H&M to stop buying brazilian leather

the Campaign is, according to H&M linked to the phenomenon of forest fires in the Amazon rain forests, and livestock in the area. ”We have decided to suspend

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
16 September 2019 Monday 12:00
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H&M to stop buying brazilian leather

the Campaign is, according to H&M linked to the phenomenon of forest fires in the Amazon rain forests, and livestock in the area.

”We have decided to suspend the purchase of the skins from the coast of Brazil. Köpstoppet will continue until there is a credible system is established that is able to verify that the skin does not contribute to environmental damage in the Amazon region”, says H&M's press office in a statement to news agency TT.

More than 50 000 forest fires are registered in the country this year, the highest level in more than a decade, at the same time, as farmers chose to destroy the forest in order to make room for cattle ranching.

It is not clear how much of the skinnproduktion, which is connected to the deforestation of the Amazon forest, but, according to a united nations report, by 2016, 80 per cent of deforestation may be linked to this, the New York Times writes.

as Before, H&M, the american company VF Corporation, with the company name, as the shoe manufacturer Timberland and The North Face, maker of outdoor clothing, made in the same action. Recently, it was announced, also, that the AP funds ' investments in Brazil is to be examined on the basis of whether they meet the requirements.

however, an added value that is now to step out on the court with such an action, and points out to Eva Ossiansson, a phd in marketing at the stockholm school of Economics in Gothenburg, sweden, and research on the brands.

" when it comes to H&M, it is of special interest because they have had a lot of trouble in the last couple of years. It is clear to the business of the day, if you happen to be out of here, or the challenges, it could lead to drastic things when your customers share and talk about you in a not-so-good way, " she says.

Eva Ossiansson cites as an example, in the past, reporting on environmental issues, and H&M, but it is also a rarismkritiserad advertising campaign in which a boy wore a t-shirt with the words ' the Coolest monkey in the jungle”, which attracted a huge following, among other things, republic of south Africa.

" the us is afraid that it will end up being in a position once again. People don't want to take the brands to which they are not able to stand up for it.

When it comes to environmental issues, pointed out by Eva Ossiansson to be the at the present time is a huge issue for companies, and, therefore, have become more and more important.

how much of the leather used in its manufacture actually comes from the brazilian market. A spokesperson said that it is ”a minor part”, and that the vast majority are being traded in the european market.

the Decision, however, is hardly related to any significant danger for the company, "says Eva Ossiansson.

" There's always a certain amount of risk involved in you to stand-out on a limb a little bit political, but it is hard to deny, and think It is a good thing to burn down the Amazon forest’. H&M has certainly made an economic calculation and made up of the skins of the other countries.

the extensive changes that will require these type of positions, according to Jennifer Rosen, president and ceo of Swedish Fashion Council. The consumer demand for companies to act is increasing.

"have the courage To face challenges and take on responsibility is a must-have in a day, you'll be able to operate in the market," said Shirley Rosen.

As a global company, is seen as H&M is a pioneer and an important player at international level, sustainability may have an impact on the other.

" We are faced with two major challenges, digitalization, and sustainability, that affect everyone, regardless of their industry. In order to meet the needs of these, it is required that the companies dare to get out of the change, and to try out new possibilities and solutions, " says Peter Rosen.

for more information, see the H&M for investing in the rental of clothing.

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