Million-game of Zlatan: the Wife will back

See also: 34-year-old sports journalist, died on christmas eve It had to be quite certain that Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns for AC Milan. the Shift had to be

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
27 December 2019 Friday 13:00
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Million-game of Zlatan: the Wife will back

See also: 34-year-old sports journalist, died on christmas eve

It had to be quite certain that Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns for AC Milan.

the Shift had to be driven by the Italian team suddenly become more Zlatan-needy after the club was taken over 5-0 by Atalanta in the last match before the winter break. It was the club's biggest league defeat in 21 years, and therefore they seek an even greater degree against the club's last major attack.

It writes Italian Corriere Della Sera.

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The 38-year-old swede came by to Italian football, when he switched to the just Milan in 2010, after multiple conflicts with Pep Guardiola in Barcelona.

In Zlatans triumphant return to støvlelandet be able to AC Milan to end a seven-year mesterskabstørke, while the Swedish star once again could see that the national championships will follow him, as he for the eighth season in a row could be shelf as national champion despite the fact that he, in the same period had been in five different clubs.

the Success has failed to materialize in AC Milan after Zlatan ibrahimovic went to Paris in 2012. Photo: Antonio Calanni/Ritzau Scanpix

It was only for two seasons in Milan, before the club's then-president Silvio Berlusconi ended the lives at the top by sending Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain, where the swede could add a further four championships, while milaneserne ago svenskerens departure has not been in the vicinity of the championship and just a single time have qualified for the Champions League.

The new drought get back to Milan to look in the direction of the swede and he should be convinced of two reasons.

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Zlatans wife Helena Serger may be the way to check for svenskerens next club. Photo: Jean-Paul Pelissier

The common player have not long again on the top, when they have been 38 years old. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not as the majority, and therefore he sees also preferably a longer deal.

AC Milan had initially hoped that Zlatan could be lured with a contract, which ran the spring out, but despite a salary of over 22 million dollars for a half a year's work would the swede not eat of as short a contract.

Milan topped their offer for six months with possibility of extension depending on the played matches and goals in order to make the 38-year-old striker a longer stay in sight. If that was not enough, so get in the club also help of other hand .

According to the Corriere Della Sera is the Italian club is blessed to have an ally very close to the Swedish striker. Zlatans wife Helena Seger looks also very much like that the pair moves back to the Italian modehovedstad.

As a result of the attacker's career has since been passed by the Paris, Manchester and Los Angeles, but it is still in Milan, she would rather see them settle down. The newspaper considers, further, that Helena also rather see their children grow up in Milan.

It might suggest that the couple see their future in Italy rather than Sweden, which probably also is a very good idea at the present time, where Zlatan has made itself very unpopular in his hometown, Malmö, sweden, after he has bought into the Swedish league-rivals from Hammarby.

Tribute sculpture by the Swedish striker in Sweden have certainly been exposed to so blatant vandalism, he now looks like Harry Potter villain lord Voldemort.

the Statue in front of the Malmö FF's football stadium have suffered from Zlatans investment in Hammarby. Photo: Johan Nilsson/Ritzau Scanpix

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