Levakovic destroyed the idyll: Had to hire private protection agencies

The criminal sigøjnerklan Levakovic burden not only of the social security and prisons. When the members of the family is moving, so it is often to the great

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 December 2019 Monday 20:00
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Levakovic destroyed the idyll: Had to hire private protection agencies

The criminal sigøjnerklan Levakovic burden not only of the social security and prisons.

When the members of the family is moving, so it is often to the great load for their new neighbors. Ekstra Bladet has in the past described how a whole neighborhood in Rødovre were terrorized, as sigøjnerbossens Gimis sister Monika moved in.

the Policy of Threats, harassment and theft: Levakovic-clan terrorizing the whole neighborhood

And over the summer and fall went so hard in addition to a number of neighbors on the Else Alfelts vej in Ørestad, that the housing association had to get a private security service to patrol.

the Residents had been sigøjnerbossen above everything else as a neighbor and a transition also had his sister Silvia an apartment a few metres away, that Extra Magazine could describe yesterday.

Community - 29. dec. 2019 - at. 07:25 Levakovic clan move in luxury apartments

- We have moved from an urban area to go somewhere with a better neighborhood, and so they moved after a short time. They take up much space and is easily recognizable. Above everything else has stood out here in the courtyard in the summer and shouted up, and there have been police several times, says a neighbor who wishes to be anonymous out of fear for the family.

- Also has the big boys beat each other up violently out in the yard and those who have small children, did not dare to send them out, as they threw things at them. It has done that there are many who are moved because of them. We have also had the vigilante out here only because of them the whole day to create calm, says he.


It is extremely rare that members of the family Levakovic live at the same address for a longer time. A few years ago was the trend, that they moved outside of Copenhagen, especially since the Extra Leaf began to write about them. Today, the majority returned to the capital. Today it is just above everything else’s son, Santino, his sister Diana, and a couple of nephews, who on paper live outside of Copenhagen in Hillerød, denmark and Taastrup. In addition, a few members no known addresses.

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another anonymous resident is not satisfied.

- such fear increases enormously. They are noisy, destroy, pollute, and steal.

At the housing association C. W. Obel Ejendomme, which stands for rental in CobraHave, bekæfter, there has been a need for a private security service to provide security in the area.

Sigøjnerbossen above everything else poses in his apartment in Copenhagen. PRIVATE

Director Torben Black stresses, however, in an email, there was peace again in the area.

- I know, a few apartments have been vacated in the beginning of december, and only a single castle occupied now by a family.

- generally, There is calm and life around the property is that for most properties.

But there has been a need for runderinger from a private protection agencies as a result of the uncertainty they created, because there lived more – but not today. Is it correctly understood?

- It is very apt/descriptive, the writing, the equivalent of Andrew Black in an email.

It has not been possible to get the Police to comment on, what problems the family Levakovic have created in Copenhagen.

Denmark's most criminal family

the Family Levakovic got a residence permit in Denmark in 1972. Today, all of the adult living members of the family over 18 years of age committed the crime. A part of the family has Croatian citizenship, while others have English. Today three members of the family, Law, Stefano and Django expelled from Denmark for good, while Alpacino Petrovic in 2015 was expelled from Denmark in 12 years. The family today consists of over 50 members.

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Sigøjnerbossen acknowledge that: - the Shouts and screams

above everything else Levakovic in front of his apartment Copenhagen. Far from all neighbors are thrilled to have sigøjnerbossen so close. PRIVATE

Sigøjnerbossen above everything else Levakovic have lived on the Else Alfelts vej in Ørestad since the month of may. Even if he is on incapacity benefit, he pays 14.000 a month in rent.

yesterday In the daily telegraph, he explained that the apartment is in his girlfriend Mia's name, and she is very rich.

- She is not a millionaire, she is a billionaire.

Sigøjnerbossen also recognises that the family can appear threatening.

- We are a family that yells and screams and gets many visitors. And I understand well, if the neighbors can be threatened by it. I understand that completely.

And the boss itself has the solution.

- I would rather stay in a caravan on sigøjnerpladsen on Artillerivej (Amager, red), where we lived when we first came here, he says.

But why do you do not it? the

- Hand on the bible. If the politicians gives me a permission to again to stay on Artillerivej, so we are moving all away from your apartments. So we will get even campingvognene and moving just as soon as they give the green light.

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