Jonas Fröberg: Why will be the Frankfurt motor show last

This is the first sentence of the text could have been about something else: a klämkäck release for a list of the newest electric cars, which was showcased at t

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Ann McDonald
18 September 2019 Wednesday 00:01
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Jonas Fröberg: Why will be the Frankfurt motor show last

This is the first sentence of the text could have been about something else: a klämkäck release for a list of the newest electric cars, which was showcased at the Frankfurt motor show – which has been in existence in 1907, and, so far, has been a unique and a constant in the automotive world.

But now it is being held for the last time. It is not a decision, but it is my firm belief. For this year's salon is similar to any other; it is the herald of bilsalongernas the dead, and a massive shift to a new one.

Let's keep up the concept of the motor show in höstljuset: for decades, they have been the great meeting points of the automotive world. In Europe, it is Geneva in the spring and in the autumn of every second year in Frankfurt, germany, and Paris, france. Everyone in the industry to meet in the nearest day-two days – before the general public gets to come in and begapa it all again. In the big glamour of the launch of the new models, and that we as journalists have access to the bilvärldens the top executives of a tough job. Beneath the surface beats the headache of the industry, all the problems are in line with billanseringarnas techo-loops.

So, it tends to be.

a number of things at the same time.

the World's biggest car manufacturer, Toyota, as well as the Cars, the French Peugeot and Citroen, along with Ferrari, Suzuki, Kia, and Fiat remained at home.

They are, rather, their own launch in which they will be able to speak in private and have more of an impact – at a fraction of the stand price in the City.

But also those who are going to buy the cars of visitors – abandonment. This year it is expected around 700.000 visitors, a fall of 2017, the annual capacity of 800,000 and 920.000, which came in the year 2015.

Here the question: is a car that is inspired by contemporary phenomena such on how to do his or her status as a drömobjekt?

This brings us to the next trend: the shift to the future of mobility, which could be two words, full of snömos, however, is that we are actually in a bit of electrical to of technology for self-driven cars to take leaps and bounds forward, and that cars are increasingly becoming connected to computers, which in the long term, it can improve the efficiency of traffic flows dramatically.

The big bilbolagens the classic business model is to manufacture and sell the vehicles that will be exhibited at auto shows) – is being questioned, and through the attempt almost desperate to marry up bilbolagen of techsektorn, among other things, by a private conference of the new of interest to you.

in the back of my head to go around, the son of the blue carpeting and the spot.

We'll start with a stop at Volkswagen's new electric car, the ID.3 – the son the greatest star", the ”cheap” version will cost over 30.000 euro in Sweden, just in the amount of sek 350,000 and to susa, 33 miles on electricity.

Omsusad, which was a Porsche Taycan – Porsche's first electric car whose top model is called the Turbo S (even though it has no turbo) delivering 750 horsepower. It does the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, and it's great for 90 kilowattimmarsbatteriet offer a range of more than 41 kilometers. It has been a so-called " 800 voltssystem (for a standard vehicle 12-volt), which is, in particular, this means that it can be rapidly charged with a total of 350 kw.

the Porsche Taycan, is the brand's first electric vehicle. Top of the range model called the turbo, even if it is lacking the turbo. Photo credit: Ali Lorestani

At Honda's booth, decked Honda (e), the small electric car, whose konceptversion, who two years ago was much nicer and cleaner in form. It's English, the price will start at 370.200 the crowns, and the range will be 20 miles on it. Ehhh, oops. The question is, who would like to buy the larger VW's, ID.3 is a 13-mile long-range is 20,000 crowns less expensive. The launch takes place next summer.

the BMW concept 4 was a foretaste of the next-generation of the 4-part series with an enormous grill. It's not an electric car but you also want to be a model for the future of the electric car i4.

But, as usual, is a huge self-confidence, let's say, cars with less electric power.

the engine Sián the communist party of 37, which is in fact a mildhybrid. First, there is a 6.5-liter gasoline engine of 774 horsepower, it will be a small electric motor that runs at a low speed. As well as the Porsche Taycan make the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in around 2.8 seconds. In spite of the price of 2,38 million, all of the 63 copies of out-of-print. The name is a tribute to the recently deceased, the VW patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, the ceo of Volkswagen, in 1998, pushed through the purchase of a New. () AND the 37 stands for Ferdinand Karl Piëch, 37, is the year of birth).

Slide 1 of 2 At the Lamborghini stand was shown superbilen Sián the communist party of 37, which is a mild hybrid. Photo credit: Ali Lorestani, Slide 2 of 2 Photo credit: Ali Lorestani photo Slideshow
on A different drive, which was launched with great self-confidence, was the electric car... no, sorry... Land Rover's next-generation terrängjeepen Defender is the rugged workhorse that owners love to hate. It will come with both petrol and diesel engines, and in the next year as a plug-in hybrid. The ground clearance is almost a skollinjal high on the vehicle, which can be found in the middle of a trend, which is all about a return to the surface and are mechanically coupled by the Suzuki small jeep rover range rover evoque.

On our way out, we passed a large number of police officers with guns in holsters on her legs and three on his stomach.

it seems greater than all the previous years together.

Bilbolagen, which employs 13.8 million people in Europe are affecting the society in many ways – especially in the climatically.

as the auto industry itself has strongly opposed the more stringent koldioxidkrav in Europe.

Slide 1 of 3 Photo credit: Ali Lorestani, Slide 2 of 3 Photo credit: Ali Lorestani, Slide 3 of 3 Photo credit: Ali Lorestani photo Slideshow
out in the face clenched Greenpeaceaktivister. The blow-up of a 25-metre-high black-filled balloon, with the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide ”CO2”. Their target is the suvarna – suvs – because they believe that the increase of carbon dioxide emissions. In Europe, the falling car sales for the first half of the year, suv sales grew by 5.9 per cent and now account for over 36 per cent of the market last year, according to Jato.

at the same time, in the last year, the new cars ' average carbon dioxide emissions in Europe, 120,4 g / km, according to the European environment agency – in particular, as the dieselskandalerna of harmful nitrogen oxides been the buyers that the purchase of cars that emit more carbon dioxide is released.

On Saturday, is expected to klimataktioner between 10 and 20,000 riders, which is to prevent the visitors of the trade fair's first public day at the fair.

See you there, even for a cause that I firmly believe that this is the last show of this kind in the City.

What will come in place? What do you think?


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