Laid violent hatred for DR program: the Girl should be removed

Since the DR3 program 'daddy's girl', follows the Alva and her father Jens Østergaard, has been sent, it is passed in with negative comments and reactions to

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
12 February 2020 Wednesday 18:00
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Laid violent hatred for DR program: the Girl should be removed

Since the DR3 program 'daddy's girl', follows the Alva and her father Jens Østergaard, has been sent, it is passed in with negative comments and reactions to the family.

In the first paragraph of the DR program looks to, among other things, how the teenager Alva gets his dad's credit card with the shopping, when she should be out to buy the new Chanel earrings, while Alva also lures Jens Østergaard to buy expensive clothes for her, even though he to start with says no.

at the same time, one can see how Jens Østergaard, who works as a contractor, helping Alva down in a cross while he is a joker with that 'she is no longer thick'. At the same time tells Alva that her father expects that she looks good and she has long, skinny legs and stilettos on.

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Particularly the above situations in the television program has spawned critical reactions on social media. You can see examples of them including:

Here are examples of the critical reactions on Facebook

'Shit reality hits her hard and brutally, when she once experiencing the real world and must make its own money', writes a critical user at DR3's Facebook page.

'A pathetic example of a father trying to buy his daughter and her entourage , even to feel younger', writes another.

'Brat! But also hard to be other if the parents do not enter more into the character and sets limits instead of buying his children. Really sad to see', writes a third, while a fourth continues:

'What will DR with this superficial program ? The girl should be removed from his sick dad... Both need so much help', says, while several concludes that it is 'the most insane tv they have ever seen'.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Jens Østergaard to hear how he has it with the harsh comments come in the wake of the family's participation in the DR program.

- In the beginning we were very surprised that there were so many who wrote. We had been warned that there was some, but we still had not anticipated the shitstorm that is to come, he says, and continues:

- It is not something that has gone us so much. Some of the comments that have come, are general misconceptions. Some of the comments are totally unsympathetic to us, and therefore we have not taken them seriously, he says.

- However, many of the comments is also that people think you are a bad father. How are you with it?

It goes me, not so much. If I thought they were right, then it was passed to me, but I snyes do not have the right.

According to Jens Østergaard is certainly not everything you see on the screen, and therefore, he believes, also, that the viewers have misunderstood several things.

- It here with the credit card and Alvas big consumption in the first two paragraphs, I think in particular, has generated much criticism and debate. It you do not see on the screen is that Alva has served a great many of his own money to be hovedmodel for a Korean company over a longer period of time. She did a lot of work and got good money for it, he says, and continues:

- Those she has been paid continuously, and it is among them, she uses. In the first two paragraphs get the full gas, and I am well aware of the criticism and debate. But it's tv, and it has to be a little funny – but it was probably a little too much fun in the eyes of many.

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Also the episode with the corset has got people to react very violently.

- We have talked a lot about it at home, for there are many who have mentioned the episode. We are very surprised by it, for it is a very common situation for us, and it was a big joke and something we made fun with. I don't understand that people can not see. It is ridiculous that people can't see it, and it comes really behind me, " says Jens Østergaard, however, also have had to put the ear to a second criticism:

- Some of the haters have written, that I am not autoritetsfuld enough, and it is true that I am friends with my kids instead of the old and more of the authoritarian type, as I myself have grown up with. It is a choice that has come naturally for me. I think one of the benefits of being a friend to his children is that one is going deeper into the lives of them and spend more time with them.

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- But think you not, that people have the right in some of the criticisms, they come with?

- Alva is relentless and can in no way turn out. You also need to think about that she gets a lot of very positive comments. I think probably a little bit more of the criticism, but let me not turn out, because I do not believe it is justified, and that there is a talk about misconceptions, he says, and continues:

- You must also keep in mind that it is tv, and people complain, the real, not of Alva, but of the person you see in the program. You can't get a sufficient idea of how our lives are just by watching two episodes of a tv series. The program is made for to entertain, even though it is documentary.

- As you say, to give it a little extra gas?

- Yes. It is clear. It has to be entertaining. Those who have made the programme, have of course selected the funniest things out, and that is the thing, you see. When there has been a camera, we have tried to be entertaining, and there is screwed up a little for the charm. For us, it has also been a goal to make a good program that could get the most possible viewers.

Jens Østergaard has, however, hard to understand, why it is precisely their program, which must be exposed to as harsh a criticism.

- Alva came with a good note now here. She has wondered why we get so many comments. Why is there for example no more complain about the parents who are the parents of the chicks who run around in 'Paradise Hotel' and is behaving crazy? How to behave my daughter is not, so what did Alva do wrong?, he says, and adds:

- She works really for it, so we think it is unfair. We do not understand that their hate is just directed towards us and not other programs.

- In the program you see the Alva struggling with some things. She has difficulty sleeping and shows signs of anxiety. It has not here just made it worse for her?

- we think not. On the contrary. She has gained a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem to be with. She has gone around in a half a year together with a tv team, and she has learned a lot of being along with adult people on the way, he says, and adds:

- We've had fun, and it has been educational. It is true that Alva had it hard, and that she dropped out of high school because of anxiety, but it has been beneficial for her to participate in the series, he stresses.

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- Have you regretted that you have been in the program in the wake of all the criticism?

- No. But I think, that you as a viewer to follow along with in episode three and four, there comes an interesting development with Alva, as I think one should follow. It is a positive development and a form of 'heros journey'.

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