Now she changes practices after datakoks

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Now she changes practices after datakoks

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 January 2020 Thursday 15:00
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Now she changes practices after datakoks

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- It had been natural that we had been told that there was internal disagreement about the risk.

It says Stephanie Lose (V), international architects in the Region of southern denmark, in an interview with Ekstra Bladet, according to the newspaper in recent weeks has revealed that the civil service in the region failed to provide key information to policy makers in datakokset at Lillebælt Hospital.

It is about the case where all the Region of Southern denmark the 26,000+ employees and partners, also abroad, contrary to the law, have had access to over 500,000 patients ' social security numbers and hjerteoplysninger.

There must be a new practice to, so the politicians in the future will be better informed when the citizens ' data has not been protected well enough, recognizing international architects Stephanie Lose now. Photo: Ernst van Norde

the Case has caused several politicians up in the red field, when Ekstra Bladet has presented them to new information in the case, as the management has informed them about.

Among other things, I believe a member of the region executive committee Morten Weiss Petersen (C), that there are huge mistakes in the case. For example, he has previously said to Ekstra Bladet:

- I have been in local politics for 22 years, and I remember not to remember a case where the key information has been omitted, he has said with regard to the management among other things, failed to tell the politicians that the Region of Southern denmark own databeskyttelsesrådgiver was totally disagree with the risk assessment, the politicians were presented.

In the risk assessment, it appeared that the risk that patients ' information was leaked into the wrong hands was the 'absolute minimum', while databeskyttelsesrådgiveren, which are employed to advise the region in such cases, had the opposite view, since the employee considered the risk for the patients as being high.

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Now take Stephanie Lose, which has the ultimate political responsibility, the leaf to his mouth and says, to the Region of southern denmark on the basis of Ekstra revelations - in the future, inform the politicians when databeskyttelsesrådgiverens advice is not being followed.

- It is an agreement I have made with regionsdirektør, Jane Kraglund, in the aftermath of the case.

in Addition to the internal disagreement on the risk assessment showed that neither of the administration's orientation by the politicians that the region had not lived up to the authorities logningskrav. The Region of southern denmark has therefore not be able to say whether the greater amount of sensitive personal information has been downloaded of the such as the it-criminals.

Here will Stephanie Lose not, however, answer whether the management is also committed error by not giving the politicians the information.

I can not assess on the spur of the moment, says regionrådsformanden.

What do we know about the case


during the year

the Database is created as a handy tool that is fast and easy for health professionals to use. But who is not admitted to the normal security which, for example, logging in the large database.


during the year

An unknown employee informs on an unknown date in 2018, the Region of Southern denmark databeskyttelsesrådgiver about the error.

18. may

Databeskyttelsesrådgiveren inform the chief executive officer, regionsdirektør Jane Kraglund on the matter. Databaseadgangen will be closed 23. may 2018, and 1. June notify the Region of southern denmark the case to the Danish data protection agency.

1. June

despite the fact that identity theft was a 'probable consequence', it was never the plan to inform the public. It is apparent from the notification to the Danish data protection agency.

6. October

the Region maintains that the public does not need to know, as 'representations to the public will make both employees and patients unnecessary stress,' it is evident from the region's statement.

19. december

the Danish data protection agency said in criticism of the Region of southern denmark.

You can read the entire decision of the Dpa including:

the Decision (PDF)
the Decision (Text)

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Updated: 30.01.2020 15:00


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