New laws from today: Now, it gets harder to be a pedophile

When the danes turn their eyes up to a new decade, comes a series of laws and rules in force for the first time. Extra Magazine has compiled a list of the mai

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 January 2020 Wednesday 01:00
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New laws from today: Now, it gets harder to be a pedophile

When the danes turn their eyes up to a new decade, comes a series of laws and rules in force for the first time.

Extra Magazine has compiled a list of the main legislative changes with the entrance to the S-the government's first full year of life.

new year - new love

Pedophiles will get it harder

People with paedophile tendencies get the harder in Denmark from today. More will get the so-called exclusion order and be greeted with the surprise inspections, where among other things, they can be exposed for examination of their belongings in order to find illegal material.

it also gives the police the opportunity to inform local clubs, sports clubs and swimming pools etc. if pedophiles. The new rules will come into force from the 1. January.

more Expensive cigarettes

a Great many danes have a more expensive 2020. From 1. april is increasing the price of cigarettes to 55 dollars for a package.

Two years after the will finanslovens tax increases will be fully phased-in, and the price will be 60 dollars for a package.

Seniorpension to the furthest knoklende

Arne is still waiting on The pension to the particular rundown. But the danes, who have been long in the labour market, can from today obtain the right to the so-called seniorpension, which is to be introduced for persons who have a work capacity at a maximum of 15 hours weekly and have been on the labour market in 20-25 years.

Met a number of other requirements, you can leave the labour market six years before the time and get seniorpension, until pension age is reached.

Channels goes to black

A number of elements of the new medieforlig shall enter into force from today. It means big changes for the Danish tv and radio.

Spareplanerne for DR means that the DR3 and DR Ultra closes with a traditional tv signal, and instead only be sent digitally. DR2 and DR K are now a common culture - and samfundskanal.

in Addition, closing the P7 Mix.

Caravans must give the gas

If you are early afoot, and must have the camper out to fastliggerpladsen, you can several places in the country stepping on the accelerator from today.

On selected countries and expressways must in future run 80 instead of 70 km/h. The rules also apply for trucks and cars with trailer.

Available to get it easier

in the Future, it becomes easier to be idle.

A rule, where the unemployed at least once a week to check job postings on Jobnet, is from the today discarded. Before the have available was to check the Jobnet every seventh day in order not to be removed from the job center and miss out on unemployment benefits in a period of time.

the Mint-law in place

Shortly before christmas was a new law passed in Parliament, which ensures the 83 children a residence permit in Denmark. Including Mint from Thailand, who for a period was discharged to his asian country of birth, even though her family lives in northern Jutland.

It is the so-called integrationsvurdering, which is now dropped with retroactive effect, so also Mint and the other stricken children get the pleasure of regelændringen.

Nursing homes get doctors

From this year, it is a requirement that there are regular doctors at all care centers in Denmark.

the System reads at 100 million. crowns to the phase-in, to ensure that older people avoid hospital admissions and better care locally to be able to get to the real doctor, who at the same time cooperate with the staff.

Muggers will get harder punishment

the Criminals to a lesser extent, the imposed community service, and to a greater extent to be put in prison.

It is the result of justice minister Nick Hækkerups change in the law from October. The scheme has been fiercely criticized by bl.a. Fængselsforbundet, since there are space constraints in the Danish prisons. But regelændringen enters still in force today.

sources: Ritzau,,, TV2, DR

Photos: Ritzau Scanpix, Mads Bølcho, Claus Bonnerup, Colourbox, Private

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