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Harsh criticism of the Bryggen-stars: out of the hemp

'Markedskoldt, a circus of celebrities and completely wrong of boxes-union.' that is How it sounds when several of the Danish bokseverdens most experienced

Harsh criticism of the Bryggen-stars: out of the hemp

'Markedskoldt, a circus of celebrities and completely wrong of boxes-union.' that is How it sounds when several of the Danish bokseverdens most experienced

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
12 September 2019 Thursday 05:00
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Harsh criticism of the Bryggen-stars: out of the hemp

'Markedskoldt, a circus of celebrities and completely wrong of boxes-union.'

that is How it sounds when several of the Danish bokseverdens most experienced people relate to it boksestævne, as Cengiz and Geggo, known from the tv programme 'the Family from Bryggen', holds tomorrow, Saturday, in the Frederiksberg city Hall.

Here 16 realitydeltagere boxes in a 'real-world boxes-competition', where there is a prize of 10,000 dollars up for grabs for the winner of each match, according to eventets website.

'Famillien from Bryggen'-pair Stephanie Karma Salvarli and Cengiz Mads Salvarli. Photo: Jonas Olufson.

Realitydeltagerne are all untested in the boxing ring.

They count among the other former ’Paradise Hotel’-participants as Mathias Hjort, Nadja Hansen, Katrine Hoffmann and Kasper Klausen. In addition, Niels Laigaard, known from ’the Family from Bryggen’ and Valdemar Montanta, known from ’the Boys on the edge’, with. Also, several participants from the realityprogrammerne 'Love Island' and ’The delicious for love’ is on the list of amatørboksere.

But boksestævnet with the name Star boxing is far from come smoothly from the start. Even before, it has been held, meetings in the event of massive criticism from multiple edges.

There have also been several bumps along the way. Geggo and Cengiz came in a tailspin, as two of the participants could not be allowed to make up, because they were over 40 years.

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Trailing smoke even a participant on the grounds of a prison, since there are a large number of rules under the ministry of Justice, which must be met to gain admission to the boxes.

2019: Mogens Palle is still active as a promoter. Here along with his boxer Sarah Mahfoud (Th.) and her opponent for the Danis Fight Night weigh-in Nykøbing Falster. Photo: Per Rasmussen

With 60 years in the bokseverden as the promoter and matchmaker Mogens Palle seen it all. He is ready in the saliva and call among other things, the competition for the 'completely out in the hemp'.

- Just as soon as there is money involved, people are losing total inhibitions. They do not think that it goes beyond the sporting. I think it is completely out of the hemp, they've got a bokseklub with on it, says 85-year-old Mogens Palle to Ekstra Bladet.

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He alludes to that boksedeltagerne within the regatta has been trained in the illustrious bokseklub, Christian Sports Club Boxing champion (C. I. C). The club stands behind a large number of stars. Most notable is Mikkel Kessler, whose sister, Lens Kessler, is the mother of Stephanie Karma Salvarli, known as Geggo, who, along with her husband, Cengiz Mads Salvarli, stand behind the Star boxing.

The retired boksestjerne Mikkel Kessler, however, has 'nothing' with the arrangement to make, the information he for Extra Magazine.

an hour and a Half every Sunday for three months, the 'stars' received boxing training in the C. I. K. in order to be able to boxes a match, inform the organizers in several places.

But the modest training period, as Star boxing has been in charge of, meetings also hovedrysten among several boksetrænere.

- It is too little. You must work out at least four months and like four-five times a week, before you can boxes a match. Otherwise it can be dangerous, because you don't have the technique, says the daily leader of the IF Sparta Bokseklub, the old mesterbokser, Julek Grabowski.

Other boksetrænere confirms that there must be a minimum of four months of intensive training before it is safe.

It is also not completely by the book, that there are 10,000 dollars on the game to the winner of each battle, think of the long-standing referee waived it Paul Gaardbo.

- in my opinion one should not be able to win 10,000 dollars in a non-professional fight, he says.

Benny Jørgensen, who, through the ten years was president of the Danish Boxes-Union (DaBU), also takes sharp distance from the event, which he calls a 'circus of hell'.

- instead of the circus I would rather have real boxing. It is quite wrong to DaBU in dragging boxing down to a level where it should not be, says Benny Jørgensen.

Benny Jørgensen for the Danish seniormesterskab in boxing in Jetsmarkshallen in Pandrup, denmark. Photo: Gorm Olesen.

He does not believe that bokseunionen should make the judges and match officials available at the event.

- Even if they can't ban it, they should take distance from such a markedskoldt event, says Benny Jørgensen.

Star boxing writes on their website that, 'even if it is amateur boxing, there is no doubt that it will be a hell of a night'. En Ekstra Bladet read it for DaBU's chairman, Lars Brovil, he gets ratty.

Chairman of the DaBU, Lars Brovil. Photo: Lars Brovil/Tulip Food Service.

- It sounds like someone who doesn't have a shit sense of boxing, he says, and refers to the fact that amatørbetegnelsen is switched out with the olympic boxing. He is, however, on the goal that the regatta is being supported by DaBU, though he does not quite have gotten used to it.

- I must be careful not to have the acidic, negative glasses on. Personally it's not something I would waste my time on. But I can see that we can learn something of how many tickets they have sold, and how much attention they have created, " says Lars Brovil.

What are you thinking about, that they supposedly only have trained boxing once a week for three months?

- It may not sound like much, but we must go out from, to C. I. K. has ensured that they are ready to boxes, he says.

What are you thinking about, that there is money involved?

- There is nothing wrong in that, comes some gains. In the many rallies are there gift cards or other prizes, he says.

the boxing club C. I. K.'s president for more than 40 years, Soren Saugmann, will not respond to Extra Magazine in question. He explains that the C. I. K. has followed all rules set by the DaBU in the context of Star boxing.

- I would like you to refer to C. I. K. in a sober way, he says, before he puts the tube on.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to submit to the criticism of the Star boksnings organizers, Stephanie Karma Salvarli and Gengiz Mads Salvarli, but they do not want to comment on the case.

I have no comment, says Cengiz Mads Salvarli to Ekstra Bladet.

Copenhagen Police informs on Friday to Ekstra Bladet, that they have given to Star boxing's permission to hold the regatta.

the Assumption is that there is a doctor present, and that each boxer has a so-called startbog, which among other things contains a document issued by a doctor who verifies the bokserens fitness for battle.

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