Luxury selection of country-house hotel: - Very incomprehensible!

There is nothing like a little trip away on country-house hotel in the idyllic north of copenhagen. Nor for the Children and youth committee, 20. February cho

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 February 2020 Monday 18:00
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Luxury selection of country-house hotel: - Very incomprehensible!

There is nothing like a little trip away on country-house hotel in the idyllic north of copenhagen.

Nor for the Children and youth committee, 20. February chose to hold their budgetseminar at Hotel Comwell in Snekkersten.

Ekstra Bladet has had access to documents in the annexes of the two days on the herregårdshotellet, among other things, featured accommodation, wine and draft beer in the bar.

Annex from Hotel Comwell 1 of 3 13 politicians stayed at the hotel after the seminar. Only Maria Frey, Jens-Kristian Lütken and Tommy Petersen had not scored a room. It had, in turn, head of unit Nina Hemmersam, head of unit Path Andreas Garde, secretary Tine Weber, ressourcedirektør Nicolai Kragh Petersen, technical director Camilla Niebuhr and center director Mette Seneca Cleave. The last three participants have reportedly managed to drive home after the meeting. 2 of 3 3 of 3

Total price for accommodation and budgetseminar: 50.401 crowns. In addition, there were commissioned a bus for the 21 participants at the meeting. The cost 4909 crowns.

the Seminar was held, although it is written that 'all meetings are held in the committee meeting room at the town Hall' in the city of Copenhagen's website.

While the following is described in the new accounting rules, however, only entered into force on 1. October 2019.

'Internal meetings, seminars, conventions, etc. (ie. meetings between the employees in the municipality) shall, so far as possible be held in the municipality's premises, and care should, if possible, be purchased in the local canteens. There is also the opportunity to hold internal meetings, seminars, conventions, etc. on locations, which the municipality has entered into contract with. At internal meetings are the starting point, to not be self.'

But apparently not for politicians.

the Article continues under the picture ...

Photo: Thomas Sjørup

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the vice-president of the national Association of Social workers, Jan Holbys, who are wondering that the policies supposedly take decisions in the hotel or at restaurants.

- We get asked the town hall premises,or a school available. Why couldn't they hold their seminar at a secondary school or in a daycare, like the rest of us? What is it that makes that they take better decisions when they are staying at the hotel or eat an expensive dinner. They all live together near Copenhagen, so why don't they just home and stay the night. They can sit in the town hall, in a library or a school

There are plenty facilities where you can get made food to a completely different price. Copenhagen's food institute has an eat-project, providing food to students, for example. It is very incomprehensible to people who join up to be responsible and dear ones on welfare, asking the institutions to return every penny, and then they have free access to the party and the colors, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

Extra the Magazine has on several occasions tried to get an interview with the child and youth mayor, Jesper Christensen (S). In the first place, we got sent a reply in writing, but it was not enough.

Barely a week later they managed, however, to catch him on the phone, and the mayor is ready in the least. He believes that it is within the scope of what they can afford.

Interview with Jesper Christensen (S)

- What you speak about on such a budgetseminar?

I will say that it is one of the most important meetings throughout the year. It is here, we set the context for how the budget should be put together, and how the money should be distributed on the area of the municipality, says Jesper Christensen.

- But it is probably also a sparemøde?

- Yes, it is clear that we are talking about, there are some areas where the municipality can save money or reallocate the resources we have made available, says Jesper Christensen.

- Why you chose to keep your budgetseminar at Nimb, when In could have done it almost for free in your own premises on the other side of the road?`

- First, I would like to make it clear that it's all happened within the rules. Sometimes we choose to hold our meetings in some other frameworks. The members of the committee using an incredible number of hours of their time at work in the municipality, and I stand completely inside of that we have twice a year keeps budgetseminar out of the house with or with a accommodation, so we can get in the bottom with the discussions, says Jesper Christensen.

- You say that you can get to the bottom of the discussions, when you are out of the house. Is it the case that In a sudden take better decisions, if you are on a gourmert restaurant or a hotel?

- There are very clear rules of what it all must cost, they are followed, and we have full transparency on it. Sometimes it requires a little extra to get to the bottom of the discussions, and then we choose sometimes to stay overnight or take out of the house. My position is that there are limits to how small shoes we must walk in if we want someone to take the responsibility that it takes to be in local politics, says Jesper Christensen.

- But is it not also to go In small shoes to save a christmas present to employees away while In the take out and eat?

- As mentioned, we place enormous number of hours in the work at the municipality, and I stand fully on the goals that we have twice a year and for a christmas dinner, choose to take out, says Jesper Christensen.

in recent years, among other things, been introduced ferielukning in day-care institutions, while there is also saved on the SFO (s) and cleaning. What are you thinking about the message it sends to the citizens in your municipality, when they must save and save?

- We should always think about what we do, when we use the citizens money. But there are very clear rules of what it all must cost, they are followed, and we have full disclosure about it, " says Jesper Christensen.

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