Jubilation over Bendtner: - If Brøndby can, can FCK as well also

Landsholdsfodbold - 9. sep. 2019 - at. 14:02 Recommend new jobs to the Stale: - Have been long enough in Copenhagen 2. in denmark Hillerød Football has for th

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Ann McDonald
13 September 2019 Friday 15:00
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Jubilation over Bendtner: - If Brøndby can, can FCK as well also

Landsholdsfodbold - 9. sep. 2019 - at. 14:02 Recommend new jobs to the Stale: - Have been long enough in Copenhagen

2. in denmark Hillerød Football has for the second year in a row view to a pokaloplevelse of the greats.

Thursday came mighty FC Copenhagen up of the bowl as an opponent in the third round of Sydbank Cup, and it happens in the aftermath of last season where Brøndby IF were the opponent in the same round. Won the blue-and-yellow 4-1 at Hillsboro Stadium.

About a good two weeks, it is so Nicklas Bendtner, Viktor Fischer, and the other FCK-stars, who need to Hillerød.

- It will become really fat. It is the battles, we get it surely isn't understood in the way that we can burn a lot of gunpowder against a team, who of course are far better than us on paper. It was really fun against Brøndby last year, and we're very exited to ride more in the mill with all that entails around the fight.

- Now you call me, and it makes 50 of your colleagues probably also. It belongs to such a struggle, and it is not commonplace in Hillerød, says club chairman John Franzen for advice.dk.

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Bendtner in action against Brøndbys reserves on Tuesday. Photo: Lars Poulsen

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When the advice.dk prisoners Hillsboro the president on the phone, it takes quite a few seconds, before he even brings Nicklas Bendtner on the pitch. It will be great to meet Nicklas Bendtner, the equivalent of John Franzen on the question of how great it will be to meet FC Copenhagen.

In the course of the past week and a half it has been very clear that FC Copenhagen with the approach of the former Danish landholdsspiller've got much more than just an extra attacker on holdkortet.

- It is the most well-known and famous footballer in Denmark, and it is damn well great, that we may present to him at Hillsboro Stadium. It is a world star, who comes to the city - even my mother-in-law know about Nicklas Bendtner. I am sure that he in itself will sell the tickets, and I am very pleased to greet him and welcome him, said the president.

In the last season asked Brøndby IF with 2,000 fans to pokalkampen against the Hillsboro Football, and John Franzen is counting on, that it will be roughly the same, when FC København come to town.

- We bet on that PARKEN offers Brøndby up to dance and make at least as many fans. If Brøndby can, so can FC Copenhagen as well also. It is Scandinavia's largest club, so they can the appropriate show by coming up with a great many spectators to Hillerød, says the president.

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Nicklas Bendtner was in action against Brøndby in reserveligaen Tuesday. Photo: Lars Poulsen

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John Franzen promise all the attendees at the Hillsboro Stadium a good experience. The small club made some important experiences in connection with the showdown against Bolton and now know what it takes to stack a good arrangement on the legs.

- We are still talking about the match against Brøndby, and you never know whether such an experience will come again. It makes it so already, and it is king. Also, I believe we can enjoy it a little more this time. Last year, we were overwhelmed of the tasks, but now we have some experience with how we should solve the task.

- We have been smarter compared to all of the teminer, that must be respected. This applies to everything from the stands to the restrooms, beer, sausages, etc. Now we are familiar with all the mill, and I am sure we can refine it a bit in years, so it will be an even better experience for everyone, he says.

Sports and Games the King of Brøndby: Most powerful ago Bjerregaard

Hillsboro Football had in the last season fork out over half a million dollars for houses pokalkampen against Brøndby IF, and it is not the money you have in the box in a 2. divisionsklub. Therefore, the club is dependent on sponsors and other kind souls to step in.

- It ended up costing 672.000 crowns last year, and it will be roughly the same in this game. It is absolutely necessary, with the support of sponsors, the municipality and city in the whole, but it is, I have no doubt that we are going to get. We have the opportunity to create another memorable evening in the city, and we must of course not let pass, " says John Franzen.

Otherwise, it is possible to advance the battle for Telia Parken?

- We must play the match in Hillerød, denmark. How is it just.

Hillsboro Football is number four in the 2. the division after seven matches.

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