Mahfoud-the opponent with the peculiar detail to the weigh-in

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here Now is the so-called 'fight week' over

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 22:00
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Mahfoud-the opponent with the peculiar detail to the weigh-in

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here

Now is the so-called 'fight week' over.

It is now, the battle must be turned. Now, the unbeaten Danish fjervægter Sarah Mahfoud must beat to prove his worth against the veteran promoter Mogens Palle - to the pretty potent WORLD-boksegalla in Frederiksberg, which on paper looks to be an boksestævne second to none.

It is now that Sarah Mahfoud, who was promised a shot for a WORLD cup title before she rounded the 30 years, must prove that she has the potential to interfere at the absolute top level in international boxing.

It is now, the 28-year-old argentine interim world champion at the big, recognized bokseforbund the IBF must be defeated, so that Denmark can get even a Danish world champ, as the dane's trainer, bahamanske Sherman Williams, with the guarantee of the state would trumpet it.

he did also, after Friday's weigh-in, where everyone actually did their measures. The 47-year-old bahamanske tank proklamrede proud: ‘Just returned from Denmark! Tomorrow night get In an IBF champion of the world, a real world champ, a true diva with a hard-nosed attitude.’

It is the IBF's interim WORLD title in the featherweight, who is at the game, and if Sarah Mahfoud manages to break the proud argentinian in the boxing ring on Saturday night, it will certainly be a historic achievement, as no danes, to date, has won the WORLD title in the IBF framework, unlike the WBA, WBC and WBO.

Bum, Bum.

Even withdraw the enrolment of a self-confident Sarah Mahfoud, that she is in top form - the last five weeks of intense, relentless training with Sherman Williams a gone like clockwork, she says.

At Friday's weigh in, so the two duellanter each other one last time before the great battle in the classic stare down swollen Brenda Carabajal both your arms - in clean Skipper Dread style - but Sarah Mahfoud reacted promptly by doing exactly the same - for it is here, it is her territory, and the title as WORLD cup-the challenger got the not Sarah Mahfoud to withdraw.

on the Contrary.

increasing the argentinian scares absolutely not, even if she is with a cheap trick attempted to gain the higher ground over his opponent in front of the many camera lenses - simply take a pair of sneakers on with solid, big heels, so she could nidstirre the Danish fjervægter.

But Sarah ... She had just a cash response to the argentine master:

- I started well notice, she just had to have his sneaks on, smågriner Sarah Mahfoud, before she without beating about the bush stresses:

But Brenda doesn't frighten me. Not at all. I will show her who is the most scary of the two of us in the morning. Tomorrow comes the real hurt on her, so hurt, so she gets scared - when I hit her with my right. I will probably put me in the respect - with the same!

- It will be the coolest battle in the morning, there will be fought for the gold! I am well aware, Brenda has not come to this country to lose weight and lose his WORLD title, but I must eddermame enough to make sure that she will be sent home empty handed with a proper ass, it sounded from Sarah Mahfoud with a refreshing, yet somewhat unfamiliar harsh attitude.

- There must, of course, attitude to, notes Sarah Mahfoud, who with his trainer Sherman Williams word has become a real, confident diva who rightfully take what's hers, namely the IBF title. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

The bundrutinerede, 85-year-old promoter and matchmaker Mogens Palle, made a comeback five years ago with the tomorrow's Champions - now called the Shed Pallet Danish Fight Night, and the hunt was put in on the next big star.

a lot has happened since 2015, but the big titelbrag Mogens Palle in cahoots with his daughter, Bettina, as well as in this game of Super Brian, has always been the guarantor of - and Saturday is the 30-year-old Sarah Mahfoud, there must be in the ring for the stable's biggest heavyweight championship: An interim WORLD championship fight.

- It is a big cadeau to my father. A VM crash. When my father signed the contract with Sarah Mahfoud, he promised that he would bring in a WORLD cup match to her, before she turned 30 - that it actually have been possible, is huge. We started from scratch with a brand new shed, and that we now have come up on this level with a WORLD cup match and the bl.a. a really european championship match in a short time - and out of their own pocket, largely without help - it is in my eyes a sign of my father's genius. He will be soon 86 years old, but is still razor-sharp as a matchmaker, says Bettina Palle.

Time will tell if it was the right choice to pull Sherman Williams in, the bahamanske boksetræner, as the man who was supposed to make Sarah Mahfoud battle for his life fight - just six weeks before the deadline.

Sarah is not a second in doubt: It has been the right decision.

- I have trained with Sherman Williams for six weeks now, sparret a myriad of times with hardy Elena Gradinar. We have a really good chemistry, he is pleasant, says the right things, keep it short and simple - I am happy to have him in ringhjørnet, smiles Sarah Mahfoud, who has worked to increase its clout:

- I would not be sorry to knock her into the floor, even if it was in 3. place. But I take one step at a time, she concludes.

- There must, of course, attitude to, notes Sarah Mahfoud, who with his trainer Sherman Williams word has become a real, confident diva who rightfully take what's hers, namely the IBF title. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde.
‘Skidespændt’ on the sensational topbrag
The hard-hitting program Saturday evening is still on, with Mogens Citizens-camp's words, sensationally topbrag between the 30-year-old letsværvægter Robert Morell and the montenegrin whopper Nikola Sjekloca, which, as previously both the WORLD cup and european championship challenge has merit, there can easily get most to shake in your pants - in addition, positioned as no. 26 in the world in his weight category at BoxRec.

But not the Danish højrefodsbokser, with the title baltic champion, now also must prove its worth. Show whether he can go the distance and earn a genuine EM-battle in the long term.

A fight that can define the Morells career, of course, also a highlight of the program in the morning, as the wily promoter also is extremely excited, reports Bettina Palle:

- Jeppe will have the opportunity to take a big step in the right direction, it is a top european opponent - a decidedly scoop to get him here, " she says, and see a location on europaranglisten to Morell, if he is victorious.

the 41-year-old Sjekloca has actually been inactive for a year - so it is a little stroke of genius from the experienced matchmaker to profit by the potential montenegrin ringrust - if you can talk about it from a topbokser.

- It is not just talking about a small stroke of genius, but a genius. My father (Mogens Palle, red.) even skidespændt on the battle. My father's quite big force is bl.a. to find the right opponents at the right times, ending Bettina, who puts his trust the hard-working Danish letsværvægter.

Here is rivalens plan against Sarah Mahfoud

On the boksemenuen, you will also find a historic title defense, when the 20-year-old, talented and unbeaten Oliver Meng, should attempt to defend his IBF Youth title against Ukrainian Vasyl Kurasov.

in Addition, the boxer also Victor Ramon, Ditlev Rossing, Heva Sharif and newcomer Adel Younes.

- I am here to defend what rightfully belongs to me: the IBF-title. I have trained intensely and feel very confident on a win - Sarah Mahfoud must really, really tight on itself, if she could threaten me in the ring, says the 28-year-old argentine, who will not reveal his gameplan.

But sarah's reportedly improved the force of impact scares certainly not: - No! In no way, corresponds Brenda Carabajal cool.

The reigning IBF world champion in the featherweight, Jennifer He makes after a good two years of inactivity due to. maternity finally comeback: Why is Sarah Mahfouds WORLD cup match a so-called interim - temporary, if you will.

But despite Jennifer's comeback, so it is not written in stone that the american need to re-enter as the reigning champion - for comeback-fight 15. February will not necessarily be in the featherweight, believe Bettina Palle.

- We still don't know if she should boxes in the featherweight? And right now you can only encounter the active, the reigning champion - and it is Carabajal.

- as far As I know, facing Jennifer, back in a letvægtskamp. It is not certain she is down in the featherweight - it is reported she will be meeting a champion in the lightweight instead, in the weight class, there are also big names that could be interesting for her, so we shall see what happens, says Bettina Palle.

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