Millions go wasted: Here is Margrethe spøgelsesslot

the Curtains are drawn and the lights are switched off in Sorgenfri Slots to the main building, which has been devoid of people, a quarter of a century, after C

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 January 2020 Wednesday 12:00
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Millions go wasted: Here is Margrethe spøgelsesslot

the Curtains are drawn and the lights are switched off in Sorgenfri Slots to the main building, which has been devoid of people, a quarter of a century, after Caroline Mathilde passed away in 1995.

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Thus displays most of the operating costs, which are in the millions, out in the blue air, and at the same time the local community in the Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality in the spring in order to be allowed to make use of the castle.

Sorgenfri Slot has a variety of additions that have been made available to, among other royal relatives and servants of the court. Photo. Aleksander Klug

- It is too bad, " says 39-year-old Martin Lion Bregnved, who are out for a stroll with wife and dog park behind the castle this decemberdag.

Lyngby-citizen believes that one should get the municipality's housing shortage to life, by redirecting the castle.

- I have good reasons never been in there, because it is closed to the public, so I don't know the options exactly, but there are many single mothers and fathers looking for accommodation, and it is virtually impossible to find anything, he says.

Martin Lion Bregnved calls on the minister to restructure the Sorgenfri Slot to the housing and allow the single mothers and fathers to move into. Photo: Aleksander Klug

According to the so-called civillistelov has queen Margrethe of denmark absolutely free of charge-possession of six of the state's properties, including Sorgenfri Slot, but neither the minister, or her two sons, Frederik and Joachim, and their families have lived in the castle.

In recent years, Margrethe ii as the head of the family instead helped the house-hunting relatives and paid staff in the court by making the home available in one of tilbygningerne.

For example, lived her cousin princess Elisabeth for a number of years until his death last year in the so-called Damefløj, while crown prince Frederik's chauffeur has resided in another building.

Neither the royal family or the Slots - and the Danish agency for culture want to disclose, whether the many outbuildings being used, but at Ekstra castle tour in december indicated that several outbuildings were empty.

Here is the Sorgenfri Slot 1 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 2 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 3 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 4 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 5 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 6 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 7 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 8 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug 9 of 9 Photo: Aleksander Klug

At the castle meetings of st John Kofoed, who, together with his association the expedition group in Lyngby-Taarbæk for men over 60 as some of the few lucky ones have been allowed to make use of a few of the empty rooms in an annex that day.

well-Known around Denmark: Here is Margrethe's many properties.

The 79-year-old retiree turned up in good time, together with the association's secretary and the only female member, Kate Madsen, to prepare for the annual christmas party.

John Kofoed and his association for men over 60 has been allowed to use Marineforeningens premises at Sorgenfri Castle to hold their annual christmas party this year. Photo: Aleksander Klug

John Kofoed hope that more like him and his association can get permission to make use of Sorgenfri Slot.

- Use the castle or tear it down, " says John Kofoed, while he puts julebajerne on the keel in a well-equipped kitchen.

the Emptiness in Sorgenfri Slot is economic nonsense.

Ekstra aktindsigter in the Slots and Kulturstyrelsens expenditure to Sorgenfri Slot shows that it costs in the region of one and a half million dollars a year to operate the castle, the garden and its outbuildings.

It costs Sorgenfri Slot

the Royal family only need to pay for the heating in the time, as they stay on the statsslottene, and for the interior maintenance.

The two costs are in the royal family's annual report, determined as the total amount of all the castles respectively 3.093.572 crowns and 829.974 dollars in 2018.

Below are listed the Slots and Kulturstyrelsens expenses for the operation of Sorgenfri Slot:


1.188.965 crowns

1.365.299 crowns

1.812.000 crowns


144.863 crowns

114.027 crowns

148.491 crowns

Pengespildet regret, Kate Madsen, who has lived in Kongens Lyngby his entire life.

- It is empty and the heating is on anyway. It must be - the operation of the castle is expensive at all.

- Use it for something!

- It should be used for something cultural such as theatre performances, she believes.

the Royal family do not want to comment on the article.

Kate Madsen is royalist, but believe nevertheless that the queen should take Sorgenfri Slot in use or let take up considerable culture consuming it. Photo: Aleksander Klug

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