
11 January 2020 Saturday 19:00
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On obsession: - He will beat them up

Gudmundur Gudmundsson will always have a special place in the Danish handball, after the icelandic coach of four years ago led landsholdsherrerne forward to OLYMPIC gold in Rio.

The successful icelandic would like to extend his contract, but ended up not. Gudmundsson smoke out.

today is the man behind the OLYMPICS-the triumph national coach of Iceland on Saturday meetings in Denmark, when the two countries launching the european championships in Malmö.

- Gudmundur had definitely wanted another leave, so I think that he is determined to beat Denmark.

- We will see a first-class Gudmundur run up and down the sidelines and whip his team forward, says forsvarsprofilen René Toft Hansen, while goalkeeper Niklas Landin supplement:

- He will show for Denmark and the Danish Handball Federation (DHF), it was a mistake, not extended with him.

Several of the Danish EM-players call Gudmundur Gudmundssons parting with the Denmark for the motley.

What exactly went wrong in the summer of 2016, will no tell. It is therefore still unclear what triggered one of the biggest crises in the recent Danish håndboldhistorie.

Just returned from the OLYMPICS-triumph chose the former team he will play in the DHF, Ulrik Wilbek, to withdraw from his job.

It came to pass after the media stories about that, Then in Rio had held meetings with the players around Gudmundsson and asked them whether they would of the two. The flow has Then, however, rejected.

Gudmundsson was shaken after returning from the guldfesten in Rio.

- I'm almost sorry. I am appalled that you have to go into such a thing, right after you've won OLYMPIC gold. It is the largest in the history of Denmark and for me as a coach, said the two at the time.

the Two are ready to strike back against Denmark. Photo: Lars Poulsen
Although he was keen to extend as national coach, so was the attitude after a few months another.

Gudmundsson, however, would complete his contract, and the WORLD cup in 2017 was his last task. Already before the finals had DHF employee of his successor, current coach Nikolaj Jacobsen.

the Communication between the DHF and Gudmundsson was not the best towards the final breach in march 2017. The employer had in the media read that Gudmundsson of the royal family a few months earlier had been assigned to's of the order of dannebrog.

None of the Danish players has a bad word to say about the 59-year-old icelandic.

They are telling Gudmundsson kept a greater distance and spent more video of the opponents than Nikolaj Jacobsen. Tactical tells the, that he was not much deviate from the kampplaner.

Michael Damgaard was on the OLYMPIC team in Rio and have only positive things to say about Gudmundsson.

- I was really pleased for him. It was him who chose me in his time, says Damgaard.

- Gudmundur has a complete concept, where Nicholas seems to be on the keys that are on the team, and use them. I have great respect for Gudmundur.

What trænertype, it is best to play under, individually, tells the playmaker Morten Olsen, who also helped win the OLYMPIC gold. Olsen are not in the squad for Saturday's match against Iceland.

- As players we need to adapt to different coaches and let them do it their way, otherwise it will not be harmonious. One must give space. It is individually what you prefer, and we are many players with different opinions, he says.

Saturday's match between Denmark and Iceland will be played at 18.15 in Malmö. In addition to Iceland, the danes are in group with Russia and Hungary. The two best teams move on to mellemrunden.

european championship held in Sweden, Norway and Austria.

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