Married at first sight-Anders has done it before

In 12 years, Anders has Pilemand been single. In recent years he has intensified the hunt for love - the only one. I got divorced when my daughter was three y

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 September 2019 Sunday 11:00
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Married at first sight-Anders has done it before

In 12 years, Anders has Pilemand been single. In recent years he has intensified the hunt for love - the only one.

I got divorced when my daughter was three years old, and the first many years, it was my priority only to her, says the 52-year-old copenhagen, which is now ready for a different kind of tosomhed.

Anders Pilemand had hoped that this time he would find the love in 'Married at first sight'. There is absolutely nothing that suggests that he does. Photo: photo: Nicolas Cosedis

One of the more drastic attempts to find the woman of his life - in addition to daughter - have for Anders Pilemand been to sign up for the DRs kærlighedseksperiment, 'Married at first sight'.

In the year came Anders Pilemand through the tiny needle's eye and was matched with Luna Elmkjær, which is absolutely not his drømmekvinde.

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But alllerede last year tried Pilemand your luck in the 'Married at first sight', can Extra Magazine reveal.

- Yes, it is true. I joined the program last year. The time I reached not so far in the process, which is very extensive, he says.

The lack of a match in 2018 discouraged not Anders Pilemand, who chose to sign up for yet another time, when the DR looked for a new team kærlighedssøgende singles.

Anders Pilemand also tried his luck in the 'Married at first sight' in 2018. Photo: DR
- It was completely over. All the schemas and everything had to be completed on the new, he says and explains that he searched on completely equal footing with more than 600 other hopeful applicants.

It frightened him, not that he had to go through the long match-in process again.

- not at all. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect partner, " says Anders Pilemand, since the week title rolled across the screen has been one of the country's most talked-about and reviled men.

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Also Michael Sommer joined the 'Married at first sight' in 2018.

I was actually close to being married, but my match got cold feet just before. I managed to get a phone call and was told that there was a match to me.....but then she pulled out apparently, says Michael Sommer.

He had actually made up with itself, that it is there to be in the DRs kærlighedseksperiment, it had he tried.

- But then phoned earlier in the year and asked if I would be with again. I just thought why not, says Michael Sommer, who in this season of 'Married at first sight' has been married to Christina 'taxes' Arenholdt Nielsen.

Michael is married to Christina, which, fortunately, do not got cold feet. Photo: DR
- I could skip a couple conversations with casterne in the beginning of the process, but all the papers and the personality test, I have filled out again, he says.

Claus Henriksen, who in this season has been married to Henriette Hansen, has also previously signed up for the program.

- It is several years back. I reached quite far in the process, but the time was no match for me, he says.

Mette Nissen, who is a producer on 'Married at first sight', confirming that several of the over 600 applicants to this year's kærlighedsprogram may well be recidivists.

- But we store, in principle, no one who has been in the process before. We follow along GDPR rules as everyone else, so we simply do not. But casterne is the same, so it may well be that they have been able to remember any from last year, which has been really lovely, but which did not have a match. It can be in years, and therefore have casterne contacted them and asked, as they would be with again, she says.

- they Are then promised a match, if they will help again?

- No, it is only the experts who stand for it.

- if you Think that fair to all those who sign up for the first time?

- The larger the pool of singles, the greater is the chance to find a good match, so I do not think that anyone who takes someone's place. How it works 'Married at first sight' not, she says.

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