It happens if they win: Mahfoud can look forward to drømmebrag

Mogens Palle beats in truth the doors up 1. February in the Frederiksberg sports Halls to a quite potent boksestævne with a few solid matches shown, that with t

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 09:00
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It happens if they win: Mahfoud can look forward to drømmebrag

Mogens Palle beats in truth the doors up 1. February in the Frederiksberg sports Halls to a quite potent boksestævne with a few solid matches shown, that with the warranty enough to give all the spectators bang for their buck.

Hovedkampen is of course without a doubt 30-year-old Sarah Mahfouds long-awaited WORLD cup match against the IBF's interim world champion in featherweight, the argentine Carabajal. Next is the young, 20-year-old boksehåb, Oliver Meng for a historic title defense of his IBF Youth title against the two years older ukrainer Vasyl Kurasov.

Letsværvægteren Robert Morell is facing his life's most difficult challenge in the boxing ring, when he Saturday in a so-called EM-eliminator as the underdog to try to get to grips with the montenegrin Nikola Sjekloca, the former WORLD cup and european championship-contender.

But what can the future doth bring, if the three headliners at the upcoming English Fight Night CHAMPIONSHIP boksegalla draws out victorious out of their respective matches.

Unbeaten Sarah Mahfoud (9-0, 3 KO's) finally get his WORLD cup chance. A fight, she had been promised by Mogens Palle, before she turned 30. So yes, I managed to right on a hanging hair. It is well to notice an interim WORLD championship fight in the featherweight at the large, recognised federations IBF, since the actual IBF world champion in the featherweight, a 36-year-old Jennifer He (17-3-1, 1 KO's) from the UNITED states, has not been in a fight since 2018, because she in the meantime has become a mother and have been on maternity leave - He does however comeback in the ring 15. February.

A victory over the argentine interim world champion Brenda Karen Carabajal (16-4-1, 9 KO's), there is no. 9 in the world on BoxRec, in contrast to Sarah Mahfoud, there is no. 4, will be a splendid, splendid achievement, and will at the same time make the Danish fjervægter to official titeludfordrer to the ruling, american IBF champion of the world.

Sarah Mahfoud send Enerolisa De Leon against the ropes at the Danish Fight Night 2019. Photo: Jonas Olufson
But on a large VM-bang between Mahfoud and He also can go and become a reality is far from certain - it is the WBO champion of the world, Dina Thorslund, from bitter experience, when she, as the WBC's interim champion of the world in vain pursuit of a final WORLD cup showdown against the reigning champion Fatuma Zarika: Thorslund would the boxes in Denmark, Zarika in Nairobi, Kenya, and the Danish boxer therefore sought other paths, as the then reigning world champion declared himself injured just before a so-called purseoffer.

Can promoterne agree on economy m.m., end up a possible WORLD cup match between Mahfoud and He purseoffer, where other promoters can bid into, or have Mogens Palle other plans with Mahfoud, who is favourably placed with several major WORLD alliance.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Unbeaten Oliver Meng (7-0, 3 KO's) will be called Mogens Citizens super talent. The 20-year-old, which falstring with self-confidence in the top between the ropes has already impressed by becoming the country's youngest Youth champion as a 19-year-old, IBF's Youth Title in superweltervægt. With a win Saturday in his first title defense, he can bl.a. send an important signal to the IBF's representatives and the rest of the bokseverdenen. But the kid is still young and upcoming - as no. 142 in the world on BoxRec in superweltervægt he meets the Saturday no. 624.

Oliver Meng (t.h.) in the battle with Jordan Neveux at the Danish Fight Night 2019. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Meng must still be built up, but with his eighth fight he can officially take the EBU's europarangliste and the EU-lists. The way to the top should now be coated with a showdown against boxers in the top 100 and smaller titles as f.ex. an International/Intercontinental title, which can place him on the big WORLD cup-the confederation's rankings.

Even says Oliver Meng: - I would very much like to with in the EBU rankings and clearly the work of me up against the bigger matches on the european level.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

The aarhus letsværvægter (12-2, 3 KO's) is baltic champion by the associated IBF. With two defeats in his career, there is not room for more missteps - although the first defeat against Maurice Possiti was quickly revancheret, and the defeat in the match against Sven Fornling the pga. an eye injury/head injury actually could have been avoided.

Robert Morell with the top of the wrist in a duel with Dayron Lester at the memorial tournament back in June 2019. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

Morell, who is ranked as the no. 50 in the world on BoxRec, aiming for a european championship match. Despite underdogrollen a victory over Nikola Sjekloca (35-5-1, 11 KO's) send him far up in the international boksehierarki, believe Mogens Palle, who has dubbed the fight: ‘EM-eliminator’. It is reported that Morell can come into play for a european championship match at the EBU. No matter what is the fight a "door opener", points out Morell, who can provide a EBU leaderboard standings as well as ranglisteplaceringer of the major WORLD alliance. Sjekloca re-enters with the match Saturday as the no. 31 in the world at light heavyweight, returned DFN-camp.

- My goal is EM-the title, my future must be about bigger matches, more titles, but right now exists only in the fight on Saturday, says Robert Morell.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

The unbeaten cruiservægter (13-0, 8 KO's) is powerful, brølstærk and apparently a much sought-after lord in bokseverdenen currently, he is returning from an injury in the left hand, and as no. 61 in the world at BoxRec, he meets Saturday, Ukrainian Sviatoslav Svyryd (5-2, 4 KO's), there is no. 630. Rossing has recently been offered a fight for the EBU's vacant EU title, and the former has a prestigious WORLD cup match against the WBA's world champion, Arsenic Goulamirian been in the game.

the Danish Rossing lets took the throne as the victor at the Danish Fight Night 2019. Photo: Jonas Olufson

As for ex. WBC ungdomsverdensmester (WBC's Youth World Title) and with a position as no. 28 at the WBC's world rankings and number 15 on the european bokseforbunds the EU-lists, have the Rossing even stated: - We are on the right path, and it is just a matter of time before it falls into place with an interesting match. I have my focus on the 4 great alliance and their titles. But it is clear that if there comes an opportunity to take a european championship match or similar, then I am also ready for it.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the 27-year-old Enock Poulsen (11-0, 4 KO's) is also Mogens Citizens EM-trump card. The Danish superletvægter with the zambiske roots, won last year by the EBU EUROPEAN title, and hopefully get Mogens Palle EM-fight against the reigning european champion Sandor Martin (36-2, 13 KO's) to Denmark - the negotiations are settled before long.

Extra Magazine is send directly from the Danish Fight Night Saturday 1. February from pm 19. Read more here!

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