Mcdonalds boss admits: Can see the macabre out

Buy access to watch AGF, Brøndby and FCKs fighting for the Atlantic Cup here. the ALGARVE (Ekstra Bladet): the Task of Carsten V. Jensen has been clear, sinc

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 February 2020 Tuesday 09:00
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Mcdonalds boss admits: Can see the macabre out

Buy access to watch AGF, Brøndby and FCKs fighting for the Atlantic Cup here.

the ALGARVE (Ekstra Bladet): the Task of Carsten V. Jensen has been clear, since he in the summer joined in the oval.

Fodbolddirektøren should weed out the cost and rejuvenate the squad, and he had the large tear on the job.

This has meant that the club has taken leave of the main profiles, too many of them were both older and løntunge. The two best in this season, Kamil Wilczek and Dominik Kaiser, so were also those with the most goals in themselves, but they were sent on to save money and make room for younger leadership.

Carsten V. Jensen moves a bench to go in the sun on the plant in Portugal and put words on the stellar exit.

- It, that hangs together with them all, some are large remuneration packages. They are all with which to burden the economy, so it's all about finding the right moments to make some moves. Here we set the direction for what we need. For many it will look macabre, but conversely, we must lift ourselves up in a helicopter and look at how we get the most out of it and ensure that we go in the direction in which we have expressed, we would like to have, say CV.

- We need to organise ourselves according to the circumstances and the resources that are available. So we can bring Bolton back to where we should be. In relation to both competition and to be competitive.

Brøndby squad is rejuvenated a part in this transfervindue. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

among all Wilczek could have slipped in august, but it was not successful, and he and CV agreed that he would give it a go. It succeeded well, for he managed to send out 17 hits in goals in the premier League.

Then came the opportunity for him, and that we as a club cannot stand in the way. He has delivered in the four seasons, is the all time top scorer for the club and the age of 32 in January. At the same time, we can not reckon with the fact that he scores 17-18 goals per halvsæson. It is very unlikely that it would happen.

- We capitalises on the value that is created and can invest it in the team.

- But I admit that it is from the outside seen can seem as if we are not ambitious, but it is the other way round. We must have the courage to make decisions that hurts now, but helps us in the longer term.

And both Wilczek and Kaiser were sold, which is important. The ghost Teemu Pukki, who went on a free transfer and was the Premier League målmager, haunts still.

- I know there are Mcdonalds people, who have looked far for Pukki. He went free and got success in the Premier League. There was not capitalized at the right time. Then you have to find new money, and it goes not in the length.

As the CV took the reins, it was a declared goal to get more players in, as the club had developed. It is gone quickly with the transition.

Suddenly they take up a third of the squad, and the average age is lowered drastically. We must make ourselves more attractive relative to the market, there is out there. That we have not got the share of the transfers, that is. So we can get the business that gives us the roots to invest further. It is the wheels, which must in time.

- But there is not, therefore, opened a door to the Masterclass. They must deliver the goods.

in Addition to the young people of the club also have players such as Simon Tibbling and Lasse Vigen. Fodbolddirektøren will require more of the two.

CV dropping the old

In the winter trafervindue have said goodbye to a bunch of old guys:

Kamil Wilczek 32 years old

Dominik Kaiser 31 years old

Ante Erceg 30 years

Johan Larsson 29 years

Many of the goals, as you mention, is in the long run, but there are also some goals here and now, f.ex. top 3.

- It may sound totally reverse, that we maintain, that we see ourselves as a top 3 club, while at the same time we are cutting a little from the top. It may not do me any good, that we, as a Brøndby - with the resources we have available to us - say that we want to be number five, six or seven.

- It may well be that we tightens the look up. The self-understanding we must have regardless of whether it looks difficult out.

I have seen people who are worried can you miss the top 6. What do you say to it?

- Well, in essence, people must both reckon with the best and worst case scenario. It is the risk, as anyone who does not have secured such a place, experience. And so we live with.

- But we can say that we have taken some steps, that helps Brøndby in the right direction, regardless of where we finish.

Right now is the club number four with four points up to the AGF in third place. There is just as much down to the square outside the top 6.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Morten Frendrup got debut as a 16-year-old and has now been given an important place at the Brøndby-team. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Seized the opportunity, before the time

He is the youngest debutant in Brøndbys history, and therefore may feel as if he is older than he actually is. In the autumn of got the 18-year-old Morten Frendrup a real breakthrough, for he was with in the last nine matches of the premier League.

With Niels Frederiksen has he a big star because of his wear, and he is one of them, which has grabbed the chance - even before there was made room for someone like him.

- I came up in an early age and learned many of the other players to know. It was natural to take over as Josip (Radosevic, ed.) was injured.

He looked up to Dominik Kaiser, but now he must see the other roads. The first matches the team has fared just fine without Kaiser and Kamil Wilczek,, he says.

- Now, there are others who must step in, and I think we promises us.

Buy access to watch AGF, Brøndby and FCKs fighting for the Atlantic Cup here.

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