It stays in the family: How to combat Brovst closing of shops

To enter in a business in Brovst can quickly feel like being invited to a nice cousin-cousin-fest. most of The shops in the shopping street is run by husband

It stays in the family: How to combat Brovst closing of shops

To enter in a business in Brovst can quickly feel like being invited to a nice cousin-cousin-fest. most of The shops in the shopping street is run by husband

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Ann McDonald
03 February 2020 Monday 04:00
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It stays in the family: How to combat Brovst closing of shops

To enter in a business in Brovst can quickly feel like being invited to a nice cousin-cousin-fest.

most of The shops in the shopping street is run by husband and wife, parents and children or siblings.

that's How it is in the newly-opened SAVE with the brothers Peter and Andrew, Guldhammer in the front. Since the Referendum turned the keys on the previous year, the premises stood empty. Now it sounds kasseapparatets beep-beep again.

Andreas and Peter Guldhammer hope sometime to be able to reap the rewards of their hard work in the SAVE-the grocery store, but it is more important for them to contribute to the local community. Photo: René Schütze

As Extra the Magazine visit them, it is most 28-year-old Peter, who is in turn, for his 25-year-old younger brother has just become a father.

- Congratulations uncle shouts a customer to Peter, who by their display freezers helps a lady on a disability scooter to reach a bag of brussels sprouts.

- We know all the customers, and they know us. Therefore I believe enough, it has to run around. We have had really great support, he says.

Peter is butiksuddannet, while Andreas was a truck driver. Nevertheless, they threw themselves, with financial support from the people in the city out in life as independent merchants.

- I am practically raised in the profession, while the whole thing is new for him so of course he must just learn from it. But fortunately, we are nordjyder, so it takes we quietly smiles.

When you have bought milk and bread in the SAVE, you can slant across the street and go into a store, where you can buy the latest new crime novel and a scooter.

- It started really as a joke, then mother worked in Books & Paper, and dad had a bicycle mechanic. As we said for fun, that if the bookstore ever closed, so we had to make a total biks, says Kasper Hansen, 28.

in the Middle of the store stands a bookcase with children's books-Jewish and her husband's chamber from each other. Photo: René Schütze

In 2014, pulled the chain out, so now the driver Kasper together with his mother Kirsten, the independent Pen & Paper, while his father Steffen under the same roof repairs and sells two-wheelers in the Bike & Scooterhuset.

- We fit each of our half, but I can easily sell a bicycle tube for him, while he stands on his head in a scooter out on the workshops, says Kirsten.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

- We would rather have familieforretninger than chains

Jens Christian Nielsen and Morten Brix fighting together with the other traders, borgerforeningen and Jammerbugt Municipality in order to avoid the closing of shops in the city. Photo: René Schütze

Brovst is with her 2767 inhabitants of a city as cheeky storbyfolk would call a town. Anyway pops new stores up for the time being.

A new café has just opened. Opposite beat SAVE the doors up before christmas. On the corner is a newly opened designforretning.

They are all family-run businesses, and it is a deliberate strategy from the Handelsstandsforeningen and a group of business professionals who are actively working to develop the city.

- We are looking for certainly not after the chains. They are welcome, if they come of themselves, but we would rather have familieforretninger than chains. We are going back to the old owner-managed stores, says real estate agent Morten Brix.

- When there are empty shops, it goes out over all of us together, explains the chairman of Brovst Handelsstandsforning Jens Christian Nielsen.

- There are still empty premises in the town - such as the bakery, as an Extra Magazine had the pop-up editing in recently. It seems, In the doing?

- It had been much worse, had we not done something.

Meet the families behind the butiksdisken in Brovst 1 of 10 family ties children: for decades, the Taking and Annalise Kristensen had TO Flowers and garden center. And even though they are respectively. 78 and 74 years, they toil, they who are still together with their children and grandson. - They are just on vacation right now. It is still my mother, who has the last word. Her we have the most respect for", said Jannie Poulsen, 55, while she and her 26-year-old daughter Malene bind the bouquets. They both have helped, since they were small. Photo: René Schütze 2 of 10 - Now cutter we, and so we are a few: - We are not always good to let the work lie, when we have freedom, but we try. When we close the door here, so we will have to say: ’Now cutter we, and so we are a couple – not colleagues,’ says Betina Waldhauer, 59, who in ten years has been with in her husband, 61-year-old Bo Kølby Nielsen's Expert and Point1. Photo: René Schütze 3 of 10 Document against the victims: The newly minted SAVE-merchants the brothers Peter and Andrew, Guldhammer, 25, has always had the well together, but have helgarderet themselves from potential conflicts. - We've created a go-to document, so we have the agreements in writing, if we still had to be a falling out over something, telling the 28-year-old Peter. Photo: René Schütze 4 of 10 Mr Nielsen has employed mrs Nielsen: - Wine and spirits are my passion, but since the previous christmas, my wife also worked in the store. She is good to the decorative, so we complement each other great, says 58-year-old Jens Christian Nielsen Mr Nielsen's Specialties. Photo: René Schütze 5 of 10 Is not the mother, the father and son in the shop: - I never say mother, when we are here, " says Kasper Hansen, 28. - No, here we are Kasper and Kirsten and Steffen, says Their mother, 57-year-old Kirsten, who together with the son have Pen & Paper, while her husband Steffen, 58, driver Bike & Scooterhuset in the same room. Photo: René Schütze 6 of 10 the Dog is also with on the job: With EDC meetings both bomuldshunden Victor and owner Morten Brix, 59, and his wife, 55-year-old Gitte. - We have always dreamed of having our own together. Ever since we worked inside the bank both of the two, says Morten. Photo: René Schütze 7 of 10 - We think alike: Jannie Andersen, 47, has driven the bodega Café in seven years, and when she opened the doors up to it Mrs Andersen's Café employees to her 40-year-old sister Malene Winfeld. - We think alike me and my sister, and so we are running at the same pace. Photo: René Schütze 8 of 10 private equity fund closed business to ensure: - In 2008, I sold my Tøjeksperten to a private equity firm, and left the industry. But when they closed, I started in February my own shop, says Lene Juul Christensen, 58, who owns Herremagasinet Brovst, while her one year older sister Lisa by the same token, jerked his dametøjsforretning JUUL enter the premises. Photo: René Schütze 9 of 10 Sustainable brother and sister: - You can look at things, that we are in the family, even though I run mine, and he runs his. But Jens is the boss, laughing Margrethe Hjarsbæk Rasmussen, 40, who make clothes in wool, while her 44-year-old brother Jens are doing plankeborde to the Designers Garden. Photo: René Schütze 10 of 10 most of The shops in Brovst is located here in the Uk, but elsewhere in the city, you will also find enterprising families. Fx is running the father and son the car dealer YES-cars. Husband, wife and son, operates a Botex. And in Jekas - Dog and Cat can a young man every day come in katteslagsmål with his mother-in-law and father-in-law, but the rumor says that, despite far from going to the dogs. Photo: René Schütze

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