Missed the millions in the Lion's den: - Lightning struck

Louise Holm appeared on Thursday evening up on the screen in the 'Lion's den', where she pitched the company SalesStyling of the five potential investors in

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 04:00
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Missed the millions in the Lion's den: - Lightning struck

Louise Holm appeared on Thursday evening up on the screen in the 'Lion's den', where she pitched the company SalesStyling of the five potential investors in the DR program.

impressed, she the lions, with the company, as decorate homes to make them ready for sale, with the purpose that they quickly become sold. Mia Wagner bed, and after cut-throat negotiations, the two cooperation. I am Louise Holm, who had just hoped on the Freeway-the director.

- of course I had a hope to get an investment home, and I would most like to have, that it would be from Mia. But I also had an expectation that I would not go far down in the valuation, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

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Louise Holm left, however, far from the 'Lion's den' with the appointment, she asked for when she first stepped in front of the lions.

Here she asked 650.000 dollars for ten percent of the company. The valuation of 6.5 million. crowns, however, was a piece from Mia Wagner's subsequent offer of 1.4 million. crowns of 50 percent of the SalesStyling.

After reflection chose Louise Holm to accept the offer, even if it so meant that she had to compromise with the valuation, and accept a reduction of $ 3.7 million. crowns. The decision she has not regretted to this day.

As I stood there, I got just a feeling, as I have only had one once before, and that was when I decided to start SalesStyling. I just got a call, and when I was going to go for me even to think of it though, I felt, actually, that I couldn't think. But that beat just a bolt of lightning came down in me.

- It was just so strong a feeling, and I thought that it was now or never. I would never get the chance again, and today I am just so happy for the decision. I have it very good with it, " says Louise Holm.

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Louise Holm impressed the lions and got Mia Wagner aboard. Photo: Per Arnesen/DR

the Entrepreneur affirms that it for her was not about the money, which she also said in the program.

I had, of course, even money, and I have been good to build a healthy and sustainable business. I knew that I would still have money for my ambitions, even though I came out without an investment. It was more about getting together with a group of talented people that I probably would never get the opportunity to collaborate with otherwise, she says.

Since filming is a part of the money has already been invested. Louise Holm tells that SalesStyling among other things, has opened a warehouse in Jutland, so you are going to be stronger in the part of the country, while also have closed agreements with two major businesses.

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Therefore expect the 'Lion's den'-the participant that there is going to be busy in the near future, and, therefore, she also, she has been a part of the Freeway group of companies.

- Now you are not alone, and I don't know how many times they have said: 'We solve it', and then they have just made it. So it has been quite the game great for me, when there have been challenges.

- It has been wild to go from being ordinary entrepreneur to come into their office, where I have been welcomed, and so they have just moved. They listen to me, and then they come at the same time with the sickest sparring, she says.

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Louise Holm, who is a trained real estate agent, has two children with her husband, who also is self-contained and therefore know what it takes to get started in a business. It was a big support for her in the beginning, when she decided to create his company.

When I was a realtor, I could just feel that I irked me that people did not do more to get the best out of the images. It was often a bit random, and it was too bad. It is a bit like selling a car, as you do not run in the wash-bay first.

I could see that there was more activity, and it was easier to sell when there was made something out of it, and taken some nice pictures, " she says.

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beside her daily work she started to contact various real estate agents and got the agreements back home, as she did with the furniture from his own living room. Slowly getting more and more orders, and so began the SalesStyling to run away.

- I've worked so insanely hard, but I did not think about that. It was just something that came naturally. But when I look back, I can see that it is running directly from the watch, and in addition to agreements with real estate agents or for lectures in the banks, it has been the game hard. But it has also been worth it, she rolls fast.

Now see Louise Holm forward to the future, where she, along with the Freeway-the group should try to develop the company even more.

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