It must you take with you when you move

the Tabernacle is to be handed over clean and tidy. Such is the general rule of thumb, when you move. This applies whether it is rental or home ownership. You m

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
14 September 2019 Saturday 12:00
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It must you take with you when you move

the Tabernacle is to be handed over clean and tidy. Such is the general rule of thumb, when you move. This applies whether it is rental or home ownership. You must therefore not leave the shelves or the end-of-life sofa.

But there are still limits to how cleared the dwelling must be, unless you have made special agreements, points to the expert in the subject of Organic Bolius Tine Nielsen.

- As a starting point to everything what is fixed with more than ordinary screws, be in the apartment or house. In addition, the home appliances, which are in the house or apartment at the screening, also them, the new resident can expect to take over by occupation.

- It can also apply to furniture, which is built-in. You for example don't remove the upper cabinets in the kitchen, but vitrineskabet in the living room is not in the same way a part of the furniture. So what do you like to take with, she says.

Who you should report moving to?

If you have a quite special relationship to your refrigerator or the antique wall cupboard in the kitchen, so it is possible to make special agreements in connection with the abandonment of the house or apartment. But here is the crucial difference between whether you are a tenant or owner.

- As a tenant, you are entirely dependent on the landlord's benevolence. But fits the wardrobe not to your new housing, you can ask the landlord, whether it is in order that it will be standing for the new tenant. Vice versa, it will rarely be possible to take something that was already in the dwelling upon moving in. Have you invested in a washing machine for the apartment, it is of course your and can be taken with, says Ann Nielsen.

As the owner you can in a far higher degree even choose to make special deal for both the furniture and home appliances, which must be written into the purchase contract.

- It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits. But make sure you have the agreement in writing, and be sure that both the buyer and seller have the same expectation. Have agreed, that something is removed, so also, make sure the expectations on a possible restoration of wall, floor and panels behind a built-in closet, stresses, Tine Nielsen.

A free-standing trampoline you must take with you when you move. Is the trampoline buried to you as a starting point let it stand. Photo: Carsten Ingemann

In the garden subject to the same rules as within doors. You must not remove plants or fixed play equipment. A loose trampoline you must take with you, while a buried trampoline is regarded as permanent fixtures, unless otherwise agreed. Would you like to have the apple tree, which was planted by the child's navngivningsfest, with, you can also make a special agreement, which will be written into the deal.

How you do the move yourself

It is a good idea to get help from the broker to clarify any queries. Have you established the bed up under the ceiling in the nursery, or you do not care to lug garden furniture to the new townhouse, so you can easily ask if the new resident has to want to take over. But it can be an advantage to make it through the broker, so no one is to be encountered on the cuffs.

- if you Come from an apartment to a house with a garden, then you might be quite grateful to take over the old garden tools. Conversely, it may be, to the bed, you proudly have built for the junior, is considered crap. By going through the broker gets all the emotions sorted, and to get some more honest answers, says Ann Nielsen.

By the purchase of the cottage, there is extra reason to inquire into what agreement for the fixtures is. Previously, there have namely been a tradition that the cottages were taken over furnished both inside and out.

- Be absolutely clear on whether the furniture in the home included in the sale. It comes both as a seller and as a buyer, says Ann Nielsen.

What is the best pay - to buy the old house or build new?

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