Now the hunger-strikers mother still not out

the attorney general has just announced that a 46-year-old mother of two, as in more than a year has been sitting in the Vestre Prison, anyway, is not to be ext

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 February 2020 Monday 14:00
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Now the hunger-strikers mother still not out

the attorney general has just announced that a 46-year-old mother of two, as in more than a year has been sitting in the Vestre Prison, anyway, is not to be extradited to south Africa on Wednesday.

It tells the woman's defence lawyer Henrik Stagetorn to Ekstra Bladet.

Kristine Misane is a Latvian citizen, but has since december 2018, has been remanded in custody in Denmark, after she in may of the same year raised out of south Africa with its today four-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.

It happened in the middle of a dispute with the woman's ex-husband, who is the father of the youngest child, and despite the fact that a south african court had decided that none of the parents had to take the child out of the country.

It did Kristine Misane anyway, and during a stopover caught up in the Copenhagen Airport 9. december 2018, she was arrested on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued by the south african authorities.

the Page has Misanes children stayed with her sister in Latvia, and her fate has been left to a tug-of-war between Denmark, south Africa and Latvia.

Before Monday's latest development in case the plan has been that the south african cops on Wednesday to accompany Kristine Misane for trial and imprisonment in south Africa. This, despite the fact that Friday is the court hearing on the woman in the court of appeal.

She is the entire twice been released by a judge in the district court. First time - in november reversed the district court byrettens decision.

30. January released a judge in the Copenhagen city Court pronounced upon the woman, and justified the release by the disproportion between the punishment, she risks in south Africa, and the duration of the imprisonment of more than 420 days.

Prosecutor Anders Larsson appealed on the ground the decision to The high Court. And the reaction got a suspensive effect. Kristine Misane was therefore led back to the cell to wait for the high court's decision, while Police until now has held to an agreement with the south african authorities to allow the extradition to happen two days before Friday's decision.

It was Friday, Kristine Misane, in protest to go on hunger strike.

- the Kids have it terrible. It has my sister of course says the prisoner's sister, Marite Batraka, to Ekstra Bladet.

Kristine Misane has for several years been living in both Mozambique and south Africa. She fled in may 2018 from south Africa and has, among other things, in the court explained, that she travelled out of south Africa with his son, and the daughter of fear for the daughter's south african father, who was violent. He had a restraining order against to seek out the woman, but would have full custody of their common child.

- It he did not, and now my sister in jail without her children, says Marite Batraka.

- She has not seen his daughter in over a year, because the south african authorities have been given both her and her older brother on Interpol's list of wanted terrorists, adding her sister.

the Family has dared to let his son, who has a different father, visit his mother in prison.

And the probation has been friendly to allow Skypesamtaler, notes Henrik Stagetorn, that does not put the hide on, that he considers the whole of a big part of the course for the crazy.

- She has been in prison longer in Denmark than the punishment, she would typically be sentenced in south Africa. It has the Copenhagen city Court recognized by adopting a decision to release her, which the prosecution then has the ditch. Of course, it is very grueling for my client, who have believed that now she was going to be released, and it was she as not yet.

Kristine Misane have even wanted to be extradited for prosecution in Latvia.

- But it is contrary to the law, because her actions maximum will be able to provide three months ' imprisonment in Lithuania. Therefore Lithuania should not be allowed to take over the case, says Stagetorn.

the extradition proceedings have reached at the level of government and the Lithuanian parliament sent in January a prayer to the Christiansborg palace.

She fought for her child and her safety, she was subjected to violence, humiliation and exploitation.... Kristine is a Lithuanian citizen, as we have not been able to protect, has former minister of health Anda Čakša according to the Latvian media the said.

on Monday, Denmark's ambassador in Riga, Flemming Stender, was summoned to a meeting in the Latvian ministry of foreign affairs on the matter. Denmark is encouraged to respect human rights, demonstrated, according to the Ritzau of the press release from the Latvian ministry of foreign affairs.

- We urge the united kingdom to have special attention paid to her health condition, according to Monday's press release.

The initial decision on extradition was taken by the attorney general in april last year.

the Authority has found the conditions in south african detention facilities satisfactory enough, even though the prison is infamous for a number of critical matters, including violence, deaths and space problems.

the attorney general has, however, according to Ritzau several times been in contact with the authorities in south Africa and have been given the declarations that Kristine Misane will not be subjected to degrading treatment.

the Head of the prisons in the Guateng province, Thakane Grace Molatedi, must have insured the attorney general that there will be at least 4,4 square meters to the Latvian woman, if she is placed in a fællescelle with 17 others.

in Addition, are the prisoners under constant supervision, when they eat and exercise.

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