Homeless celebrities: See the year's biggest home sales

It has been a year with many really expensive trades in the Danish housing market - and a part of them is served with a decent sprinkle the stardust. The writ

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
27 December 2019 Friday 02:00
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Homeless celebrities: See the year's biggest home sales

It has been a year with many really expensive trades in the Danish housing market - and a part of them is served with a decent sprinkle the stardust.

The writing boligsitet men study.dk

Among other things, the hitmaker Rasmus Seebach boasts of being behind the largest celebrity-trade in the year - and the third most expensive villahandel nationwide - with a purchase price of nearly 40 million.

But also the Hummel-boss, Christian Stadil, the entrepreneur Ian Winther Høiland and the player Jannik Vestergaard has had the amount on the good side of 30 million dollars in the game to buy and sell bricks in the year.

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Here is the year's largest kendishandler

It is gysser in the smash hit. In each case, popsnedkeren Rasmus Seebach made the year's third most expensive households nationwide in 2019, when he in the spring threw 39.750.000 crowns after an almost 400 square-metre villa in the fashionable forstadskvarter Hellerup, north of Copenhagen.

the Rasmus full music in Gilleleje the Hall. Photo: Ole Steen/POLFOTO

well-Known close to Seebach: I have to take some measures

2019 was not just the year, where the businessman and billionaire Christian Stadil became the father of four, but he was also a 916 square foot villa on the border of Østerbro and Hellerup richer. He bought the 27-room property through his company for 35.5 million dollars.

Christian Stadil the owner of the huge Thornico-conglomerate, which includes over 120 companies. Photo: Jacob Ehrbahn/POLFOTO

Property entrepreneur Ian Winther Høiland live among other of the to invest in properties, develop them and sell on.

the Entrepreneur's 404 square meters large palævilla in Charlottenlund just managed to be on the market in less than two months before it was sold for a staggering 33.5 million dollars.

the Footballer Jannik Vestergaard had not just busy on the sydengelske football field for Southampton FC in the year, but also a second track: the Danish housing market. Here he bought namely the most expensive townhouse - a of 380 square metres large residential, at Holmen in Copenhagen for exactly 30 million.

Jannik Vestergaard has his daily walk in the sydengelske, where he plays for Southampton FC. Photo: Claus Bonnerup/POLFOTO

Expensive, more expensive, Copenhagen. Ejerlejlighederne in the nation's capital are being traded at exorbitant prices. Especially, if it comes to 300 square meters of special interest in the middle of Copenhagen K, as the housing financier, Mads Ulrich sold in the year. The exclusive apartment earned the former yuppie just over 18,6 million dollars.

Stjernefrisøren Dennis Knudsen was in 2019 dad to a little boy. In addition, he also purchased a new property: a 200-square-metre penthouse on the Myrholmen in the copenhagen district, the south Harbour. He paid just under 15,5 kilometres of the residence including views of the harbor entrance.

Little Lucas came into the world in June and was baptized in september. Photo: Anthon Unger

Danish well-known - 7. sep. 2019 - at. 12:45 Kendissøn baptized: Amin Jensen surprised in the church

As a member of the Danish Parliament for Liberal Alliance was the location of Ole Birk olesen's bargain just to højrebenet. There is in any case not far to the Palace from the address of H. C. Andersen's Boulevard, as the former minister and the lady, Sif Meincke a / s, bought for 10.5 million dollars in the beginning of the year.

Ole Birk Olesen is one of only three remaining mps in the Liberal Alliance. Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

Niels Olsen has not just had one, but two homes in the game of the year. The one: a 240 sqm villa in Charlottenlund, sold he and his wife, Joy-Marie Frederiksen, of almost three months for € 13.5 million. The dwelling: a liebhaverlejlighed of 220 square meters in Frederiksberg, bought the same exact amount.

It is worth clearly to be on tour with logebrødrerne. Photo: Mogens Flindt/POLFOTO

The popular tv host from among other things, the Weather on TV2 Cecilie Hother was, together with her husband, Thomas Honoré Gregers, give the keys to their patrician villa in Lyngby, as the 260-square-foot villa was sold in the summer.

the Selling price of 10.3 million helps probably a little on the way in to the couple's settler project which is also located in the city north of Copenhagen.

See the house here.

Cecilie Hother was earlier in the year, married with her husband, Thomas Honoré Gregers. Photo: Liz Rørsig

10 million Danish kroner bluntly. So much did the tv chef Bo Bech of its new 191 ft. udsigtslejlighed by the Lakes in Copenhagen. The chef, who has led the knife at Restaurant Paustian and Geist, was also sharp during the price negotiations - in each he managed to tweak the dwelling 1.5 million under the asking price.

Bo Bech has operated the restaurant Geist in eight years. Photo: Miriam Dalsgaard/POLFOTO

There was also boligheld in 2019 with the tv-host Anders Breinholt, who along with his wife, Line Breinholt, had sold the apartment on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen. The 194 square-ended to bring the pair 9.250.000 crowns. However, they are on the Fringes, where they in the spring bought a house.

Anders Breinholt got filled up in the wallet in 2019. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

men study.dk has calculated the most expensive kendishandler based on sales registered in the period between 1. January and 17. december 2019. Reservations are taken for the delay in Tinglysningen.

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