Gilt: So much the score board in Helle's tax havens-company

In just four months, the board has in a company, where Helle Thorning-Schmidt is a member and co-owner, scored millions in fees. the Extra Leaf can now tell t

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 23:00
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Gilt: So much the score board in Helle's tax havens-company

In just four months, the board has in a company, where Helle Thorning-Schmidt is a member and co-owner, scored millions in fees.

the Extra Leaf can now tell that the Safelane Global - which is registered in the tax haven of Jersey - in the space of just four months in 2018 has paid out over three million to the eight-man board of directors, which Helle Thorning-Schmidt is one of the members.

The former prime minister resigned yesterday from the post of high-profile united nations treasure hunter, after Ekstra Bladet has revealed how the former prime minister is involved in two companies with a direct connection to tax havens, together with skandaleselskabet OW Bunkers a former president.

instead, She opted to stay as a shareholder and board member in the Safelane Global.

Of the company's financial statements, which Ekstra Bladet has been provided by the british business register, it appears a note that the results in the 2018 financial statements only count the last almost four months of 2018. It coincides with Helle Thorning-Schmidt joining the board in september 2018.

the Company was registered in Jersey in the month of may, but have only posted results from september and forward to the new year, are disclosed in the financial statements.

In the course of these months was, according to regnskabsnoterne paid 491.722 u.s. dollar to the board of directors exclusive of the pension. It corresponds to approx. The 3.35 million. Danish kroner.

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the Extra Leaf has, after more than a week's effort not been Helle Thorning-Schmidt in the case. For the same reason, it is unknown exactly how large a share of the money to the board of directors that is the case, Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Of the accounts it appears, however, that the highest paid member received 218.217 dollar - or the equivalent of almost 1.5 million. crowns.

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It is not pennies, the eight-man board of directors get paid in the Safelane Global. Source: British business registration

as a rule It will go to the chairman of the board, while the other members of a management board often share the remaining fee pool evenly between themselves.

this Is the case, there are approx. 266.000 dollars to the other seven members of the board in september, October, november and december.

There is no accounting available for the Safelane Global from 2019. But if bestyrelseslønningerne from 2018 be calculated to a full calendar year, it will immediately respond to an annual salary of 798.000 dollars for non-executive directors.

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Have you seen Lisa? Extra Blade can not get in contact with her. Video: Kristian Hansen

UN-post would give 0 crowns

Helle Thorning has made its choice: It will not become like the united nations-the treasure hunter, the world is going to know the earlier S-president and prime minister.

the Danish policy - 30. jan. 2020 - pm. 13:43 Detection: the treasure hunter-Lisa the co-owner of the havens-company

instead, Helle Thorning-Schmidt as a board member of two companies related to tax havens, of which she also is co-owner of one.

In contrast to the velpolstrede directors ' fees in

'the Ministry of foreign affairs informs that Helle Thorning Schmidt do not receive a salary or housing ifm post. She will cover travel and costs according to. The UN guidelines.'

It is in this building in St. Helier, Jersey, to Safelane Global is registered. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

Havens-boss: Private issue

It is not, however, to extract much information out of the Safelane Globals chairman of the board, Denis Viet-Jacobsen.

the Dane, who was chairman of the board of OW Bunker before the disastrous ipo in 2014, refuse to answer, how big of Thorning-Schmidt's director's fee is:

'This I can not answer, as it is a private matter mellel Safelane and each member of the board', he writes in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has in a written response to the Ritzau denied that she is cheating in tax with the funds, she had to serve in the two companies linked to tax havens.

She writes bl.a.: 'The board members also pay tax where they are resident for tax purposes.'

Safelane Global pay according to Denis Viet-Jacobsen, chairman, tax in the Uk.

But John Christensen, who is skatteekspert and former economic adviser to the Jersey government, not giving much for the explanation.

- It is a standard answer. Even though I don't doubt that some taxes on profits are paid in the Uk, it is very likely that the profits from the mine (Safelane Globals business, red.) to be channelled to a Jersey company where they will not be taxed, have skatteeksperten said to Ekstra Bladet.

- We can be reasonably sure that there will be minerydnings activities place on the Jersey, so the company's registration on the island has nothing to do with their trading activities.

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Here is Helle Thorning-Scmidts explanation

"I have today chosen to resign from my position as co-chair of the UN Panel on International Financial Transparency and Integrity. The panel is extremely important, and I do not want, that the work being disturbed in any way.

There have recently been questions raised about my involvement in the two companies, Carsoe A/S and SafelaneGlobal. Both are excellent companies which I am proud to be a part of.

In this context, I want to get some things established. Information, which is accessed Extra Leaf, but as they have chosen to omit in their coverage.

Both companies pay tax where they are resident for tax purposes. Safelane Global Holdings to pay tax in the UK and Carsøe pay tax in Denmark. The board members also pay tax where they are resident for tax purposes.

When it comes to Jersey, are the rules clear. You have information for the tax administration, regardless of whether you are a shareholder in Denmark or abroad. It is, therefore, not possible to avoid to pay tax in Denmark by registering on the Jersey. It is not, therefore, cheaper for tax purposes to have an investment through a fiscally transparent company on the Jersey, since the tax on aktieavancer, dividends, fees, etc. be paid where an investor is resident for tax purposes, for example, Denmark, Germany or the UK. This transparency is underlined by the fact that EB had access to a public record of my involvement.

finally, I would like to thank the President of the UN general Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, and ambassador Mona Juul, President of the UN Economic and Social Council that have asked me to solve this task. I want the panel success in the future".

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

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