More than 8000 victories: He is the most winning sportsman

In honor of Birger Jørgensen's 40 years of trænerkarriere - comes straight from 2016 again! Congratulations to the most winning sportsman. --------- SPLIT EL

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 January 2020 Saturday 20:00
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More than 8000 victories: He is the most winning sportsman

In honor of Birger Jørgensen's 40 years of trænerkarriere - comes straight from 2016 again! Congratulations to the most winning sportsman.

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the Extra Leaf has directed and led. There is not a Danish elitesportsmand, who have tasted the sweetness more times than travkusken Birger Jørgensen. Over 8000 times he has steered the horses ' muzzle first on the finish line. Here beats the 58-year-old Aarhus-the coachman down at the five highlights in his career

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The first

I won with Sonny, Senator in 1975. I had been 18 years of age and was licensed in august, and I won the first victory in the new year. I was at the beginning of Harald Lund right after I was done with elementary school, and at the time I was a third party in the barn. It will say that the first was Harald Lund køreturene, and then it was Martin Lund and Anders Jensen. At the time I had trained so many horses, so I I had a much better feel for it than the young, who will be allowed to be with in the day, when they become 16 years of age. I had learned a lot from the other two staldmænd and had run over 1000 workouts.

There is pt. five horses on Birger Jørgensen's træningsliste. More time, when he is to run three-four times a week. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

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The main

My first derbysejr in 1988. It was a special feeling, and the victory with Lancelot Broholm is the one that means the most to me. I have won other storløb as Opdrætningsløbet and Travkriterium, but the biggest fireårsløb – it means something extra, and then it was a horse that I trained. There were many people at the Charlottenlund trotting track, and the derby is the year's biggest race. There are many things that need to succeed, and it was a horse that came out of nowhere. I do not believe that it had earned over 100,000 dollars, when it won the derby. I don't believe it could happen today, where competition is fierce, and the horses are more gennemtrænede, but then should the shape be in the top of the day, and then you had to have a little racing luck. The subsequent shot we a little above the target and traveled to the nordic derby in Finland.

Birger Jørgensen has won Denmark's biggest run – travderbyet – two times. It was exactly 25 years since the victory of Lancelot Broholm, he ran a Stand And Deliver for the victory. Photo: Lasse Jespersen

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The funniest

A category that I have suffered difficult to relate to, when there are 8000 victories to choose from. I choose, my victory in the WORLD cup for Travkuske in Norway in 2009. In a series over several days, the aim is to have lodtrækningsheld, when the horses are spread, and then the others kvaje themselves. It was fine, that it succeeded, and it meant a lot to me that I the year was also the Year Idrætsnavn in Aarhus. There I was after all up against all the serious and talented people from the city, so it is also a title that carries weight. When it is said, then a WORLD cup victory for the travkuske not like most other sports. For example, in cycling it is the rider themselves, but in the travsporten I'm just a small part of it. Without the horse, I'm indifferent.

In 1999 won by Birger Jørgensen, Ekstra Rigschampionat.

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The controversial

When I won the european championships in 1989 and drove the competition a whole week in Finland. The last day was two of my horses out, and I was instead assigned to two reserveheste. It is usually horses, not even can be used to fill the fields up, but just the day I was number two with both reserves. By a second EM I was a leader in sidstedagen in London. I have learned from the competitions, there usually is taken little account of the draw of the horses to the home-the carter, but it had organizers in London did not mind, and I got so many bad horses in the day. So I can at least say that Billund Trav has not cheated.

Birger Jørgensen's workplace in cannes with view to the horses rear end. Photo: Martin Lehmann

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I received not

When Flemming Jensen won the Golden Cup-the race and guldbarren to 250.00 dollars in 2011. I was plowed down in the first turn of the then young Michael Holmer. My horse galloped, but we came back and were beaten right at the finish line by Flemming Jensen. There was no extra premium to another-the coachman, so the money they flew straight out in the air. Michael Holmer came out as a young driver and was unprepared. He had no sense of time and place. He was not dressed to run on as many money. But luckily I have survived the loss.

Denmark's largest two-year: Opdrætningsløbet have Birger Jørgensen won seven times. In 1997, it was with C Clothing Frøkjær, which is one of the best horses, as the Aarhus-the driver has sat behind the. Photo: Burt Seeger

Not all days are equally fun, when you are travkusk. The washing machine comes extensively into use. Photo: Lasse Jespersen

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