Katja K: It here from what I really

What is the meaning of marriage, and what does it mean to have paper on each other? When I met my current (divorced) man, I was not a second in doubt that her

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
25 January 2020 Saturday 06:00
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Katja K: It here from what I really

What is the meaning of marriage, and what does it mean to have paper on each other?

When I met my current (divorced) man, I was not a second in doubt that here was the man in my life.

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It was love at first sight. The first time I met him, was the IRL 20 years ago. The second time I met him was on Facebook. Kærlighedsenergien was back just as strong, even through a computer.

Our relationship was from the start very intense, and we were married at Copenhagen city Hall and a half years time, after we had greeted each other. It all went very quickly and felt very natural. We were in no doubt that we were each other's perfect match.

When one is reached about midway in his life, much more about what you want and what you don't want. You also know that man does not live forever, as when they were young and thought that one was immortal.

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No need to wait for the right moment. The torque is now and here. And it's about to seize the good opportunity when it shows itself. Seize love when it comes to. It may no necessarily reckon with the fact that it just does, and certainly not several times in one's life. So we felt both of us happy and blessed that we had found each other again after 20 years.

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And even though we had met each other before, and even recorded erotic movies together, we were of course to learn to know each other again.

so far, So good.

We had both been single for a number of years, and there are really many cool things about being single.

You can do exactly what you want, and that is not someone who complains that you snore at night, or comment on the the whole bag osterejer, you roll in the gap just before bedtime.

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in turn, you can go for years without developing yourself personally, because there are not any that hold a mirror up in front of you. You may not see yourself as clearly as when you have a partner to reflect back.

On the good and on the evil.

Already a short time after we were married, I experienced some of my less charming character traits.

Tendency to jealousy.



But right should be right and of course I have also my good sides. I is:

Very caring.



He has simply managed to press all my buttons', and like two magnets we will be sucked firmly to each other.

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After a few wonderful, but turbulent, year, were we separated at my behest. It regretted I.

But even though we were divorced, ended our love, and we began to date again.

Our love has never been stronger than now, even though we no longer have paper on each other.

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Anyway, I have regretted that we were separated.

What do you think, dear readers, about the marriage?

Does it matter to have paper on each other, or is it just what it suggests, a scrap of paper and nothing else?

Maybe I will deliver to him in this new decade ...

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