Kristine has not seen the daughter is over a year

Kristine Misanes children miss her. It left about 30 protesters - mostly women - the attorney general know, when the Tuesday was staged in front of the authorit

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12 February 2020 Wednesday 07:00
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Kristine has not seen the daughter is over a year

Kristine Misanes children miss her. It left about 30 protesters - mostly women - the attorney general know, when the Tuesday was staged in front of the authority, as bl.a. performing prosecutorial duties in relation to the ministry of Justice.

the Demonstrators, who had brought signs painted reproachful call, initiated by ten times to shout 'miscarriage of justice' against the chief public prosecutor of the facade.

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It was heard, learns Extra Magazine, but neither rigsadvokat Jan Rechendorff, or some of his total of 120 employees, moved, apparently, out on the street in the biting februarkulde to hear the assembly's messages.

Marite Batraka is the mark of its lillesøsters imprisonment. Photo: Aleksander Klug

the 46-year-old Kristine Misane is a Latvian citizen, but has since december 2018, has been remanded in custody in Denmark, after she in may of the same year raised out of south Africa with its today four-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.

the Abduction of her daughter has meant that she is to be extradited for criminal prosecution in south Africa.

- We will ask the prosecutor to reconsider the case and in the deeper level, to analyze the facts and the evidence, as there is in the case, said the prisoner's 53-year-old sister, Marite Batraka, if the goal of the Tuesday's demonstration.

She added that her sister misses her children terribly much and feel terrible.

the Abduction of Kristine Misanes daughter came in the middle of a dispute with the woman's ex-husband, who is the father of the youngest child, and despite a south african court's decision that none of the parents had to take the child out of the country.

During a stopover in Copenhagen Airport 9. december 2018, she was arrested as a result of an international arrest warrant issued by the south african authorities, who will prosecute the woman.

Up to 30 people demonstrated Tuesday for Kristine Misane behind the Palace and in front of the attorney general. Photo: Aleksander Klug

the Daughter, as the dispute is about, was, together with his older brother in Latvia with their aunt, who has cared for the children.

Despite several attempts another solution of the matter from Kristine Misane and her defence lawyer Henrik Stagetorn has The high Court decided that the woman will be extradited to south Africa.

the Copenhagen district Court has also twice decided that the woman was supposed to be released. It has the public prosecutor, however, objected to by bringing kæremål for The high Court, why she has been led back to his cell.

Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt has made the minister of justice questions on the matter. Photo: Niels Christian memory, be/Ritzau Scanpix

It was Friday, Kristine Misane to go on hunger strike in protest against the treatment she gets in Denmark.

It is also fallen members of the Danish Parliament for the chest, and a member of the Committee on legal affairs, Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt (SF) have put questions to justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S).

'What is the minister's explanation of the fact that Denmark does not follow the Latvia's request not to extradite the woman to south Africa, and what guarantee have Denmark, that she will not be exposed to inhuman treatment in south Africa, cf. the article ”Imprisoned in 420 days - now she is thrown out” from the 7. February 2020?', ask the politician with reference to the prisoner's home country's attempt to help the woman.

Photo: Aleksander Klug

as late as in January asked Latvia's top prosecutor for a meeting with rigsadvokat Jan Rechendorff in Denmark. The answer was no.

Latvia's top prosecutor in an email to Ritzau reported that, among other things, to have the attention on the violations of human rights in south Africa and have prompted a new assessment of the delivery - but in vain.

Peter Skaarup (DF) considers the detention of a Latvian mother too violent. Photo: Jens Dresling

another member of the committee on legal affairs, joins Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardts questions:

- When I just read about it here, I think, it looks as if the woman is being treated too violently. And that very able speech, that she in fact had to be in Latvia rather than in Denmark, says the Danish people's party spokesman, Peter Skaarup, which is far from always the case with SF'eren, to Ekstra Bladet.

Skaarup is also critical of the detention of Kristine Misane:

- This here pre-trial detention seems the too long and out of proportion with the possible straflængde, he states with reservations for not knowing the whole matter in detail.

- There can of course be something we do not know. We do get the enough to know, when now there will be questions to the minister of justice whether there is one or else, as we are not aware of.

- It may be too late to await the ministry of justice response, for she had to be thrown out already on Wednesday...

- It may also well be that, when now being asked questions, so put it in abeyance until further notice to assess the matter further. The attorney general is, under the minister of justice, and the minister of justice has the opportunity to make contact and hear what is really up and down on the the case and hear what the rationale is for wanting to provide and otherwise implement such a long detention, we have to do with here.

Kristine Misane struggling, by his own admission for his children. Photo: Private

so far nothing has had an influence on the decision to leave Kristine Misanes fate for nothing south african cops, which, according to the Ritzau arrived to Denmark on Monday to escort the woman out of the country.

the attorney general put in 11. time a stop for the dispensing, as a prosecutor, Anders Larsson has insisted should happen on Wednesday - 48 hours before a hearing in the high court on the release of the woman.

'the attorney general may disclose to the attorney general on Monday has notified the south african authorities that the extradition of Latvian citizen Kristine Misane is not expected to take place as planned on 12. February 2020, as Kristine Misanes lawyers today have made further representations, which possible must be settled before the delivery, which is finally approved by The high Court, may be effected', informs the attorney general in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

- We will, of course, in the interests of all parties in the case want to ensure that there is considered all the relevant objections. There is bl.a. today we have further objections from his lawyers, and the time of delivery must, therefore, await a preliminary clarification of these, says attorney-general Henriette Rosenborg Larsen, according to the same mail.

the attorney general has no additional comments on the concrete case.

Angelina Mathiesen was in december 2017 sentenced to one and a half years in prison for having abducted his two children to Brazil. She was on Tuesday part of the demonstration for the benefit of Kristine Misane. Photo: Aleksander Klug

the high court agree with the district court, when one Friday, between the hours of 13 and 15 decide the question of release, by Kristine Misane well, what she needs.

- So she travels home. So do south Africa contact Latvia with a view to possible extradition, said Henrik Stagetorn, which confirms that the penalty for child abduction in south Africa is up to 15 years in prison, but:

- You have not stated so specifically. The punishment is more than a year, but more than a year can also be one year and two months.

Kristine Misane travel home to his children in Latvia, if the court of appeal on Friday to reach the same decision as the district court. Photo: Private

Stagetorn has previously emphasized that his client has been in prison longer in Denmark than the punishment, she would typically be faced with - both in south Africa and particularly in Latvia, where the penalty for her offence is a maximum of three months in prison.

- It has the Copenhagen city Court recognized by adopting a decision to release her, which the prosecution then has the ditch. Of course, it is very grueling for my client, who have believed that now she was going to be released, and it was she as not yet, he said Monday.

The little girl, which is the center of the case, has not seen his mother during the captivity, but had skypesamtaler with her. Big brother has several times been visiting in the prison facilities. It was also intended that the boy should have been on a visit Tuesday, but a feberudbrud kept him at home in Latvia, tells Kristine Misanes sister, Marite, for the Extra Magazine.

the Lawyer His Tranholm is the Latvian family lawyer in Kristine Misanes homeland. Photo: Aleksander Klug

Kristine Misane fallen heavily between two stools and have no rights, where she is now. She will be stored while you are trying to find out what to do with her, says the Latvian family lawyer His Tranholm to Ekstra Bladet.

she Sat, for example, in his homeland, she would be offered help, clearing for any trauma after the brutal experiences she has been through, etc., adds the lawyer, who refers to the woman by his own admission, been exposed to violence.

Kristine Misane herself and her family have aired suspicions that the benevolent Danish casework due to South africa's help with the case of Britta Nielsen. She came to Denmark shortly before Misanes stopover.

It has Henrik Stagetorn not evidence to agree. Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt, and Peter Skaarup agree to find the theory unlikely to occur in a country like Denmark.

Photo: Aleksander Klug

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