It means a woman's onanivaner for her sex life

How do women masturbation together with their sex life? Have orgasmeproblemer by masturbation something to do with orgasmeproblemer by sex? It has american an

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Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 18:00
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It means a woman's onanivaner for her sex life

How do women masturbation together with their sex life? Have orgasmeproblemer by masturbation something to do with orgasmeproblemer by sex?

It has american and Hungarian researchers looked at.

And it turns out that a woman's onanivaner means something for how the sexual take itself out.

2215 women aged 18-95 participated in the scientific study, where they completed a series of questionnaires. Here were questions on everything from demographics and relationships to the sexual history and sexlyster. There was also a focus on onaniteknikker, orgasmeoplevelser and the desire for sex.

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Here are some of the results:

57 percent prefer sex with a partner over masturbation, 12 percent would rather masturbation, while seven percent indicate it is just satisfactory. 45 percent says that it switches. On average, masturbating women two times a week. And have sex two times a week. Most women stimulates the clitoris by masturbation, and for the whole 94 percent of them belong to the clitoral stimulation in sex with a partner. 97 percent of the women, which stimulates the vagina during masturbation, have also vaginalstimulation by partnersex.

53 percent of the women, which stimulates himself anally by masturbation, has also analleg on sexprogrammet. 36 percent of women use toys in masturbation, it has also in use by sex. Women who masturbate more, experience less shortage of arousal by sex. However, hang onanifrekvens not significantly together with orgasmefrekvens by sex. Women who report greater satisfaction with sexual arousal, are more likely to have an orgasm, fewer lystproblemer, greater orgasmenydelse and fewer problems with to have an orgasm during sex. With age increases the likelihood to get orgasm with a partner, like orgasmenydelsen by partnersex increases with age. Between 60 and 67 percent of the women who had problems with getting orgasm during masturbation, reported the same reasons for orgasmeudfordringer during sex, for example, the lack of arousal.

Overall the researchers conclude that the more of the activities, which the women use during masturbation, which are included in their partnersex, the more likely it is that they get orgasm with a partner, they get faster, they enjoy the orgasm more, and that they have fewer orgasmeproblemer.

As evidenced by the figures above, is klitorisstimullation and vaginalstimulation common to most women by both masturbation and sex, but, nevertheless, there are also differences with regard to techniques:

Some women use special onanistillinger, have sexual fantasies and using sex toys and analleg, precisely because they increase the orgasmechancerne by masturbation - and yet they are not in the sex.

‘Masturbation can have significant positive effects on the experience of partnered sex, as long as the types of activities share at least some common stimulatory pathways. When alignment of activities exceeded 75%, additional benefits were realized.

Not only, then, does the alignment of activities impart positive effects on the experience of partnered sex, but lack of alignment may be detrimental two orgasmic likelihood and pleasure during partnered sex, to the point where nonalignment of activities was more characteristic of women who preferred masturbation over partnered sex.’

Or in English: correspondence between onaniteknikker and sexteknikker provides better sex life.

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The british sex therapist Tracey Cox says that the first step for women to have orgasms during sex is masturbation. Cox suggests this approach:

Practice makes perfect, search literature on the various techniques on the web, use a vibrator. Then you can explore your body and desires with your fingers.Keep up with to fake orgasms with your partner.Tell your partner that you find it difficult to get orgasm during sex, so the pressure on your orgasms is diminishing.Give your partner clear signs and signals. Show him how you will kærtegnes.Remember, clitoral stimulation during sex - it is and will be the main road to orgasm.

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