Kamber at war with the Brinkmann

in addition to his job as TV2 host is Michael Kamber big advocate of positive psychology, which, as the name suggests, is primarily to focus on the positive asp

Kamber at war with the Brinkmann

in addition to his job as TV2 host is Michael Kamber big advocate of positive psychology, which, as the name suggests, is primarily to focus on the positive asp

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 October 2019 Wednesday 08:00
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Kamber at war with the Brinkmann

in addition to his job as TV2 host is Michael Kamber big advocate of positive psychology, which, as the name suggests, is primarily to focus on the positive aspects of life in order to obtain a greater passion for life and drop the sortsynet.

Kamber has its different mediejobs trained in positive psychology in the UNITED states and written several books on the topic - among other things, 'We are best when we are happy' from 2013 and 'Stronger - grow your strengths, manage your weaknesses' which was released last year.

Now he is on the track again with the book '3 good things', which was released on Monday with very specific advice on how one can and should focus on the good things in one's life.

In the book's first part notes Kamber, to positive psychology in recent years has been somewhat on the defensive in Denmark.

This attribute he greatly psykologiprofessor Svend Brinkmann, among other things, in the book 'Stand fast - A showdown with the passage of udviklingstvang' goes to war against the positive psychology.

. In his book '3 good things', writes Kamber, among other things, that Brinkmann sells T-shirts with the slogan 'Focus on the negative in your life'.

'It is almost amusing, if it not were because the council is directly harmful', writes Kamber, and adds later:

'It is here, Brinkmann will be a number of smart. He announces that positive psychology does not have something valuable to offer them, which to put it mildly, is wrong. If one primarily focuses on the negative in his life, to deprive yourself of a good life. And you will be heavy to dance with other people. In fact, one becomes more ill and die earlier.'

For Extra Magazine elaborates Kamber his criticism of the Brinkmanns message.

- I actually like Svend Brinkmann. I just think he is very wrong, in terms of positive psychology. He gives some advice that is directly harmful. He raises many intriguing debates, but here is it all bolted for him. It is harmful, and it is wrong what he says about positive psychology.

do you Feel personally affected?

- I is, fortunately, a happy boy, who knows what I even stand for. I'm not personally offended, but I'm a little bit outraged that a man like him have such a big impact and insights, says things that he simply must know is not correct.

- I can't guess what his motive is, but I can only to find that he says things that are vertically wrong. For example, it would be a good idea to focus on the negative in one's life.

Brinkmann sometimes puts things very much on the tip in order to get his points through is for Kamber is not a mitigating circumstance.

- He covers himself under, that it is a bit satirical, but many take his words at face value when he says that one should forget the positive and calm can focus on the negative in one's life. It is a miserable council, says Kamber and ends:

- You should not be lalleglad or jubeloptimist. One must live his life balanced, so you take care of the negative things such as sadness and hardship, but one should not cultivate it and use all its forces on it. You must instead focus on what makes life worth living.

Svend Brinkmann: so There is things in life, there are negative

Psykologiprofessor Svend Brinkmann stresses that he has not read Michael Kambers book ahead, but presented the extract from the book, where he is accused of giving 'directly harmful advice' and be totally off the mark in relation to its assessment of positive psychology, he replies:

- When I am in the book 'Stand fast' write 'Focus on the negative in your life', then it's a parody of precisely the kind of self-help books, as Kamber writes. I write not 'Focus only on the negative in your life the rest of your life'.

- It is a reaction to what we've heard from some such as Kamber, that we need to think positive and learn to call problems challenges, and that we must not focus on that something is negative and difficult.

Brinkmann points out that, according to him may seem oppressive, if you get to know that one must focus on the positive.

- so There is things in life that are negative, and which one should focus on. There is a climate crisis, inequality, social problems and everything else, and actually, I believe there is a form of oppression, when we are told that we must only talk about the positive, he says, and adds:

- There are enormously many, who have been told by some such as Michael Kamber for the appraisal interviews, training courses and consultancy in personal development, that they should just look forward and focus on the positive.

Brinkmann insists that he is not out to make the world a more negative place.

- I've often been told that my book and my message has been a liberation. I see it as a resistance movement against positivitetstyranniet, which dictates that people just need to learn to think more positively and make themselves. It is, I think, is degrading and humiliating to say to adults.

- It is clear that I do not want to replace a postivt outlook with a negative. It is just about balancing the cases, so you also get the critical gaze of the world we are a part of. One must be careful not to distort the reality from the positive outlook on life. I consider this to be incredibly dangerous.

To positive psychology for many years has been extremely popular impresses not Brinkmann.

- the Gods must know that we as individuals and society have many problems, and so I think it is just crazy that we lull ourselves into a positive mindset. And there are also studies that show that excessive positive thinking can be almost detrimental to some, says Brinkmann, and ends:

- Because Mikael Kamber have taken a course in positive psychology over in the UNITED states, so he is not authority in the field of the psychology of the reason.

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