Miserably - historically poor result

MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): They looked like dead fish in the eyes, as they went to break. Nikolaj Jacobsen shook irritated on the head, while he with a healthy step

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 January 2020 Wednesday 22:00
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Miserably - historically poor result

MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): They looked like dead fish in the eyes, as they went to break. Nikolaj Jacobsen shook irritated on the head, while he with a healthy step, as the first man rapidly marched across the floor in the Malmö Arena, where 7000 danes in periods had it just as merrily as to a 100th birthday – but still got a little party out of it.

But EM ended almost before it had begun. Miserably!

Denmark was at the break behind 12 to 15 against a Russian national team that measured the abilities of the running as a burnt out Lada. But with more power in the morale than a bunch of danes, who, less than a year ago was hailed as the world champions and håndboldens answers on a Ferrari.

the Setting and the game was kicked a few cru up after the break, and Denmark won, however, EM's last battle against the russians with 31-28. They went 20-17, the russians scored three in the rap, and the crowd screamed at - MORTEN OLSEN.

He had not been on the field yet. Denmark punched a new hole in the three ten minutes before the time and got one win with home from Malmö. Pauvert.

A plaster on the wound? No, not really, well? Not when the whole body is burned, and pride and collective self-esteem is affected by the paralysis.

This reporter has since the european championship in 1996 experienced many mistrøstige finals provided by a Danish herrelandshold. But it is 15 years since the last regular disaster at the WORLD cup in Portugal, and NEVER before has it happened that a team has been sent out of the finals after just two matches!

There have been organized many flugtruter in the huj and the haste with Polish kuldampere and egyptian kamelkaravaner home from the finals in the past, where's aircraft met the DHF's board of directors and sponsors in the air approx. of the city of Paris. But the last 18 years since the european championship-bronze in Sweden, there has every time been the legitimate expectations of the national team.

at that Time, Nikolaj Jacobsen himself was playing, it was a size that fought hard just to qualify for the finals tournament. This time took the Spare just to have onduleret Norway and France in Metz and Paris. They came as defending olympic champions, world champions - as the world's best national team.

Unfortunately, not with the world's best zest, spark and ignition. Assistant coach Henrik Kronborg said it before the match against the russians, as the Island still led over Hungary, and that was not put in the oven for a Danish national team in struggle for a position as number 13, 14, or 19 of EM.

- We must also say that there are things in our game and in our attitude, which should be significantly better than in the other matches. It is not something that comes by itself, and we need to be very conscious that we must have changed, said Henrik Kronborg.

It was not just to see, since a bunch of disheartened players began the warm-up, while the ecstatic Hungarian fans cheered as furious with Roland Mikler as an obvious center of attention.

Mads Mensah shakede right hands with klubkammeraten Alexander Petersson. Sorry mate!

- Sorry guys, said Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson and shook her 40-year-old head in mixedzone after Iceland's collapse against Hungary.

We hit the wall. I'm a little shocked and very disappointed, we had a great opportunity for a good starting point, and we wanted to take Denmark with us on. The Danish spectators were absolutely amazing. It was touching to see and hear them support us before and during the match.

We say thank you...

’Dream, win, remember,’ saith the EM's slogan. When we even when out in the future – and Nikolaj Jacobsen says that it comes... - so there is not much good to remember January 2020. At least not in combination with resins and medals!

This EM, you can safely call an under-performance, which will something. The fans were even up to stand to the last. They love the national team!

Medlidenheden go to the many, who have bought tickets for the four matches in the mellemrunden.

it is To be hoped, they may like to see handball...

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Handball - 15. jan. 2020 - pm. 20:55 - I am insanely sorry
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