Jackpot 10 million: Danskerpar unbeaten this year

Extra Magazine's predictions v86 mode-1: 1 (6-10) v86 mode-2: 2 (4-8) v86 mode-3: 7-3-9-11-2 v86 mode-4: 5-4-6-7-8-10 v86 mode-5: 9 (1-4) v86 mode-6: 3

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 January 2020 Wednesday 12:00
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Jackpot 10 million: Danskerpar unbeaten this year

Extra Magazine's predictions

v86 mode-1: 1 (6-10)
v86 mode-2: 2 (4-8)
v86 mode-3: 7-3-9-11-2
v86 mode-4: 5-4-6-7-8-10
v86 mode-5: 9 (1-4)
v86 mode-6: 3-6-5-11
v86 mode-7: 1-11-14-6-10
v86 mode-8: 1 (3-10)
dkk 150

(2 in v86 mode-2) showed good qualities within, where I think it had more to finish. Startsporet and the distance is only to its advantage, so I find it difficult to see the lose.

(11 in v86 mode-6) could not answer the lead last, but was subsequently driven to lead. From this startspor is an early record-keeping excluded, and I think the horse will have the benefit of a run behind to have a little more to finish than the last.

Note: Horses in the brackets are reserveheste to ensure the winners on spilforslaget. Take a førstereserve with double the price. Take both of the reserves in a run, then tripled the price.

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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December was a jubelmåned for Admir Zukanovic and stall Denco. It began with Usain Tölls won ’E3 Revanschen’ and 150,000 Swedish crowns.

Then won the Stepping Spaceboy two V75-wins – including gulddivisionsfinalen victories to a total of 400.000 Swedish kronor.

- It was glorious. We had problems with infections and other small items in a period, but then managed it for us to get continuity in the training.

- The mild winter meant that we had the training in order, and at the same time was the horses fresh. Harder is it not, after all, but it is what makes it so difficult – namely, to get all the little bits fit together, says Zukanovic which, by contrast, got a dip, since the stable førstekusk Stefan Söderkvist stopped his career.

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Admir Zukanovic has had some amazing months - the success can continue on Wednesday and Saturday. Photo: Lars Jakobsson/TR Bild/Channel 75

- I got the message some days before, it was officially, but it came too sudden for me. I had a feeling that was about to happen, for after some victories reacted Stefan in a way, as not really was him. But it was so abrupt, I was not ready for.

- does it Affect your training?

- Not directly. Stefan was here and ran some workouts, but still it was not as often. It was more to get the designs on the horses after the races. It definitely has helped me to become a better trainer. It comes I miss.

Richard N. Skoglund was supposed to be the successor. The new cooperation was initiated with two starts 2. January.

It was, however, cancelled, as Skoglund was excluded at Vincennes before christmas.

Richard had agreed to run, but he was not allowed to run at Åby.

- You went forth after kuskeligaen, and so it was instead Danish Henriette Larsen, who was going to run my horses, " says Zukanovic on the new successamarbejde.

Both Gizmo the Veluwe and the Great King the Wine was playing with the competition.

I knew her not, but we had met each other on the staldsiden. Henriette did everything right, and the horses were good. It is not always as you expect, and sometimes you may chance to be crucial for the future, " says Zukanovic as of Wednesday has hired Henriette Larsen completely voluntary.

- She is a very skilled driver, and of course she should continue. She also runs the Great King Wine on Saturday.

Wednesday is Gizmo the Veluwe in the focus, as one of the horses, the players are betting hard on in v86 mode-1. There is a jackpot and approximately 10 million Danish kroner to the otterne.

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Gizmo the Veluwe starts Wednesday night in v86 mode races. Photo: Kanal75

the Horse comes with a win last start after a long break.

- It was a bit surprising that it could do it on sprinterdistancen. It is considerably better at the longer distances, but in the winter when not being driven so strongly, so he hangs on.

- Are you and Henriette Larsen also unbeaten after Wednesday?

- It should I believe - and would like a longer time than that. The tasks this week look appropriate, says Admir Zukanovic.

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