Kevin remember back: The very best

When you think back on the martsweekend in Melbourne five years ago, where a young debutant was in Denmark as a whole Kevin, is it difficult to understand how t

Kevin remember back: The very best

When you think back on the martsweekend in Melbourne five years ago, where a young debutant was in Denmark as a whole Kevin, is it difficult to understand how t

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Ann McDonald
01 November 2019 Friday 05:00
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Kevin remember back: The very best

When you think back on the martsweekend in Melbourne five years ago, where a young debutant was in Denmark as a whole Kevin, is it difficult to understand how the Danish Formula 1 star can go into his grandprixweekend number 100 without having stood on the podium again.

But there is still plenty to look back on, although the now 27-year-old race car driver does not have the big feelings for such milestones.

Kevin Magnussen took part in the Mexico in its 100. grandprix weekend. First in the UNITED states, he starts his 100. grandprix.


It is due to the Australian Grand Prix in 2015, where the dane replaced the injured Fernando Alonso. He drove the three trainings, qualified in the field of the border for the race, but the Honda engine went up in smoke on the formationsomgangen.

Why was the Danish Formula 1-runs before the Mexico Grand Prix listed for 99 grandprixer, but only 98 starts.

Formula 1 may not be simple ...

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The best car: Haas VF-19

the Answer is a little surprising, when the dane both have stood on the podium, and for Haas last year was in the game to be able to join the four in the constructor's championship.

- the Development is going so strong, that it actually is this here, even though it is not so competitive. You can not run the race against the other. But the grip and balance is there. If you take the lap times, this car has run up against the last year, I am sure that we have a pole in some places, says Magnussen.

- This car is maybe just as good as Mercedes were last year, but the other cars have just moved more than us.

the Assertion is almost true without really being it. Take for example Kevin Magnussens qualification in Monaco in the year, his time of three-tenths of a second from pole-position in 2018, and a tenth faster than Lewis Hamilton.

the Development goes so fast that, in spite of all the anguish with this year's car is it anyway, the best Kevin Magnussen has been running. Photo: Jan Sommer

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the Best overtaking: Felipe Massa at Suzuka 2017

Good boy, cried løbsingeniør Giuliano Salvi of the radio as Kevin Magnussen sent its Haas VF-17’is sidelined Felipe Massas Williams and founded the double points for the team for only the second time in history.

- The hardest and most unlikely of overtaking, I have made, was Massa in Suzuka at the first corner in 2017. I overtake him so hard that Romain also come over. It was on the inside, so not such that I DR'ed over. You turn, and so it is almost a double apex between the two turns, remembers the dane.

the Race in Japan two years ago was celebrated as a small victory. Photo: Haas F1 Team

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The best places: Australia, Canada and the UNITED states

Favoritbanerne is the classic as Suzuka, Monaco and Spa. But favoritdestinationerne are all overseas. And it has nothing to do with the fact that you speak English all the places.

- I love to come back to the UNITED states. If we could run a whole season there, it would be perfect. But it is just some wonderful places all together. You get a little holiday spirit and want to experience something.

- It also has a lot of nature to do; Australia, Canada and the UNITED states is reasonably good natursteder. Japan is also great, but I think it is a little inconvenient place and weekend. You must change planes, by train, and there is not really anything to do in Suzuka, which is located out of nowhere. But otherwise Japan is also a lovely place.

Kevin Magnussen to return to the UNITED states. Photo: Haas F1 Team

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the Best teamkammerat: Jenson Button, McLaren

- Jenson, I had expected very much from. He was world champion, and everyone knew that he was something special. I was better against him than many had expected. In each case, on speed. Over a season I was faster than him by a pretty good margin, actually.

But he was just crazy good to get the most out of the races, where I often got punishments, smashed frontvinger and made mistakes. I didn't get the points out of it, I should, even though I had the speed for it.

- more than A year with a winter to relax and get out and be quiet, so I had also gotten the hang of the races. But he was impressive and a really good and complete running. So Romain is crazy fast on a single lap when it really plays.

At Silverstone in 2014 was the team dressed in pink to honor Jenson Buttons father John, before his death earlier this year always wore pink shirts for the race. It is Ron Dennis in the middle. Photo: Jan Sommer

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the Wildest (and best) crash: the Belgian Grand Prix 2016

42G was Kevin Magnussen face, when he after Eau Rouge and through Raidillon lost control of his RS16 and delivered his biggest crash.

- I can just remember the beating you get when you hit the wall. How badly it was. Also, compared to what I expected. You spin around in its own little egg shell and think, aw, I spin. So the framework to the wall and find out; holy crap, I ran strong.

There was not much Renault-racer back after the dane's crash in 2016. Photo: Jan Sommer

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The best running

Haas: Mexico Grand Prix 2017

the Timing was a shock. Haas-the duo was langsomts BEHIND the two hopeless Sauber racers with last year's Ferrari engine. Others ' punishments meant that Kevin Magnussen started the 14's.

- We qualified last, and I was still a knight. So much I have never gotten out of so bad a car. All the boxes were ticket of. Setup was quite right, the tyres were inside the window, we had a safetycar at the right time, we got a good start, good overtaking. We could the next wing of them all of.

the Trip to Mexico in 2017 was one of his most memorable. Photo: Moises Castillo/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

Renault: Russia's Grand Prix in 2016

the Highlights were few in comebacksæsonen. The Renault car was horrible, and all the focus was on the 2017 season. Seventh place in Sochi - after starting the 17’is - was one of the results which helped to ensure Haas-contract.

They were all boring and not worth remembering. But I can remember that there was a race where I thought, where I ran well here, and so was one of the 15’is anyway.

There were not many highlights in the 2016 season. Photo: van Sekretarev/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

McLaren: the Belgian Grand Prix 2014

On the track ended the McLaren-rookien six, but was qualified 12’is after 20 (!) second penalty for pushing Fernando Alonsos Ferrari in the grass.

- Australia was the best result, but far from the best race I ran. At the Spa I got a penalty, but I think I drove really well. I was just strong. We were not that team.

Ron Dennis - the most certain boss, the dane has had - told the british press that he subsequently had called Him to tell him, that he next time should be a little more cautious, but otherwise not change. How to remember the dane is NOT the situation.

- Before then I had got to know that I wasn't trying hard enough. I had not run a single time, so it was almost a problem, that I had not smashed the car at a time, he recalls five years later.

On the way back from the judges in the company of sporting boss Jonathan Neale. Photo: Jan Sommer

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