Good news for Delaney - but the nasty surprise lurking

the Way to the duration has been shorter for Thomas Delaney after the sale of the midtbanekonkurrenten Julian Weigl for Benfica earlier in the week. Before th

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Ann McDonald
03 January 2020 Friday 08:00
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Good news for Delaney - but the nasty surprise lurking

the Way to the duration has been shorter for Thomas Delaney after the sale of the midtbanekonkurrenten Julian Weigl for Benfica earlier in the week.

Before the dane's injury Weigl has been the closest competitor to the square next to the Axel Witsel in the midfield. They have been fighting for the same space this season with the exception of the periods during which the German has vikarieret in the defense.

the Sale of the German competitor could indicate that the club therefore has chosen side, and the former FC Copenhagen captain thus should be able to look forward to increased playing time when he becomes his ankelskade quit in the spring season.

Thomas Delaney changed shortly before the VM2018 to Dortmund from Werder Bremen for around 150 million dollars. A price, which at the time made him Denmark's most expensive footballer. In his first season he played 30 of 34 matches in the Bundesliga and was one of the team's major profiles in the hunt for the German championship.

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Thomas Delaney has been fighting more for playing time than he has with opponents in this season. Photo: Leon Kuegeler

the Situation has been very different this season, where it has only been to nine matches in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. It has been fluctuating in playing time this season, which was not improved by the fact that he had to retire with injury in Denmark's crucial group match against Ireland.

In great contrast to the 30 of the 34 Bundesliga matches in the first season, he in the autumn more often been on the sidelines than on the pitch. It is also worse for Dortmund, who have had difficulty following up on last season's pointhøst.

In Delaneys first season wintered Dortmund on top with 42 points, while this season may have to settle with a fourth place and 30 points in the last half of the season.

Sales of the competitor Julian Weigl does not guarantee the Danish midfielder more minutes on the pitch, when he first must be his injury completely quit before the season starts again in mid-January. There may also be talk of a possible change in the squad, which could give the dane competition from its own ranks, where one of the club's most interesting talents knocking on for the duration.

Thomas Delaney is in his second season in the German fought more for the playing than in the past.

He started the season out in the cold, but has since fought back in the starting line-up.

Thomas Played nine matches in the starting eleven

Julian Weigl ten matches in the starting line-up*

Axel Witsel 14 matches in the starting eleven

Mahmoud Dahoud two matches in the starting eleven

*Weigl has played four games in defense in this period.

Julian Brandt seven matches in the starting line-up*

Julian Weigl six matches in the starting line-up**

Axel Witsel four matches in the starting line-up***

Mahmoud Dahoud a battle in the starting line-up

*Brandt plays most often longer promote, but have vikarieret in the middle.

**Weigl has played one match in defense in this period.

***Witsel has been injured since the 10. december

running Time is listed out from the Champions League and Bundesliga matches.

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Keep the club from finding a new competitor to Delaney on the transfer market, so it may therefore be more a boost to one of the club's young aspirants, than it is a vote of confidence for the dane.

the 19-year-old Tobias Raschl has made itself noticed on the gulsortes youth team and had a share in the team's successful Youth League-group stage. He trains with the first team, but has so far only been given minutes on the bench in the Bundesliga.

however, It may soon change. The German talent was brought up in the matchday in the summer, but he has so far only been given minutes on the bench in the Bundesliga. With the sale of the Julian Weigl has been a better place, and Raschl will be able to add last year's team a new element in the middle.

The talented player fly between the teams in Dortmund, where he trains with the first team and play matches for the under 23 and U19. On the under 23 team will be trained by Danish Mike Tullberg, who sees great potential in the Raschl.

'Tobi' is true, skilful on the ball, he is very hospitals, and so is his right foot also toxic from the distance. He has an admirable eye for the game and is particularly adept at combining. He is a crazy talented football player, and it comes best to expression, when we have the ball, says Tullberg to Ekstra Bladet.

the Approach of the talented player will be able to give head coach Lucien Favre more strings to play on in his midfield constellation.

- He can't really be compared with the other players at his position, he is a completely different type of player than both Delaney and Witsel. It is a young playmaker, as we expect a lot from, says Mike Tullberg, head coach of the under 23 team in Dortmund.

of course, It is too early to be alarmist with Danish glasses on. Should Raschl get more minutes in the first team, it does not need to be Thomas Delaney, who must hand over the minutes.

- He has been accustomed to playing next to players who have greater strengths in the defensive. It is Raschl, that creates the game, he has playmaker qualities, but he has still played as both 6'and 8'is," says Tullberg.

In the spring there will still be a part minutes to fight about, since Dortmund on top of the 17 remaining matches in the Bundesliga also still in the German cup and the Champions League.

Tobias Raschl blue book

Born: 21. February 2000.

German U19 champion with Dortmund until 2019.

Debuting on the German U19 national team as 18-year-old.

He has been on contract at the German club since 2015.

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