Minister: 55.000 Danish home should scrap the stove

Up to 55.000 stoves in the homes should be scrapped and replaced by new ones. In any case, if it is to the minister for the environment Lea Wermelin (S), whic

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
06 February 2020 Thursday 06:00
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Minister: 55.000 Danish home should scrap the stove

Up to 55.000 stoves in the homes should be scrapped and replaced by new ones.

In any case, if it is to the minister for the environment Lea Wermelin (S), which has sent a new legislative proposal in the consultation on the replacement of old wood stoves upon transfer of ownership of housing.

the reason is that too many old stoves according to the authorities, blow dangerous particles into the air. The particles cause shorter life expectancy and increases the risk of serious diseases.

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the Bill was sent out for consultation yesterday and will mean that if in the future, buying homes with a wood burning stove from before 2003, it must now be changed within 12 months of ownership.

- dying Each year, thousands of danes prematurely of air pollution. We know that wood-burning stoves, a large part of the pollution with harmful particles which may provide both cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. With the bill we are taking a first step toward cleaner air at home, says minister for the environment Lea Wermelin in a press release.

It is planned that the ejerskifteordningen to enter into force in 2021.

With the new rules, required home buyers to inform, on which stands an old wood-burning stove from before 2003 in the home they have purchased, when they sign the deed.

- We need to combat air pollution, both in big cities and on the villavejene in all parts of the country. Therefore, we now check for the older stoves because they emit up to five times as many particles as a new stove, says the minister in a press kit.

- We ask as a requirement, that there must be a change of ownership. In this way, we replaced for newer and less polluting stoves. Much of the air pollution in Denmark comes from abroad, so we're not going in the goal, but we are addressing the big challenge, as air pollution is, she continues.

Not all homeowners will with the naked eye could observe or demonstrate their newly acquired wood burning stove is from before or after 2003.

In the case, will the home owner have to pay in order to obtain a statement from the chimney.

the chimney sweep Keld Lützhøft Jensen has difficult to estimate what such a place costs.

- Some of the times will be roughly understood, could be dealt with by a telephone conversation, other times it would be done with a visit, which is settled out from the time, says Keld Lützhøft Jensen.

- Other times we have installation listed in a register, and so it is very simple and cheap to establish skorstenens age, he says.

the Declaration from the chimney will according to the minister subsequently had to be sent to the environmental protection Agency together with other relevant documentation, so the environmental protection Agency can decide on whether the stove is covered by the scheme.

the Proposal is Thursday, aroused great debate among, for example, Added the Magazine's readers.

- What about the minister stopped all the world's wildfires? She is the head aware of how much they pollute, and how much burn that fizzle out, and what about Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway and Finland. where a very large portion of the population fires with firewood, not to talk about Russia, writes reader Erik Karlsen.

- The Danish stoves have the head of again importance, of the particles that are sent up from every quarter, they can't even be measured on a worldwide scale There is no vision and no common sense. he believes.

It is estimated that there is a total of approx. 700.000 stoves in Denmark.

the Ministry expects there to be replaced in 12,000 stoves in the first year of the new regime. It is expected with a degree of uncertainty, that there comes 55.000 replacements as a result of the law over a 10-year period.

An old wood-burning stove pollutes up to five times as much as a modern oven. It will therefore be of great importance for the total Danish particle pollution, to the oldest wood-burning stoves to be replaced.

the Scheme be assessed with a degree of uncertainty to mean that there will be 6,000 tonnes fewer particles in the course of ten years.

Stoves, masseovne, antique wood stoves, open fireplaces etc. is exempt from the ejerskifteordningen.

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