Hard no to his daughter: I had to explain to her

See Brøndby in the lunch break - and AGF v FCK in the final! Ekstra Bladet ++ show Friday the decisive battles in the Atlantic Cup. Purchase access here! th

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 February 2020 Friday 05:00
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Hard no to his daughter: I had to explain to her

See Brøndby in the lunch break - and AGF v FCK in the final! Ekstra Bladet ++ show Friday the decisive battles in the Atlantic Cup. Purchase access here!

the ALGARVE (Ekstra Bladet): the Grass is greener in Portugal than in Denmark, and the mood fails nothing in FC Copenhagen training camp.

Carlos Zeca tells the bull stories on the exercise bike, and Nicolai Boilesen ask Rasmus Falk package six-pack away.

- you Can't help but to walk around like that?, he says with a big grin and poke him a hug.

Falk got the clear message of Boilesen and ended up actually taking a shirt on. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

But it is not pure idyll for the langstidskadede Boilesen. Most training is done alone, but now, he must kick a ball.

It is sometimes one step forward and one back, he admits, and it requires a alvorssnak with himself to keep the courage up.

- If you suddenly can't do the exercises as good as the last one, then there comes some frustration.

- I'm trying to allow myself to be influenced by it as little as possible, so I'm not an emotional wreck in nine months. It is not healthy for myself or extensively tested, he says with a laugh.

Carlos Zeca and Boilesen are competing on who is the most talkative on the kondicyklerne. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

The 27-year-old back yesterday positive for life. Conversely, there is no reason to hide, what the hell a korsbåndsskade is.

He was bothered early in his career, with many baglårsskader, but otherwise the damage is really limited to be short-lived.

- Smertemæssigt it is not on the level with such a knee injury. The first three months, it is just daily pain. Even the most basic things hurts.

in Particular, he has the mark, how big a difference it made for their daughter Nala.

- Just to carry her and yourself.

- When it happened she was 2.5 years, now she is three. She can see that the father has been operated on and have the scars. But she still think we should play horse perched on my back while I lie on the knees. That it is hard to say that it can far not. Then I must be more creative, but daily I had to find something else we could do. I had to explain to her and the teacher she probably also something of the.

his Daughter's name adorns the Boilesens arm. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

It helps him, by his own admission ‘200 percent’, that the daughter is there to encourage him in the long year.

I Had got the here injury while I was in the Netherlands alone, and not had my daughter, so I think it mentally had been much harder.

- When I retrieve her from the institution after a lortetræning, so go there right exactly two minutes, so it is out of the world.

Boilesen and his daughter's mother are not together anymore. In the period of the damage the two have shared time with her daughter almost evenly, which could have been difficult, if I am the player had not been limited by knee and was with the team constantly.

He would preferably also be able to play, but now, when the situation is like this, so he gets the best out of it.

- Now I can also be søndagsfar, says he uplifted.

Conditions on The Campus in the Algarve is not to complain for Boilesen and co. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Through his career he has not only been put outside of the damage. There was also kontraktstriden with Ajax, and when the daughter came into the world too early, held it him also out. He could train, but not have the head ready for the matches.

My daughter was born three months premature, and we were in the hospital with her for about four months. It has not been smooth sailing throughout his career, he says with a laugh, indicating some relief.

Some might call him unlucky, but he does not necessarily.

- Everything is relative. I have a good job, I'm really well paid for a job, I like to do, living in Denmark, where there are nice, and have a good life.

- Now I have a healthy daughter, so there are also many positive things.

- I have also been fortunate in my football career. I went for it, when I got the chance.

- of course It is a mix that to be talented, to have mental strength and it would, but you also have to have the portion of luck and timing.

Despite the setbacks is the FCK-charlie on the way back. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

He remembers the first half of the year, where he broke through in Ajax. It included two titles, a U21-finals, and the debut in both the Champions League and in the landsholdsdragten.

- We generally tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side and the others to take a share of the pie. I will try not to focus on. You never know what people go and do anyway.

Boilesen was in Ajax through the seven years, and he does not rule out to take the trip out again.

- of Course that is my daughter in the equation. She is my life. Therefore, it may well be that I take it out again, but it must make sense. I'm not out just to take out.

- I enjoy it more here in the present moment than before, because I know how fast it can go in football. We play a lortetræningskamp, and two minutes before time, then I'm suddenly out in nine months.

I am the defender can be expected back around may.

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