Going crazy on the tv-judge: - I regret really

As the group Life and Tabita, who have participated in realityprogrammet 'Ex on the Beach', took the culture yard in Elsinore in Friday's edition of 'the X

Going crazy on the tv-judge: - I regret really

As the group Life and Tabita, who have participated in realityprogrammet 'Ex on the Beach', took the culture yard in Elsinore in Friday's edition of 'the X

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 February 2020 Friday 22:00
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Going crazy on the tv-judge: - I regret really

As the group Life and Tabita, who have participated in realityprogrammet 'Ex on the Beach', took the culture yard in Elsinore in Friday's edition of 'the X Factor' and gave their input to this year's Five Chair Challenge, it went far from as planned.

For, though the judges were excited about the girls 'initial audition, they were definitely not as satisfied with the girls' festive interpretation of 'Love Druggie' with the artist Mendoza.

- For the audition came In as the two girls, who had been in a realityprogram and actually came with something of poetry. It was as if, In scrawled hole on this realityboble and actually showed that In the might something that reached into the reality. There was something between you, and you were very humble. It was all the opposite. It was form without content. Without the humility, as did, that there was magic in your audition. So it was just a party, said, Oh Land immediately after the girls ' performance.

The two girls have previously appeared in 'Ex on the Beach'. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

Nor does the group's mentor, the famous and best-selling were sold:

It was like a tequilashot. To get it first and think: 'I will never have again'. Then take the next, and so one becomes full, and five shots later have had a fun night, but maybe it was the fun night. There also comes a hangover at a time. I think it was at three o'clock on the night in Crazy Daisy. I simply can't give you a chair, he said, and meant, therefore, that the group had to go slukørede home away.

And just Ankerstjernes words fell certainly not in the good soil of the group. In particular, Tabita was subsequently furious at the famous and best-selling. According to her, it was namely him who had recommended them to take their action in a more festive direction.

- It was the famous and best-selling would like to see. It was he, and he did not like it. I think it is fucked up that he says that he would like to see it here. We give it to him. The man can determine himself? I'm piss fucking sur. I'm pissed right now. You must listen to himself and not to them, said an angry Tabita to host Sofie Linde.

Film, tv & radio - 1. feb. 2020 - pm. 10:30 Raging over the Culture: Disaster-evening

for Extra Magazine elaborates Tabita, why she reacted as she did after their performance. Here she says that the famous and best-selling never has been the group's favorite.

- We have not been able to like him at any time. So we were well aware that there was a risk that we would be knocked out, if it was him, we got. But we listened to what he said and did what we could. Me and Liv can sing, and we will mega like to perform and need help to be good, but it is clear that if we can't hold out to look at each other, then it becomes not good, says Tabita.

'the X Factor'-the participant tells, however, that she is sorry that she reacted so violently after Five Chair Challenge.

I could almost not say anything, because I was so angry. But I'm tired of, that I expressed myself in the way I did. I regret it really. But I got angry, because I think we had supplied. It was, therefore, I was really frustrated, " she says, and continues:

- We jump and dance, for it had Ankertstjerne wanted to see, and we went to the us. We changed our sangvalg to something that was a little more spacey, but still us. It was great to be on stage, but we were of course also nervous. We felt that we gave much of ourselves, for music is a very vulnerable thing. I react very strongly just in the moment, and it is because I can see that we should have listened to our gut and kept us to the sangvalg, we had planned in the beginning. But I regret really, that I reacted in this way.

Life was a bit bitter after their Five Chair Challenge.

- I think it is fine to have criticism. But there are other ways to provide it. But I know that it is tv. There must be something in the drama. I think that because there is a camera, there are several snarky comments. These are hard words to come by. It could well be said differently, she says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

- I will say that I think I did me a reasonable price. But I was just a little provoked by the words they came with. We will be judged on the basis of our realitytid in advance, and there will be all the time stuck to, that we have in the past - also with the here Crazy Daisy comment. The criticism was about reality and not our vocals, and we felt misunderstood.

According to the Life think she is, it would have made a big difference, if they had been given a different mentor.

- I saw it here judgmental from Ankerstjernes page very much. Oh Land took the mega good against us. I could well accept her words, but then came the famous and best-selling the here word, and it is mega annoying. If we had a different judge, there had been a completely different setting, I think, " she says, and continues:

- I regret it very much that we chose to listen to him and not went with our own intuition. We should have gone with our own style.

the Particular famous and best-selling was skeptical of the girls ' performance. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

Still watching the group with a positive eye on their performance and participation in the 'X Factor'.

- We did what we could, and we were even satisfied with our performance, and there was damn sure not much else we could do. But in some strange way is both the Life and I am happy that we were kicked out the day. We hadn't expected to get to the Five Chair, and we would really like forward with the music, but now it has given a taste to make our own. It is perhaps very good, we don't become known as the 'Life and Tabita from the 'X Factor', but I'm glad that we have been with, and now we have the experience richer, says Tabita.

After Five Chair Challenge scolded especially Tabita in addition to the famous and best-selling. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

According to the Tabita she will, despite the defeat in the 'X Factor' still pursuing the dream to make a career within the music.

- It has given me a big boost. It is their loss, says Tabita.

- I have always loved music, so the 'X Factor' has not been done, that I'm going to stop. I'm still in full time with the music.

the Girls continue to make music despite the defeat in the 'X Factor'. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

For Extra Magazine telling famous and best-selling, that he takes the girls ' criticism with lofty calm.

- I can easily understand where they are coming from. All those who make up the 'X Factor', has a dream to get the music to become something else, he says, and continues:

- They are tired of me in the situation, and it is quite in order. You are smoked out, and you want to kick back. It must they would like.

According to the famous and best-selling he would have wished that he could have sent the group forward.

- I liked them. They came with a different background. They provoke, and that is what I like. If they had delivered a musical experience, so I had taken them all the way. It is quite in order, that you think you are good, but you will be disappointed.

- What was it that did not work in their performance?

- Time, pitch, and articulation did not work. It did not materialize a little. I liked their realitybaggrund, and that they were from another world. But I thought that sangteknisk I could not install any of them in so short a time, he says.

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