Married with Bagedyst-host: It is really a challenge

When author Katrine Engberg puts himself to the keys to write a new crime novel, is it crucial for her to act on something she can relate to in his own life.

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
29 December 2019 Sunday 15:00
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Married with Bagedyst-host: It is really a challenge

When author Katrine Engberg puts himself to the keys to write a new crime novel, is it crucial for her to act on something she can relate to in his own life.

Her latest novel, 'Vådeskud', was released in september, and in the novel is the balance between work and family life a principal theme, it is something that is in the level recorder 44-year-old Katrine Engberg for the time being.

She is married with Timm Vladimir, and together they have a son, Cassius in ten years.

- A vådeskud is a mistake, as do accidental damage, and with the book I had a desire to examine what we can get to do the damage against the ones we love, if they stand in the way of it, we are passionate about, she says.

- I am experiencing itself, that there can be tension between a life with family and routines that must be nurtured, and feeling alive - that is where I can really brand myself.

- For me it's really a challenge to merge the two things together. I think very often, they encounter each other, she says.

Timm Vladimir, together with the 'Bagedyst'-the judges Katrine Foged Thomsen and Markus Grigo. Photo: DR

'Vådeskud' is Katrine Engbergs fourth book in the series about politiassistenterne Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner.

The first book, 'Krokodillevogteren', was released in February 2016, and Katrine Engberg has thus written and published four books in three and a half years.

the Ideas come pouring out of her for the time, but she is struggling to find space for both to write and be present for her husband and son.

- I have a work that requires that I isolate myself very much. Forfattergerningen is introverted in its nature, and I feel incredibly at home in the. I can write a whole day or go out in the city and researching, and I find myself very quickly in a bubble where I have it really nice.

- But in the process I'm all alone and pulls me in principle away from them, I have dear, she says.

Katrine Engberg has been married with Timm Vladimir since 2003.

He is the holder of a madskole and host on the DR's 'The big bagedyst' and have like Katrine Engberg a changing working life.

- The changing working hours can mean that Timm sometimes working from home, like I do, and it is simply disturbing to me that he is there.

- I think it is annoying that I can hear him breathe and make coffee, when I'm sitting in my office in our apartment and write, and it is not at all reasonable. It is so unfair.

- So there clasher it, I'm passionate about, with the one I love, on a very practical level, she says.

When Katrine Engberg has got a hole in a new story, is she so busy to redeem it, that she thinks of the plot and the characters, when she eats dinner with the family and wake up at night to write notes down.

She asked recently forfatterkollegaen Kim Leine, how he manages to be present for his family, when he is deep in his story.

- He said - and this I think was pretty inspiring - that he considered his brain to be a dog that should be brought up. He was simply in the time to train your brain that it should be off at 7.30 to 15, while he was working, and when he free, should the brain like a cute dog sit down and relax with his family.

- It seems I was a fat image, and I think a lot about. I must train my brain that it can accommodate both my work and my family in my everyday life, she says.

Since 'Vådeskud' was released in september, Katrine Engberg been busy over the autumn.

She has been on the bogtour around in Denmark and later in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Austria.

She enjoys to be busy, but she is also starting to say no to the travel and interviews.

- In the course of the past year, I have been forced to choose a lot of work related things from and very actively give priority to my family - or give priority to go for a stroll around the lakes in Copenhagen with my old friend.

- if I start to prioritize very hard in all the work sessions, which is by the side of the writing, so it goes hard in addition to my social life, she says.

over the autumn Katrine Engberg and Timm Vladimir had months where they almost only have said hello and goodbye in the door, because the shift has been at work.

But Katrine Engberg do not feel that the pressure is starting to go out of their marriage.

- It is our blessing that we have both changed careers. Timm was an actor, when we became lovers, and now he madskoleindehaver. I was a dancer and choreographer, and I'm a writer now.

- We have both shifted the track in a way and at a time when we could go down in it, so we understand each other and each other's challenges, she says.

Katrine Engberg is happy to have the momentum as a writer, but when all comes to all, it is family that comes first.

- Right now I enjoy that I can live off of writing, and that there is someone who bother to read what I write. Everything that comes in addition, is fat, but in reality, I have achieved what I wanted.

- I'm still ambitious, and I will smaddergerne be world famous and selling books in Japan, but not if I lose my family along the way. There should be a balance, she says.

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