It was the CL-history's wildest completion

It was skrupskørt. In the stands at the Stadium Maksimir, they could not believe their eyes. It could probably not down in the dugout or inside on the track f

It was the CL-history's wildest completion

It was skrupskørt. In the stands at the Stadium Maksimir, they could not believe their eyes. It could probably not down in the dugout or inside on the track f

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 November 2019 Thursday 03:00
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It was the CL-history's wildest completion

It was skrupskørt.

In the stands at the Stadium Maksimir, they could not believe their eyes. It could probably not down in the dugout or inside on the track for that matter.

It had been at home.

the home Team, Dinamo Zagreb, had scored sejrsmålet in 89. minutes. It had to be. 3-1 over Shakhtar Donetsk was nice and just exactly the three points, the croats had hoped in the Champions League affair.

They had fallen behind early but had been settled already in the middle of 1. half.

So they had been reduced to ten men when Nikola Moro came too late in a tackle and quite deservedly got his second yellow card. Then there was the game 74 minutes. But the guests from Ukraine, followed soon after, when Marlos five minutes later messed up similarly.

And then everything was basically standby, as the match moved into the last ten minutes.

It had been not any fast-paced affair. Good football however in a fight, who would soon move out into oblivion.

Thought to be safe.

But then, there was the switch gear. Maybe it was the two expulsions that gave more air. Perhaps it was the weariness that began to show itself.

Dinamo scores and brings himself close to victory. Photo: Antonio Bronic/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Felix Brych shows Nikola Moro out and kicking thus renewed life in the fight. Photo: Denis Lovrovic/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Felix Brych turns wisely enough, the final situation WAS-the room. But the message is clear: the Penalty kick. Photo: Denis Lovrovic/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Tetê offsets of almost 98 minutes into the match to the end result. Photo: Antonio Bronic/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Luka Ivanusec scored to 2-1 for Dinamo after 83 minutes. The ball was kicked through the one bead, and then conducted the home team morning air. In the 89. minute messed Andriy Pyatov in the Shakhtar goal, so Arijan Ademi could increase to 3-1.

SO was the permanent home, and jubelen was great at Maksimir. For the 4-0 victory over Atalanta and 2-2 in Donetsk meant that one would be seven points in the last few rounds. With the list and relax in the last couple of games could the croats might sneak ahead of the group.

It will be harder now.

For a too loose selection in 93. minutes meant that Junior Moraes got headet reduction in the network, and when the German Felix Brych had laid violent all the time, there was renewed hope in the Ukrainian/brazilian camp, while the croats refused to believe the returning voltage.

And the madness was completed, as Brych pointed at the penalty spot, as there was the game 94 and 44 seconds. You can certainly discuss the German's decision, for the Taisons case seemed violently intended, and he had almost an eye on Brych, from the time he driblede into the penalty area, he lay in the grass.

the Perpetrator was a 20-year-old Marko Dira, which was shifted into its first Champions League match ever ten minutes earlier.

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The violent protests, despite maintained Brych decision, and from a 20-year-old perpetrator of a 19-year-old hero; Mateus Cardoso Lemos Martins - in Donetsk, better known as Tetê.

He had come in five minutes earlier in his first CL match, and so he had to kick the penalty kick, which could ensure the ukrainians renewed life in the tournament. What pressure to put on so young and untried a player, but head coach Luis Castro knew what he was doing.

Tetê went to the ball for nearly 98 minutes of play and kicked the safe reversal in the net.

Shakhtar-jubelen directed the mind towards the liberation in 1945, or maybe just a victory in a Champions League final. Reverse anticlimactic it was for the majority of Maksimirs guests, who quietly noted that one should not count on anything just because you are leading 3-1, when a match goes into overtime.

And so sjoskede the home again. Depressed and barely able to rejoice that they had just witnessed the perhaps the most insane end to a Champions League match ever.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

The wildest CL-completion Anderlecht-jubilation at Emirates Stadium in 2014. Photo: Matt Dunham/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

spoken almost every season of awesome comebacks over two legs in the Champions League's final rounds in the spring. But the story serves well enough in some of the terrific finishes in one-off matches, where the group also can be taken with.

Extra Magazine provides here a bid on the perhaps the wildest finishes in the tournament's history.

the Dutch going 3-1 after 50 minutes, but after thrown Galásek thrown out. It alters the game flow. Sparta reduces on the subsequent penalty kick by Labant, within Baranek equalise after 62 minutes of play. The same Baranek ensures the victory in injury time.

The Italian favorites comes in at 3-1 in the Rui Costa after 64 minutes of play, but the French fight on and get reduced, as Zanotti score to 3-2 after 87 minutes. Battles evens ago in overtime and ensures Bordeaux a point.

Note: the Bordeaux was already in the first minute of 2. half reduced to ten men, when Alicarte got the red card...

With Laurent Leroys two scores brings PSG at 3-0 in the 55. minute, but Deportivo at home in the Riazor in the year is a chapter in itself, and two scores of Pandiani and Variable within three minutes gives new excitement. Pandiani scores two more times and ensure the comeback victory four minutes before the time.

the Swiss, place themselves at 3-0 after 29 minutes of play by Timothée Atouba. But Liverpool founder ago a special ability to come again in the Champions League auspices. Danny Murphy and Vladimir Smicer reduces in the course of the 2. half before Michael Owen equalise with five minutes again.

the Englishmen should win by two to advance from the group and went behind at Anfield, when Rivaldo scored after half an hour's time. Florent Sinama-Pongolle got equalised after 47 minutes, Neil Mellor scored the 2-1 after 80 minutes, and Steven Gerrards awesome halvflugter four minutes before the time went fast over in the history books.

Vasiliy Berezutskiys scoring to 3-1 after 47 minutes at Old Trafford similar to the long decision, surprisingly, to ensure the russians are not just one but three points against United. But Paul Scholes gets reduced after 84 minutes, before Antonio Valencia equalise in injury time.

It is an overhaul of the second world, Tottenham are experiencing the first 35 minutes at the San Siro in Milan. 4-0 lead Inter already ten minutes before the break. It does not succeed the English to retrieve it, but the three Gareth Bale-goals (including two in overtime) reduce gap to 4-3 in the fast-paced affair.

Lyon as Tottenham two weeks before a øretæve in Lisbon and is down 4-0 after 67 minutes of play. Nor did Lyon manage to download it, but the travel and reduces the three times by Gourcuff (74), Gomis (85) and Lovren (90) and can travel home without much humiliation, the otherwise was.

When Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored the 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium after 58 minutes, it looked like a slap in the face of the larger to the belgian Anderlecht. But traditionsklubben from Brussels would not allow themselves to be jacks and created a minor sensation by Anthony Vanden Borres two targets (61 and 73) as well as Aleksandar Mitrovic’ equalizing in injury time.

the Portuguese were well on the way to a delicious udebanesejr in Istanbul, as Ljubomir Fejsa scored to 3-0 after 31 minutes. But Vodafone Arena in the Turkish metropolis was to go from the downer to the big party. Cenk Tosun reduced in 58. minutes, Benficas arch-enemy number one, Ricardo Quaresma reduced further after 83 minutes, before Vincent Aboubakar equalized in the 89. minutes.

On the way to the finals stumbled Liverpool, in Seville, in the initial group stage, after you led 3-0 after half an hour of play. Wissam Ben Yedder was reduced two times in 2. half-time, before Guido Pizarro equalized in injury time.

There stood 1-1 on the measured breeding, as the two teams went into the last ten minutes of the last group match. Both teams were on, but it was not to look at the development at the end. Dusan Tadic scored the 2-1 from the penalty spot for Ajax after 82 minutes. Robert Lewandowski scored from the same spot after 87 minutes. So there stood 2-2.

Kingsley Coman believed that he had secured Bayern victory, when he in the injury time scored for 3-2, but Nicolas Tagliafica stressed that this season was Ajax in time with the greats and equalized later in the second division.

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