New Danish EM-accidents: - It does not look good

METZ (Ekstra Bladet): Magnus Landin got treatment after the game and did not come out, so the owner of the læderede big toe can't explain themselves. Nikolaj J

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 January 2020 Saturday 15:00
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New Danish EM-accidents: - It does not look good

METZ (Ekstra Bladet): Magnus Landin got treatment after the game and did not come out, so the owner of the læderede big toe can't explain themselves. Nikolaj Jacobsen does not know the world – but so much so that:

- It does not look good! I can't say more. I don't think it is a break, but I can't say it with certainty. I have to say, that if it should be the case, then we are really challenged, says national coach

Who should you call in?

- Well, I have only Emil Jakobsen from GOG in 28 mandstruppen.

Magnus Landin was injured in a duel with Harald Reinkind shortly before the break. The wing sank in pain, took the right shoe and limped out together with the physiotherapist. Already sitting Lasse Svan out as a spectator with an injured shoulder, and Rasmus Lauge are at least incapacitated for a week with a lægskade.

And there is only a hard week for EM starts for Denmark!

Denmark beat Norway, without the teams played itself out. 28-26 preening in the statistics, and the national coach had tested the part, and much could have looked nicer if the team had not been challenged to a smooth halgulv on Thursday evening and had to cut an hour of training in a gymnasiehal a little outside of the city.

- yesterday was training destroyed, because we could not stand firm. The floor was too smooth, so all we should have been tested in game to two goals with a defence/angrebsudskiftninger and so on, that we had not tried, says Nikolaj Jacobsen regretful.

- But I got a lot out of the fight. Actually, I think we basically cover the well up. All four inside partnered at the back makes it good, and so we've Jannick Green, who was the retti’, retti’ good.

we Can tighten it slightly?

- Set a retti’ more in!

You are well old footballer. Nikolaj Jacobsen puts a perfect inside on the ball and sends it straight into the arms of Jannick Green. The grip he also... Photo: Stéphane Pillaud/Ritzau Scanpix

Jannick Green was clocked for 21 saves and powerful 45 percent.

- It does, of course, that things look a little different when we have a goalie who is as well. We burn many open chances, so even if Jannick wins målmandsduellen clear såeh...

- But I also think we're giving Norway too many balls. There are too many errors. There are plenty of things to work with yet, and angrebsmæssigt we can also see that there is a long way.

Morten Olsen seemed not so enthusiastic?

- No, Morten was not good today. But... We have only trained once with the full squad, and on Thursday was ruined by the floor.

What do you think overall?

- It is some strange matches, because we stand and meet each other in a mellemrunde, so we have not fully opened up for godteposen yet.

What have you saved?

- I will not say.

No, I know. But in general terms...

- We have not shown all things, and we are happy that we still have something back, says national coach and reveals that Niklas Landin is not standing full match on Sunday.

Niklas just saved a bit, so they each get a half on Sunday.

he Has problems?

- No, he'll just have a little peace.

Jannick Green was a great battle against Norway, and also play a half against France, because Niklas Landin needs to be saved. Photo: Stéphane Pillaud/Ritzau Scanpix

Jannick Green is from Lemvig and frugal with adjectives. It should you know, when the 31-year-old with a wry smile said:

- I think it was good!

You take the both sentences, completely free check over and the other completely open chances...

- How it is sometimes, when you just hit it. It was one of those days where you just when to touch the ball, and then smoke it on to the post and away. Other days it goes into. I'm particularly happy that I get hold of some of the shoots out from behind, because it gives security to the defense.

It gives you a boost before the european championship?

- of Course it does. It's damn always nice to go into the finals with a good feeling, even though it was only the first step in the day. We have also just a fight against some frenchmen on Sunday...

- But it means a lot, and I think it does, no matter how many times you have been with, says Jannick Green.

Handball - 2. jan. 2020 - pm. 18:19 EM-shock: the Danish profile injured during training

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