New DR-series: It is dødssygt!

Reviews - 12. jun. 2019 - at. 19:31 mind-boggling! 'Other' makes it damn again Premiereafsnittet on a tv series is often a difficult and thankless size, whe

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
02 February 2020 Sunday 16:00
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New DR-series: It is dødssygt!

Reviews - 12. jun. 2019 - at. 19:31 mind-boggling! 'Other' makes it damn again

Premiereafsnittet on a tv series is often a difficult and thankless size, where one of the foremost functions is to introduce us to the universe, the themes, and not least the people, maybe we should spend the next many hours along with. I say purposely, perhaps, even more importantly, in the first section it is, of course, that we all get the urge to see more.

It must therefore serve as both the introduction and appetizer. None of the parts succeed particularly compelling in the DR's new søndagsseriesatsning 'When the dust has settled'.

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With a terrorist attack as the focal point, it will according to the people behind it like to be 'a series about the fabric that connects us, the choices we face in life and the actions that can split us apart'. Unfortunately was not particularly well together.

the attack Itself so we only in very short bursts from a restaurant, and so was the time otherwise the wound nine days left, and we pretty patchy, was presented for six of the eight persons, which we must follow in the run up to, during, and after (one must surmise) the terrorist act to which we at this point in the story do not know either the extent of or motivation behind.

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The people are: the Country's civil minister of justice, Elisabeth (Karen-Lise Mynster), who turns out to be more concerned about its own reputation than of the real problems. The plumber Morten (as Jacob Lohmann), who along with his wife are fighting a seemingly futile battle to keep teenagesønnen drug-free. Plejehjemsbeboeren William (Henning Jensen), who just want to have an end to it all. Eight-year-old Marie (Viola Martinsen), who suffers from anxiety. Jamal (Arian Kashef), who want to free themselves from his tyrannical older brother and chef Nicholas (Peter Christoffersen), who like to use unfair methods in the pursuit of their own success.

In the coming sections we also meet the homeless Ginger (Katinka Lark-Petersen) and the singer Lisa (Malin Crépin). All bases shown will also be covered.

Reviews - 8. oct. 2018 - at. 20:45 TV2's new crime series is a knockout to DR

It almost goes without saying that we in the course of a single hour only could reach to scratch them into the surface, but I also have seen next week's title - may well reveal that, even with a film available failed to get things to hang together better. The script seems at once both clumsy, contrived and strange overpædagogisk.

On the way, where you so clearly perceive the intentions behind the - 'we would like to say something about the Danish history and the world we live in the here and now' - that it completely goes beyond the dramatic power and sympathetic insight. It is all honour, that you not only want to provide empty calories and pastime, but therefore you do not need to talk down to people.

the Story can of course reach to correct themselves along the way, but after this thin attack, I doubt honestly, how many viewers hanging on in the future, in spite of the perfect time.

not at all, when there are so many better bid just a single click away. In the past, to the almost guaranteed high viewing figures, when you had the screen on Sunday night from the bell 20 to 21, but it is far from longer. Patience can be a virtue, if you have the feeling that the later will be rewarded. It was not the case. And so it is that cool nordic look - as has been the DR's trademark honest, also be a little worn in the cover.

Medv.: Karen-Lise Mynster, Jacob Lohmann, Henning Jensen, Viola Martinsen m.fl.

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